10 Best restaurants in chalons en champagne for every budget

Chalons en Champagne is not just a hub for sparkling wines but also a culinary delight for food enthusiasts. If you’re looking for the perfect restaurant here, you’re in for a treat. This beautiful town has various eateries that cater to both extravagant tastes and modest budgets.

Chalons offers a unique gastronomic journey, from traditional French bistros to modern fusion spots. Indulge in delicious food without overspending with our guide to the top 10 restaurants in town. From posh plates to comfort food, we’ve got you covered. Take a gastronomic voyage and explore the tastes of Chalons en Champagne, a destination that no foodie should miss.

Restaurants in Chalons en Champagne – an overview

Restaurant NameCuisinePrice Range
Tresor du LibanLebanese€16 – €34.50
ROYAL BUFFETAsian, ChineseAll-you-can-eat
Les Années FollesTraditional French€15.50 – €26.00
Namaste IndiaIndian€12-€20
Le Chaudron SavoyardFrench€22 – €28
Le Petit PasteurFrench, European€9.50 – €17.50
Restaurant Maison SouplyFrench€21.5 – €42
Les Temps ChangentFrench€30 – €39
Au Carillon GourmandFrench, Gourmet€10 – €75
Restaurant Jérôme FeckFrench Gourmet85€ – 160€

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Tresor du Liban – Lebanese restaurant in Chalons en Champagne

📍 Address: 10 Rue de Vaux | 🍽️ Cuisine: Lebanese | 💰 Price Range: €16 – €34.50

Evening walk in Châlons led us past this place. It smelt delicious so we looked inside and got the impression of bustling happy people and good food. We sat outside and had a perfect meal of real falafels, aubergine keftahs and a spinach and cheese pastry with delicious sauces. Highly recommend this authentic spot.
– Review by Happydad1

A plate of french fries and a drink on a table.

Tresor du Liban is a Lebanese restaurant in Chalons en Champagne with a rich menu. Main courses range from €16 to €34.50 and include dishes such as Poulet grillé for €22 and Mshakal Royale for €34.50. The restaurant is known for its grilled dishes, including chiche taouk and shokaf lahmeh. The atmosphere is warm and the decor is authentically Lebanese. It’s a halal restaurant, making it inclusive for all.

  • Outdoor Seating: Not available
  • Be Sure to Try: Chiche Taouk, Shokaf Lahmeh
  • Open Hours: Mon-Sat 11:30 AM – 3:00 PM, 6:00 PM – 11:00 PM
  • Website: Tresor du Liban Official Website
Free travel guide champagne region.

Royal Buffet – All you can eat restaurant

📍 Address: 12 Rue Blaise Pascal | 🍽️ Cuisine: Asian, Chinese | 💰 Price Range: All-you-can-eat

Amazing place to stop and have a family meal after long trip from the Alps! It caters for all ages and sushi is really fresh:)
– Review by Carin S

Japanese food on a table with a bowl of soup.

ROYAL BUFFET is an all-you-can-eat Asian restaurant in Chalons en Champagne. The restaurant offers a wide variety of dishes, including Chinese and Japanese cuisine. The restaurant is known for its miso soup, sushi, satay chicken skewers and fried crab claws. The atmosphere is casual, making it a great place for families and groups.

  • Outdoor Seating: Not mentioned
  • Be Sure to Try: Miso Soup, Sushi, Satay Chicken Skewers, Deep-Fried Crab Claws
  • Open Hours: Sun, Tue-Sat 12:00 PM – 2:30 PM, 6:30 PM – 10:30 PM

Les Années Folles

📍 Address: 75 Rue Léon Bourgeois | 🍽️ Cuisine: Traditional French | 💰 Price Range: €15.50 – €26.00

Good old fashioned French restaurant. Traditional food made from scratch. friendly service. Better than I expected. Well worth a visit.
– Review by m-stephen2

French fries and mushrooms on a white plate in a restaurant in Chalons en Champagne.

Les Années Folles is a traditional French restaurant that has been serving quality food for over 40 years. The menu changes with the seasons and offers a variety of dishes to suit different tastes. For lunch on weekdays they offer a two course meal for €15.50 or a three course meal for €17.50. There is also a gastronomic menu from €26. The atmosphere is cosy and the restaurant can seat up to 60 people.

Namaste India – Indian restaurant in Chalons en Champagne

📍 Address: 4 Passage Chamorin | 🍽️ Cuisine: Indian | 💰 Price Range: €12-€20

We found the restaurant by chance. It was a nice evening that we had with Indian food. The service was nice, it was possible to order in English as well as in French. We ordered chai (very tasty), paratha, chicken and lamb curry. The food was good !
– Review by IrinaF49

A table with Indian food on it in a restaurant in Chalons en Champagne.

