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Europe Travel Guide

With magnificent and majestic cities such as Paris, London and Bruges, European countries top many bucket lists around the world. 

Whether you live in Europe or want to visit in the future, this guide will help you to pick out the best countries, cities and itineraries. 

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southampton to portsmouth hero

How to get from Southampton to Portsmouth?

Southampton and Portsmouth attract hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. Especially those interested in maritime history flock to these two cities in hampshire. In order to help you navigate your trip from Southampton to Portsmouth, or Portsmouth to Southampton,

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cork spa hero

Best spas in Cork

After a long walk through the rugged landscape of Cork, it can be a good idea to head over to one of the many great spas in Cork. From zero gravity floats to sauna’s and massage parlours, there are many

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best restaurants in Reims Le Parc Restaurant Les Crayeres

10 best restaurants in Reims

Do you also love Champagne? Then you should definitely book a trip to Reims. Reims is the capital of the champagne region, and is often seen as the starting point for many champagne tours and tours through the region. If

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best restaurants newport isle of wight

Best restaurants in Newport Isle of Wight

Newport on the Isle of Wight is a beautiful historic village that attracts thousands of tourists every year. It is a great quiet village to stay in – in fact, I have written an article about the best hotels in

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best hotels in Newport Isle of Wight

Best hotels in Newport Isle of Wight

Are you looking for a nice little staycation? Or maybe you are on a tour through the United Kingdom? Whatever may be, the Isle of Wight is a beautiful island off the Hampshire coast. It has played a pivotal role

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London to chichester hero

How to get from Chichester to London

Chichester is a beautiful, historic city. Thus it would not surprise me if you would prefer to spend a weekend in Chichester, taking in all the sites and visiting the beautiful gardens and museums. But how do you get from

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best hotels chichester hero

10 Best hotels in Chichester

There are quite a number of great hotels in Chichester. Additionally, there are both luxury and budget hotels in the city, which means there is a hotel for everyone’s budget. Whether you are travelling with your friends, alone, or with

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best restaurants in chichester hero

10 Best restaurants in Chichester

Whatever your palate desires, Chichester will be able to provide. From classic British dishes, from dawn to dusk, to fusion items, to culturally rich food from all over the globe. It may not seem like Chichester is able to offer

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best airbnbs bognor regis

Best Airbnbs near Bognor Regis

Not really a big fan of Caravan Parks? Not finding a nice hotel in Bognor Regis? Then why not just stay at an Airbnb in Bognor Regis? Staying at an Airbnb will not only allow you to cook your own

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best restaurants bognor regis

Best Restaurants in Bognor Regis

After a nice and relaxing day at the beach, you will want to head over to a restaurant for some nice fish and chips, indian or pasta. In Bognor Regis you will find a number of amazing restaurants close to

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best things to do bognor regis hero

Best things to do in Bognor Regis

Bognor Regis is known for its amazing beach and great caravan parks in the area. However, did you know Bognor Regis has a lot more to offer than just nice beach holidays? There are a number of attractions in Bognor

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best caravan parks bognor regis hero

Best caravan parks in Bognor Regis

Are you planning a little trip with your family? Why not head over to one of the many great caravan parks in Bognor Regis. Bognor Regis does not only have a whole catalogue full of amazing beaches, amazing restaurants and

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best things to do in southampton hero

10 Best things to do in Southampton

Southampton is a large city in the county of Hampshire. Although it does not often come up in guide books about the UK, the city has a lot to offer to those who are interested in (Marine) history, the Titanic

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southampton to brighton hero

How to get from Southampton to Brighton

Southampton and Brighton are the staples of southern England so it would make sense to visit them both. In fact, no trip to southern England is complete without a visit to both cities. Perhaps you will want to visit Saint

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Southampton to WInchester Hero

How to get from Southampton to Winchester

Winchester is a beautiful medieval city in the South of England and was once even the capital of the country. Now, Winchester is a great tourist destination and a city loved by many for its great architecture and beautiful cathedral.

