Asia Travel Guide

Asia Travel Guide

Asia is so much more than pristine Thai beaches or idyllic Indonesian islands. From the green hills of Lebanon in the Middle East to the Chinese deserts, Asia is a continent of magnificent contradictions waiting to take your breath away at every turn. 

Whether you choose the luxury of Dubai hotels or the comfort of a Combodian backpacker’s hostel, this guide full of great blog posts will help you to plan your trip to Asia. 

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Camping destinations in China

China is a country with a diverse and beautiful natural landscape, from the towering Himalayan mountains in the west to the picturesque beaches and islands

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best waskaduwa hotels

10 Best Waskaduwa Hotels

Are you looking for the best Waskaduwa Hotels? Waskaduwa is a small town near Kalutara. It is known for its amazing beaches and large resorts.

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kalutara hotels hero

10 Best Kalutara Hotels

Looking for the best Kalutara hotels for an amazing holiday in Sri Lanka? Kalutara is a small coastal town in the district of Kalutara on

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best hotels in beirut Hero

15 Best hotels in Beirut

Beirut has to be my favourite city in the Middle East. I absolutely adore the culture, the food and the people; I believe everyone should

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