Namaste India is a great place for genuine Indian food in Chalons en Champagne. The menu takes you on a food journey across India, with a selection of dishes suitable for both meat-eaters and vegetarians.

The Tandoori Chicken costs €15, while the Paneer Tikka, which is vegetarian-friendly, is priced at €12. The restaurant is popular for its Butter Chicken, a creamy and flavourful dish that has won over many diners. The inviting setting is decorated with traditional Indian ornaments that amplify the dining experience.

The menu offers an array of options ranging from spicy curries to milder alternatives. Each dish showcases the rich culinary heritage of India with its balanced blend of spices.

  • Outdoor Seating: No
  • Be Sure to Try: Butter Chicken, Paneer Tikka, Garlic Naan
  • Open Hours: Mon-Sat 11:30 AM – 2:30 PM, 6:30 PM – 11:00 PM
  • Website: Namaste India Official Website

Le Chaudron Savoyard

📍 Address: 9 rue des Poissonniers | 🍽️ Cuisine: French | 💰 Price Range: €22 – €28

Blown away! the portions, the flavours, the service, the atmosphere! Every aspect of our visit and meal were exceptional. If in the area this is a must visit.
– Review by 939rosst

A plate of food with a glass of wine on it at a restaurant in Chalons en Champagne.

Le Chaudron Savoyard is a hidden gem in Chalons en Champagne, specialising in French cuisine. The restaurant is particularly known for its Fondues and Raclettes, priced between €22 and €28 per person. If you’re in the mood for something lighter, their salads range from €10 to €15.

The Tartiflette with Reblouchin at €21 is a must-try. The atmosphere is cosy, making it a perfect spot for a romantic dinner or a gathering with friends. The decor complements the overall vibe, adding to the authentic French dining experience.

  • Outdoor Seating: No information available
  • Be Sure to Try: Fondues, Raclettes, Tartiflette with Reblouchin
  • Open Hours:12:00 PM – 1:30 PM, 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Le Petit Pasteur

📍 Address: 42 rue Pasteur | 🍽️ Cuisine: French, European | 💰 Price Range: €9.50 – €17.50

We visited Le Petit Pasteur at the end of October. We had a three course dinner starting with smoked salmon. Followed by risotto with scallops and a plate of 4 small deserts to round it up. All dishes were very good but the risotto was fantastic and I would rate it 5/5. The starter and desert were really good and I rate them 4/5. The portions were big enough to satisfy anyone.
– Review by Frankrike22-10

Risotto with bacon and thyme at a restaurant in Chalons en Champagne.

Situated in Chalons-en-Champagne, Le Petit Pasteur offers a delightful combination of French and European cuisine. Customers can savor the tasty Burgundy snail profiteroles for €9.50 or enjoy the rejuvenating whole sea bass served with a zesty lemon ginger cream sauce for €17.50. Those with a sweet tooth must not miss out on the galet chocolat praline available for €7.50. The restaurant’s commitment to quality guarantees that every dish is an epicurean masterpiece, ensuring an unforgettable dining experience.

  • Outdoor seating: Yes
  • Be sure to try: Profiteroles d’escargots de bourgogne, Bar entier with lemon ginger cream sauce, Le galet chocolat praline
  • Open hours: 1:00 PM – 2:15 PM, 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM
  • Website: Le Petit Pasteur

Chalons en Champagne Restaurant Maison Souply

📍 Address: 08 rue du Faubourg Saint Antoine | 🍽️ Cuisine: French | 💰 Price Range: €21.5 – €42

Really excellent. Steak Tartare just perfect and beautifully cooked Sea Bass. Chocolate soufflé to finish. Perfect French family cuisine. What a find!
– Review by philipbO3865XI

A plate with a steak and fries on it in a restaurant in Chalons en Champagne.

The Maison Souply restaurant in Chalons en Champagne is a testament to the rich culinary traditions of France. Established in 1930, this family-run restaurant has been serving traditional French cuisine for generations. The menu is a blend of classic and contemporary, with dishes such as Ris de veau braisé aux champignons frais at €30 and Steak tartare maison at €23. For vegetarians, the Menu Végétarien at €26 offers a delightful selection of dishes. The ambience is classic, with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The restaurant’s commitment to using fresh market produce ensures that every dish is a burst of authentic flavour.

  • Outdoor Seating: Not mentioned
  • Be Sure to Try: Ris de veau braisé aux champignons frais, Steak tartare maison, Pastillat de chèvre aux petits légumes de saison
  • Open Hours: Mon-Sat 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM, 7:00 PM – 8:45 PM
  • Website: Restaurant Maison Souply Official Website

Les Temps Changent

📍 Address: 8 Rue de la Marne | 🍽️ Cuisine: French | 💰 Price Range: €30 – €39

Lovely French bistro restaurant within the hotel where we stayed.
The food was delicious and good value for money.
Friendly staff and good quick service.
– Review by Charlottep416

A plate of fish with a sauce on it, served at a restaurant in Chalons en Champagne.