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Best hotels near Bognor Regis

Are you looking for a great seaside town to spend your family holiday? Why not choose Bognor Regis? Close to Arundel, Chichester, Portsmouth and only a short drive from the natural beauty of the South Downs and The New Forest,

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what to do in chichester hero

10 Best things to do in Chichester

Although Chichester is often overlooked when it comes to holidays and little outings, this village in West-Sussex has some great attractions and activities to offer. From wine tasting in vineyards to meeting our Roman ancestors and even taking Alpacas for

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best champagne tours from Reims

Best Champagne Tours From Reims

Reims is a city in southern France in a region world-renowned for its Champagne. It is also a city steeped in history from its reputation as the coronation capital of France to being at the center of two world wars.

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Best restaurants southampton hero

10 Best restaurants in Southampton

Believe it or not, but Southampton has a lot of great and nice restaurants. Although this Hampshire city might not be so popular as its neighbours Portsmouth and Bournemouth, Southampton has a lot to offer when it comes to culinary

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best things to do in southampton

10 best things to do in Portsmouth

Portsmouth is a great city steeped in history on the Hampshire coast in the United Kingdom. Home to beautiful beaches and some of the most beautiful naval museums in the United Kingdom, Portsmouth has always attracted both tourists in search

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best hotels southampton hero

15 Best Hotels in Southampton

London, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Belfast, Manchester. Those are some of the first cities that may come to your mind when you think of the United Kingdom. Perhaps the renowned nightlife of Newcastle and the murky history of Londonderry may also come

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best airbnbs amiens hero

10 Best Airbnbs in Amiens

Amiens is a popular destination in France with lush green gardens and beautiful canal districts. It is a very popular destination for the French and now also seems to be attracting international tourists. Amiens is the perfect destination for the

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cork best restaurants hero

10 best restaurants in Cork

The second-largest city in Ireland, Cork is a city steeped in history. It is impossible to discuss Ireland without bringing up Cork, and not to visit Cork if you are ever in Ireland. The city center is nestled between two

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best restaurants amiens hero

10 Best Restaurants in Amiens

Amiens is a quaint little town on the banks of the River Somme steeped in history and tradition. Its scenery and history attract thousands of tourists a year, but it is also a popular stopover for travelers between Belgium and

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Portsmouth tours hero

5 best tours in Portsmouth

Are you planning a trip to Portsmouth? Why not book a tour to discover the history of the city? Whether you want to see the city on foot or want to explore the streets by bike, there are quite a

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Best things to do in Amiens hero

10 Best things to do in Amiens

Amiens is a vastly underrated city in France, known for its fairy tale city centre and rich history. Amiens is also the backdrop of the fierce Battle of the Somme in the First World War, one of the bloodiest battles

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Best beaches southampton hero

Best beaches to visit in Southampton

There is something very magical about beaches: the calming sound of the waves, soft breeze with a scent of sand, the union of sky and the sea is a mesmerizing view to witness. For many families their favorite beach is

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best hotels in portsmouth hero

10 Best hotels in Portsmouth

Portsmouth might best be known as being the home of the British Navy, but it is also a great city to explore for a small city break or staycation. Portsmouth also has nice beaches, great restaurants and is of course

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best time to visit cork hero

Best Time to Visit Cork, Ireland

If you’re ever visited the Republic of Ireland, you must have noticed that Cork is one of its liveliest regions. Cork is located in the southwest of Ireland, with its city centre between two River Lee branches. A diverse and

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southampton golf club hero

Best Golf Clubs Near Southampton

The city of Southampton in Hampshire can be a fantastic choice if you are looking for a great golfing holiday destination, as it hosts a range of private and city-owned golf clubs within and in its surrounding areas. With a

