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Du vin, du pain et du Boursin – you do not need much more to live like God in France. France is a favourite holiday destination for many Europeans and Americans. With its pristine beaches, old mountain villages, renowned ski resorts and world-famous capital city, France has something to offer for every traveller.

France Travel Information 

NEIGHBOURING COUNTRIES: Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Monaco.
INHABITANTS: + – 63 million
MAIN AIRPORTS: Paris Charles de Gaulle, Paris Orly Airport, Nice Airport
SAFETY RANKING: 16th out of 162

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best restaurants in Reims Le Parc Restaurant Les Crayeres

10 best restaurants in Reims

Do you also love Champagne? Then you should definitely book a trip to Reims. Reims is the capital of the champagne region, and is often seen as the starting point for many champagne tours and tours through the region. If

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best champagne tours from Reims

Best Champagne Tours From Reims

Reims is a city in southern France in a region world-renowned for its Champagne. It is also a city steeped in history from its reputation as the coronation capital of France to being at the center of two world wars.

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best airbnbs amiens hero

10 Best Airbnbs in Amiens

Amiens is a popular destination in France with lush green gardens and beautiful canal districts. It is a very popular destination for the French and now also seems to be attracting international tourists. Amiens is the perfect destination for the

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best restaurants amiens hero

10 Best Restaurants in Amiens

Amiens is a quaint little town on the banks of the River Somme steeped in history and tradition. Its scenery and history attract thousands of tourists a year, but it is also a popular stopover for travelers between Belgium and

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Best things to do in Amiens hero

10 Best things to do in Amiens

Amiens is a vastly underrated city in France, known for its fairy tale city centre and rich history. Amiens is also the backdrop of the fierce Battle of the Somme in the First World War, one of the bloodiest battles

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best hotels amiens

10 Best hotels in Amiens

Amiens! This cosy city is the perfect French city trip, if you want something different from a large city such as Paris, Marseille, Lille, Toulouse or Nice. The city has a lot to offer, such as nature, culture and the

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things to do in dunkirk

10 Best things to do in Dunkirk

Dunkirk is so much more than just a Ferry terminal and war memorials. This beautiful city in Flemish style has a rich history and lots to see and do. In fact, Dunkirk is one of those cities that is fairly

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best campsites boulogne sur mer hero

Best Campsites near Boulogne Sur Mer

It’s so lovely to get out there with your caravan and to explore the beautiful French countryside! Boulogne Sur Mer is the largest city in the Opal Coast, a beautiful stretch of coast and natural beauty. This is why you

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Best airbnbs in calais hero

15 Best Airbnbs in Calais

Looking for a great place to stay in Calais? This little city has so much more to offer than just Ferry ports! From a nice and quiet city center to many outlet shopping malls and great alcohol stores. It is

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Best restaurants in Lille

25 Best restaurants in Lille

Lille, in the North of France is a best kept secret when it comes to great food. In fact, this city is a foodie heaven! There are great restaurants on every single corner and you will never leave the table

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where to buy wine in calais

Where to buy wine in Calais

Are you looking to buy wine in Calais? Want to get some last-minute cheap alcohol before you board the train in the Chunnel or the Ferry? You are in luck! There are some great places in Calais where you can

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best hotels in lille france hero

15 best hotels in Lille for every budget

Lille in France might be one of the most underrated places in France. This beautiful city is known for its amazing Flemish architecture, the great shopping street and its beautiful museums? But where would you stay in Lille? What hotel

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airbnb boulogne sur mer hero

15 best Airbnbs in Boulogne Sur Mer

Fancy a nice long weekend by the sea, but yearning for a new place to discover without the masses of tourists? Then Boulogne sur Mer is the place for you! This French coastal town is not only a great base

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what to do in Bordeaux hero

20 best things to do in Bordeaux France

Although most people will head to the Provence or Paris, Bordeaux is a great city for a small trip. This French city has it all: amazing wine, great food and historic architecture. In fact, if you are not looking forward

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best day trips from Paris guide hero

Best Day Trips From Paris

Paris. No introduction needed. City of romance. The epicentre of world fashion. Food. Wine. Streets. Colours, lights, culture and people. All unique, all mysterious, all French, giving the rest of the world something to gawk at. While it’s incredible to

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best things to do in versailles hero

Best things to do at Versailles France

If you happen to stumble into Versailles, chances are, you’ll even forget that there’re other things to do IN Versailles. You might even forget that Versailles is in fact, an entire city. The little town must be quite used to

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HERO IMAGE best free things to do in lille

10 Free things to do in Lille, France

Lille is an vibrant and up-and-coming city in north-east France. Although most tourist will overlook it when planning a holiday to France, it is a perfect first stop for visitors coming from the United Kingdom or Belgium by car. That

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every first sunday of the month you can visit a lot of museums such as the louvre for free

20 best free things to do in Paris

I love Paris a lot, but I also understand that Paris can be an incredibly expensive city. Especially when you are a first-time visitor and you want to go see all the sites, Paris can put quite a strain on

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