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I am Lieze and I am originally from Belgium. I am currently living in Nepal with my British husband who is an International Teacher. We travel back to Europe over the summer and during the winter holidays. 

We approach life with the philosophy that we should not have any regrets in later life – which means we try to travel as much as we can, eat the best food possible and pick out the best experiences! 

You can always contact me with questions related to travel or for collaborations! 

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As my husband and I are Europeans ourselves, we have travelled Europe extensively throughout our lives. I am originally from Belgium and my husband was born and raised in and around the New Forest in the United Kingdom.


Although we live in Asia, we do have a special love for both North America and South America. I loved travelling through South America when I was younger, and my husband and I try to catch some powder in Winter Park Colorado every few yers.

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As we live in Nepal, travel within Asia is incredibly easy! We hope to explore countries, cities, and temples that are off the beaten path! We will probably keep living in Asia for the next couple of years/decades and have our eye set on Thailand, Indonesia, or Sri Lanka.

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Planning a trip is never easy! 

In order to help you plan the perfect trip, we have put together a portfolio of articles that will help you with packing your suitcases, planning your trip or even help you to take the plunge to move abroad. 

From the best travel apps to the best ways to book cheap airplane tickets – our articles on travel planning and travel tips will give you a complete framework and tool set to help you book and plan the best possible trip! 

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Namaste! My name is Lieze and I live in Nepal with my British Husband. We have decided that life is too short and that we want to see and travel the world while we still can! 


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