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Best Airbnbs Southampton

10 Best airbnbs in Southampton

Although Southampton might be best known for its ferry ports and docks, there is so much to do and discover in this Hampshire city. Not only is staying in Southampton a lot less expensive than renting an Airbnb or hotel

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best hotels amiens

10 Best hotels in Amiens

Amiens! This cosy city is the perfect French city trip, if you want something different from a large city such as Paris, Marseille, Lille, Toulouse or Nice. The city has a lot to offer, such as nature, culture and the

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new forest villages hero

Most beautiful villages in The New Forest

The New Forest is one of the most beautiful National Parks South of London. Dotted with cute little towns and villages, these Hampshire hills attract thousands of tourists every single year. To help you plan your amazing New Forest Visit,

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best restaurants ostend

15 Best restaurants in Ostend

Ostend is known as the queen of coastal cities in Belgium. Not only is Ostend the largest city by the Belgian coast, it is also a city with great restaurants, amazing culture and beautiful beaches. But when you are on

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things to do in dunkirk

10 Best things to do in Dunkirk

Dunkirk is so much more than just a Ferry terminal and war memorials. This beautiful city in Flemish style has a rich history and lots to see and do. In fact, Dunkirk is one of those cities that is fairly

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best books paris hero

10 Best Books to read before going to Paris

Ah! Paris! The city of love. Many books have been written about the world’s most romantic city. But what books should you read to prepare yourself for your trip to Paris? To get into the mood, to learn more about

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best things to do in cork hero

15 Best things to do in Cork

Cork is one of the biggest cities in Ireland and attracts thousands of tourists every year. With its beautiful little highstreet and its cosy Irish pubs, this city has a lot to offer. In this article I have put together

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best airbnbs in bournemouth

Best Airbnbs in Bournemouth

Bournemouth is a beautiful seaside city in Dorset. As it is easy to get to by train from London, and since the enchanting New Forest is closeby, many British families decide to spend their holidays in Bournemouth. But where should

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best airbnbs isle of wight

Best Airbnbs on the Isle of Wight

The Isle of Wight is an idyllic island just of the Hampshire coast. With its beautiful little villages, great beaches and dramatic cliffs, it has become the favourite holiday destinations for many British people. But where is the best place

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best airbnbs brighton hero

10 Gorgeous Airbnbs in Brighton

Best Airbnbs in Brighton Summary If you are looking for the cheapest best Airbnb in Brighton, book Beautiful Victorian One Bed Flat for $112 a night. If you are looking for the best Airbnb in Brighton go for Hollywood Apartment

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Airbnb Ostend Hero

10 Gorgeous Airbnbs in Ostend

Ostend is often dubbed ”The Queen of Coastal Cities” in Belgium. Not only because the Belgian royal family have their holiday homes in Ostend, but also because it is the biggest, most populous and frankly most vibrant city on the

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best hotels poole hero

10 Best hotels in Poole

Are you looking forward to spending some time by the coast? Why not head to Poole! This South-English coastal town has a great marina, beautiful beaches and is considered to be an undiscovered gem in the UK. I have put

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best things to do in killarney hero

Best things to do in Killarney

Killarney is a great little town to visit when on holiday in Ireland. The beautiful, coloured houses, the great pubs and of course the breath-taking national park make of Killarney one of the best places to visit in Kerry. But

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best hotels ostend hero

10 Best hotels in Ostend Belgium

Ostend has always been known as ‘’The Queen’’ of cities by the coast in Belgium. Not only because Ostend was and still is the city where Belgian royalty has their holiday homes, but also because it is the biggest and

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things to do yeovil tintinhull montacu

10 Best things to do in Yeovil

Yeovil is a delightful town tucked into the rolling hills of Somerset. It is a great place for a little weekend break with many amazing walks in the area, national trust sites such as Montacute House and cultural activities such

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best campsites boulogne sur mer hero

Best Campsites near Boulogne Sur Mer

It’s so lovely to get out there with your caravan and to explore the beautiful French countryside! Boulogne Sur Mer is the largest city in the Opal Coast, a beautiful stretch of coast and natural beauty. This is why you