Les Temps Changent is a high-class restaurant in Chalons en Champagne that serves both classic and contemporary French food. The Bistrot menu shows the restaurant’s exceptional culinary skills, with flavorful dishes such as Chicken and Vegetable Mosaic and Homemade Ham and Pig Feet Terrine. Main dishes like the Black Angus Onglet with potatoes and mushrooms in Pinot Noir sauce or the Sautéed Veal with olive, coco plat and lardons display the chef’s finesse. Anyone with a sweet tooth can relish in the Chocolate Passion Molten Cake or the classic Lemon Meringue Tartlet. The restaurant has an elegant atmosphere, making it perfect for both informal lunches or special evenings.

  • Outdoor Seating: Not mentioned
  • Be Sure to Try: Mosaïque de Poulet et Petits Légumes, Onglet Black Angus, Tartelette Citron Meringuée
  • Open Hours: Tue-Sat 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM, 7:00 PM – 9:15 PM
  • Website: Les Temps Changent Official Website

Au Carillon Gourmand

📍 Address: 15, Bis Pl. Mgr Tissier | 🍽️ Cuisine: French, Gourmet | 💰 Price Range: €10 – €75

Birthday celebration for English friends called for a visit to our favourite restaurant in France. Phillip and his team never let us down with their exception food and service. We always feel as though we are the only guests in the restaurant as all
Our needs are tended too by the team and Phillip. Chablis and Pinot Noir enjoyed by all. It was especially nice to hear our 21 year old friend say how beautiful and special the decor was as she entered the restaurant. 
– Review by Ardon G

A plate with a dessert and ice cream on it at a restaurant in Châlons-en-Champagne.

Au Carillon Gourmand is a fine restaurant serving delicious French food in Châlons-en-Champagne. The menu costs €75 per person and all diners choose the same dishes. There is an extra charge of €22 for wine with the meal. The food takes you on a culinary journey, starting with a small appetizer and including dishes such as Le croque champignon with Serrano ham and reduced veal juices with morels. Seafood enthusiasts will enjoy the thinly sliced carpaccio of daurade with the refreshing taste of lime and ginger, as well as the pan-seared sea bass fillet. The duck in lacquered sauce and the Iberian pork filet mignon are highly recommended. The blueberry, lemon, and yoghurt dessert is a lovely delight. Each dish proves the chef’s great skill and guarantees a memorable meal.

  • Outdoor Seating: Not mentioned
  • Be sure to try: Le croque champignon, carpaccio of daurade, and magret de canard laqué.
  • Open Hours: 7:00 PM – 9:15 PM (Tue-Sat)
  • Website: Carillon Gourmand

Restaurant Jérôme Feck

📍 Address: Hôtel d’Angleterre | 🍽️ Cuisine: French Gourmet | 💰 Price Range: 85€ – 160€

While stopping over night in the hotel above the restaurant, we decided we would book a table.
So glad we did!
We chose a 5 course surprise! It was amazing. Every course and extra bits in between we’re beautifully presented and had the best flavours you would want to taste.
We are proper ‘foodies’ so to finish our holiday at this restaurant was just perfect.
Definitely recommend booking.
– Review by Lynn K

A white plate with salmon and potatoes at a restaurant in Chalons en Champagne.

Experience a fantastic culinary venture at Restaurant Jérôme Feck. The menu highlights the chef’s passion and expertise and allows you to indulge in luxury with the French Caviar Baeri Baïka Tsar Impérial PETROSSIAN priced at € 160.

For € 85, the Gourmand Menu offers a range of dishes such as Egg cooked at 64° with Girolles Clous Mushrooms and a creamy Yellow Wine Sauce, John Dory Fillet served with an umami condiment sauce and a delightful Millefeuille with Andoa and Caribbean Chocolates.

For those who want to be surprised, Chef Jérôme Feck has crafted a Signature Menu at a cost of € 120. The menu takes you on a culinary journey and includes dishes such as Sea Bream Tartare with Petrossian Caviar and Roasted Veal sweetbread with Paprika potatoes.

  • Outdoor seating: Not mentioned
  • Be sure to try: Egg cooked at 64° with Girolles Clous Mushrooms, John Dory Fillet with umami condiment sauce, Millefeuille with Andoa and Caribbean Chocolates
  • Open hours: Tue-Sat: 12 p.m. – 1:15 p.m. & 7 p.m. – 9 p.m.
  • Website: Restaurant Jérôme Feck

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