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killarney airbnb hero

15 Best Airbnbs in Killarney

Are you looking for an Airbnb in Killarney? I have put together the best Airbnbs in Killarney Kerry so you have an easy time choosing where to stay in Killarney. Killarney is a beautiful little town in Ireland and is

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yeovil restaurants

10 best restaurants in Yeovil

Tamburino Restaurant Yeovil A well known restaurant in Yeovil that first opened in 2005 and solidified itself as one of Yeovil’s best restaurants serving traditional Italian cuisine. The owner of the restaurant Domenico Taravella is from Sicily, which is where

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best campsites Ostend hero

Best campsites near Ostend

Ostend is a great city to spend some time in summer. There are loads of great restaurants, big sandy beaches and a city centre with plenty of amazing shops. But where to stay in Ostend? What are the best campsites

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best hotels in killarney hero

Best hotels in Killarney

Looking for a great hotel in Killarney? This list of the 11 best hotels in Killarney will help you to make a decision on where to stay. Killarney is an amazing little town in Kerry with a beautiful national park

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Best airbnbs in calais hero

15 Best Airbnbs in Calais

Looking for a great place to stay in Calais? This little city has so much more to offer than just Ferry ports! From a nice and quiet city center to many outlet shopping malls and great alcohol stores. It is

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best things to do in tralee

15 best things to do in Tralee

For many, Tralee is the gate to Kerry. As Tralee is one of the only cities in the area with a train station, Tralee is the end of the line for many Kerry travellers. But did you know that there

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best restaurants in weymouth hero

10 Best Restaurants in Weymouth

How to better end a day by the beach than in one of the best restaurants in Weymouth? In this post I have researched the best restaurants in Weymouth – whether you are looking for Italian, Chinese, Indian, or even

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airbnb boulogne sur mer hero

11 Best things to do in Boulogne Sur Mer

Are you looking for the best things to do in Boulogne Sur Mer? Look no further! In this article I will go into detail about what to do in this French coastal town. From tasting the best local food to

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best hotels in yeovil

15 best hotels in Yeovil

Yeovil is a nice little city surrounded by tens of little, pictoresque British villages. No wonder you are looking for a hotel in Yeovil! In order to help you I have put together a list of the 15 best hotels

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Tralee golf clubs

Best Golf Courses near Tralee

Every year, people from all over the world travel to Tralee for its amazing golf courses with great and wide Atlantic views. But which are the best golf courses in Tralee? And what are the prices to golf in Tralee?

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Best hotels in Antwerp hero

15 Best hotels in Antwerp

Antwerp is one of the most beautiful cities in Belgium – with its many small streets, great restaurants and amazing high fashion designer shops, this city should be on your City trip list! But when going on a city trip

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Best restaurants in Lille

25 Best restaurants in Lille

Lille, in the North of France is a best kept secret when it comes to great food. In fact, this city is a foodie heaven! There are great restaurants on every single corner and you will never leave the table

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weymouth beach hero

How to spend a day on Weymouth beach

Are you and your family looking for a great day out at the beach? Why not try Weymouth. How to spend a day at Weynouth beach you ask? Well that is very easy! This amazing sandy beach has been named

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weymouth hotel hero

13 best hotels in Weymouth

When travelling to Weymouth for a family holiday, it is important to find a great hotel. Weymouth has a lot to offer and has been voted the best beach in the UK. Its wide sandy beach is a haven for

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Belgian Christmas Markets Hero

Best Christmas Markets in Belgium

I love going to Christmas Markets in Belgium! Almost every city has a Christmas Market and most of them sell amazing Mulled Wine (with Amaretto) and Jenever (a kind of typically Belgian Schnapss in all kinds of flavours such as

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where to buy wine in calais

Where to buy wine in Calais

Are you looking to buy wine in Calais? Want to get some last-minute cheap alcohol before you board the train in the Chunnel or the Ferry? You are in luck! There are some great places in Calais where you can

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how to get to dingle from tralee hero

How to Get from Tralee to Dingle

Tralee is one of the most important cities in Kerry and the closest city with a train station to Dingle. This means that many travellers heading for Dingle pass through this typical Kerry town. But how do you get from

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best hotels in lille france hero

15 best hotels in Lille for every budget

Lille in France might be one of the most underrated places in France. This beautiful city is known for its amazing Flemish architecture, the great shopping street and its beautiful museums? But where would you stay in Lille? What hotel

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things to do isle of wight hero

31 Best things to do on the Isle of Wight

The Isle of Wight is a vast and beautiful Island in the South of England. Known to be a great tourist destination and boasting loads of amazing little villages, great beaches and delicious food, the Isle of Wight has a

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bruges to brussels hero

How to get from Brussels to Bruges

Tucked away in a corner, towards northwest Belgium, sits Bruges. Little, but holding great significance, historically, in terms of being unique, in terms of giving its visitors a range of activities to choose from. But first you need to get

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Fungie dingle dolphin hero

How to meet Fungie the Dolphin in Dingle

Dingle is probably one of the most famous towns in County Kerry. It comprises a unique landscape made of rough giant, rocky mountains, long, sandy beaches, and lots of trails to wander around. National Geographic has called this “one of

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airbnb boulogne sur mer hero

15 best Airbnbs in Boulogne Sur Mer

Fancy a nice long weekend by the sea, but yearning for a new place to discover without the masses of tourists? Then Boulogne sur Mer is the place for you! This French coastal town is not only a great base

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11 best hotels in tralee ireland hero

11 Best Hotels in Tralee

Looking for the best hotels in Tralee? Tralee is a great city in Ireland’s most beautiful county. This Kerry city has a lot to offer – from beautiful views and vista’s to a great festival dedicated to the Tralee rose.

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11 best things to do in dingle hero

11 amazing things you cannot miss in Dingle

Dingle is one of the most magical places in Ireland. This cosy little village on the Dingle peninsula has a lot to offer. Every year thousands of tourists make their way to this colourful Irish village. But what to do

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ferry to isle of wight hero

Where to take the ferry to the Isle of Wight

Isle of Wight is not just the largest island in the UK, but it is an excellent location for people seeking a quick getaway from their professional lives. The island is known for its tranquillity and calm countryside. The Isle

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what to do in Bordeaux hero

20 best things to do in Bordeaux France

Although most people will head to the Provence or Paris, Bordeaux is a great city for a small trip. This French city has it all: amazing wine, great food and historic architecture. In fact, if you are not looking forward

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paris from london by train hero

How to get to Paris by train from London

Going to Paris by train from London is easy-peasy. You board the train at London St Pancras station, and within two hours you are strolling down the French Boulevards. 2 hours is very short as it often took us more

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Best airbnbs in the new forest hampshire hero

Best Airbnbs in The New Forest

The New Forest is one of my favourite places in the United Kingdom. From the rolling hills full of heather to the friendly ponies roaming the historic little villages. When travelling to this National Park you will probably want to

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dublin to belfast hero

How to get from Dublin to Belfast

How to get from Belfast to Dublin or how to get from Dublin to Belfast? Although these cities lie in two completely different countries, they are not too far from each other. There are several public and private transport options

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christmas in London hero

Christmas in London – a Complete Guide

Are you looking to spend Christmas in London? Thousands of tourists every year book a city trip to London for Christmas shopping and to visit the many cute Christmas markets. In this blog post I will provide you with a

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best dorset campsites HERO

Best Dorset Campsites and Holiday Parks

The Dorset campsites and Dorset Holiday Parks offer some of the best and most beautiful camping spots in the South of England. Whether you cant to stay at a Dorset campsite by the beach of a Dorset Holiday park by

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best day trips from Paris guide hero

Best Day Trips From Paris

Paris. No introduction needed. City of romance. The epicentre of world fashion. Food. Wine. Streets. Colours, lights, culture and people. All unique, all mysterious, all French, giving the rest of the world something to gawk at. While it’s incredible to

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Cheap hotels dingle hero

Cheap Hotels in Dingle Ireland

Dingle is a quaint little town in the green county of Kerry in Ireland. It is one of the most popular small villages to visit and lies in a beautiful quiet bay. Dingle can be quite expensive, so I have

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free things to do brighton hero

Free Things to do in Brighton

There are plenty of free things to do in Brighton, and they are fun-filled activities that you can do whether you are on a budget or you simply don’t want to spend a lot of money. When you are looking

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best cheap hotels in southampton hero

Cheap hotels in Southampton

Are you looking for cheap hotels in Southampton to catch the ferry? Or maybe you need a cheap hotel in Southampton because you want to visit the city? Well, for your convenience I have made a list of all the

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best things to do in versailles hero

Best things to do at Versailles France

If you happen to stumble into Versailles, chances are, you’ll even forget that there’re other things to do IN Versailles. You might even forget that Versailles is in fact, an entire city. The little town must be quite used to

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Best Glamping in The New Forest

If you’re feeling like it’s time to get that zen back into your life, you feel like you need to be one with nature, enjoy the smell of fallen leaves or you want to go camping without the annoying part

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cheap hotels dublin hero

Best cheap hotels in Dublin

Are you looking for great but cheap hotels in Dublin? I won’t blame you! Dublin is EXPENSIVE! – And yess, I did all cap that. It is probably more expensive than London, and I lived in London for 2 years. This

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Best Restaurants in Mayfair London

Mayfair in London is like your first class ticket around the world, in terms of food, that is. You hop on, fasten your seatbelt, and get cradled into a haven of culinary variety. It’s not shocking that it’s fame goes

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best luxury yacht tours in dubai hero

Best Dubai Tours By Boat or Luxury Yacht

From speed boats to private luxury yachts, Dubai has it all. With a myriad of options, tourists are spoilt for choice when considering a Dubai tour by boat, from adventure to relaxation, from more intimate settings to group outings, if

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best free things to do in dublin hero

10 free tourist attractions in Dublin

Dublin is one of the most beautiful destinations in Europe, but it is also incredibly expensive. For this reason, I have made a special list about the best free tourist attractions, free museums, free events and free walking tours in

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most unique ways to cross the thames in London HERO

Coolest ways to cross the Thames in London

The river Thames and London are irrevocably connected. This broad river swings itself through the centre of the city and has been a beating artery of trade and leisure for many hundreds of years. When I first moved to London

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best places to stay in Dublin Hero

Best Dublin Hotels in the City Center

Dublin is a great city trip destination with your partner or group of friends. The city is quite compact, so many hotels are within walking distance of the city center. On average, you can walk from your hotel to the

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best places to stay in gravesend hero

Best hotels in Gravesend

Having lived in Gravesend, I can vouch for this little Thames city as a great place to visit. There is a lot to do in and around Gravesend – especially for those with a keen interest in history. If you

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10 best things to do in Mayfair London

Mayfair is one of the most expensive areas in London. You will find luxury stores, historic buildings and genuine gentlemen in tailored suits. In this beautiful neighbourhood you will also find extravagant hotels where you can enjoy a world-class service.

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HERO IMAGE best hotels notting hill

5 best hotels in Notting Hill

Ever since that iconic Julia Roberts and High Grant movie, Notting Hill is a bucket list item for many of the thousands of tourists visiting London each year. This vibrant, colourful and rather bohemian chique neighbourhood in the West of

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HERO IMAGE info airports london

What London Airport should you fly to or from

London has no fewer than six international airports, which makes the London region the busiest flight hub in the world. Every year, nearly 150 million passengers fly out to destinations all over the world from one of the six London

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HERO IMAGE best free things to do in lille

10 Free things to do in Lille, France

Lille is an vibrant and up-and-coming city in north-east France. Although most tourist will overlook it when planning a holiday to France, it is a perfect first stop for visitors coming from the United Kingdom or Belgium by car. That

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top 10 best things to do in bournemouth

10 best things to do in Bournemouth

Bournemouth in the South of England is one of our go-to cities when Josh and I are visiting family in the New Forest. This beautiful sea-side city with its amazing Victorian resorts and houses is a great place to spend

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10 best day trips from london

10 best day trips from London

London is a wonderful city. But trust me when I say it can be very busy! Having lived in London for 2 years, I don’t blame you for heading out of the city into the countryside for some well-deserved peace

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10 best places to watch the sunset in paris banks of the seine

10 best spots to watch the sunset in Paris

Paris is a city for hopeless romantics (like me) – and what is more romantic than watching the sun set over the age-old city of lights?  I can’t even count how many times I have been to Paris, but every

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kate browns ardfert fish menu

Kate Brown’s Restaurant and Pub Review

Ireland is not only a country of green rolling hills, great local pubs and amazing legends and folklore, it is also country of foodies. Although I was not so sure about the Irish cuisine and their stews, on my trip

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How to find the best Caravan spot in The New Forest

The New Forest in Hampshire, United Kingdom is a favourite caravanning spot for many locals and tourists. Every year, thousands of people roll into the National Park with their mobile homes and caravan spots to experience absolute tranquillity and the

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The Wathen-Bartlett Pub Burley

The Wathen-Bartlett Pub in Burley is a bit of a local legend. Having been there for at least a 100 years, this working man’s club might be a bit rough around the edges, but when you are looking for an

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10 best things to do in Kensington, London

Although most people will know Kensington for Harrods, the National History Museum and of course the beautiful Mews, this gracious London area has so much more to offer! Having worked in the area for a while I fell in love

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10 best free things to do in Bournemouth

Bournemouth is a beautiful seaside town in the South of England. This Dorset Town lies right next to the New Forest and is a favourite beach destination for many Britons on staycation. Bournemouth boasts beautiful sandy beaches and is a

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10 amazing things to do in Gravesend

When my husband and I first decided to move away from London to live closer to his work and escape the cutthroat real estate prices, I had no idea what a nice little town Gravesend was. I had no idea

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The Sacre-Couer: Everything you need to know!

The Sacré-Coeur is one of my favourite sights in Paris. Ever since I saw the movie La Fabuleuse Destin d’Amelie Poulin, I have loved Montmartre and its hilltop basilica with all my heart. Although the basilica is a real tourist

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every first sunday of the month you can visit a lot of museums such as the louvre for free

20 best free things to do in Paris

I love Paris a lot, but I also understand that Paris can be an incredibly expensive city. Especially when you are a first-time visitor and you want to go see all the sites, Paris can put quite a strain on

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10 scams in London to avoid as a tourist

London is an excellent city, and I’ll always recommend visiting it. But just like any other tourist destination, some people will try to take advantage of you. Even though London is – overall, a very safe tourist destination, know that

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Top 5 most romantic villages in The Cotswolds

In the summer of 2018, just before I left for Dubai, my parents, uncle, husband and I made a little car journey through the Cotswolds. Having seen The Cotswolds in movies such as Bridget Jones and having heard amazing things

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gravesend kent

Why I love living in Gravesend, Kent

Almost a year ago, on the 20th of August 2017, I moved to Gravesend. I used to live in the Arsehole of London – Thamesmead. In fact: Stanley Kubrick already saw the desperation and shittiness of this place. He filmed

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best picnic spots London hyde park london

Top 5 best picnic spots in London

Winter is turning into spring. You can feel people are waiting to shed the winter and change into their summer mood. The spring and summer always pull loads of people towards parks to sit, drink, and picnic. These are the

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