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Dubai Mall is the biggest mall in the world! So when you are visiting Dubai, you NEED to visit Dubai Mall. It is a shopping heaven for both skint shoppers like me as luxury fasionistas. I love going to Dubai Mall and take every oportunity to walk around in this massive and welcoming complex.
The Dubai mall boasts 1,200 stores and 160 amazing restaurants, an ice skating rink and even a massive aquarium. Every single week the mall welcomes more than 700.000 shoppers – but still it can feel like you are completely alone.
I have put together a bucket list of things to do in Dubai mall. Let me know what you love doing in Dubai mall in the comments!
Here are my 10 favourite things to do in Dubai Mall.
aquarium what to do dubai mall bucket list
The Dubai Aquarium is one of the main attractions of the Dubai Mall. With more than 33,000 aquatic species, the aquarium is known around the world for its amazing gateway tunnel and massive tank you can see from the mall. You can admire the largest transparent wall in the world, with sharks and rays and other fishes swimming around in the middle of the mall.
My husband and I visited the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo during one of the first months we moved here. We just got The Entertainer which provided us with 2 for 1 tickets to the Dubai Aquarium.
We chose for the Explorer package which included a behind the scenes tour of the aquarium. We had an amazing tour guide who told us all about the fish and how they were bread, the scientific research in the aquarium and we even saw baby sharks!
We went down onto a platform that was suspende in the great tank you could see from the mall. We could see the fish circling the little platform as then knew that the guide would feed them. They would fight over the little dry balls of fish food and left us staring mesmerised at the sworming ball of fish in the water, wrestling over a bit of food.
After the fish feeding we also took a little boat tour over the breat tank. The little boat had a glass bottom through which we could see the fish down in the tank.
The backstage tour took – all in all, about 45 minutes and is an amazing experience. The underwater zoo and aquarium itself is worth your while as well. Not only do hey have a large variety of fish and sea animals, the scenery and tanks are magnificently designed.
I will be going back to the Dubai Aquarium soon enough as this is a great day out – especially with the discount we get through the Entertainer!

Get a sugar rush at Candylicious

Candylicious in the Dubai Mall is one of the biggest candy stores in the world. I try to visit this magnificent store every time I go to the mall – it is never easy to leave without buying something.
They stock a massive amount of different kinds of candy and I especially love the candy beans.
Candylicious stocks an amazing aray of international brands such as Cadbury’s, Jelly Belly, Hershey’s Reese’s, M&M and many more.
As a Belgian you will not see me buy chocolate at Candylicious, but I do love a good old pick and mix. Do watch oout buying Cadbury’s and other UK or European chocolate. As Dubai is a very hot country, they put products in the chocolate to keep it from melting. It makes the chocolate taste a bit waxy and many people can’t stomach the taste after being used to the real deal.
If you are looking for great belgian chocolate – and I am not talking about the Godiva crap (Godiva is supermarket chocolate and hardly worth the name Belgian Chocolate), try Neuhaus in Dubai Mall! My proud Belgian heart always smiles when walking past that shop! It also has a massive Burj in the window made entirely out of chocolate! 

Put on your skates at the Dubai Mall Ice Rink

Did you know there’s an ice rink at Dubai Mall? And not even a small one like at the Hyatt (yes that hotel has an ice rink) but a full blown sports ice rink!
I personally have never been ice skating at Dubai mall as I prefer the one at the Hyatt. It is closer to where I live and less busy.
On the Ice Rink you can organise birthday parties or even learn how to ski! If you are looking for reduced tickets for the Dubai Mall Ice skating rink, have a look at The Entertainer (see above) or Groupon!

Pilot an Airbus A380

This one is on the top of my Dubai Mall to-do list. It is fairly expensive so I am waiting until I can afford it. (I have to choose between piloting an A380 and a Brunch and I always seem to go for the Brunch).
In this flight simulator you can pilot an A380. You can choose between a long haul flight and a short haul flight. You will get a crash course in piloting and fly the biggest plane in the world in a flight simulater by Emirates.
 The price you pay will depend on when you decide to take the simylation. It is cheapest from 10 AM to 12 PM so I would recommend going then – especially since prices can double at peak hours.
It might also be best to make a reservation as it can be quite busy during the “cheap” hours.

Meet a real dinosaur!

Did you know you can meet a real Dinosaur in Dubai Mall? Hidden away between the Soukh and The Cheesecake Factory you can find the 155 milion year old skeleton of a Diplodocus.
A Diplodocus was a plant eating dinosaur with a very long neck – just like Longneck from the old movie The Land Before Time.

Eat with a view on the Dubai Fountains

How better to watch the Dubai Fountains than during a nice meal? When you visit Dubai in the winter or the spring, you might want to think about watching the Dubai Fountains while having dinner.
There are many restaurants – both cheap as expensive, that overlook the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Fountains – TGIF and Red Lobster to name a few.
fountains food eat what to do dubai mall bucket list
The timings for the fountains are:
Saturday to Thursday 1:00 PM 1:30 PM 2:00 PM
Friday afternoon shows 1:30 PM 2:00 PM 2:30 PM
Evening Shows 6:00 PM – 11:00 PM every 30 minutes

Collect samples at the many make up shops

Dubai mall is home to shops of many of the best make up brands. There’s a massive Saphora, a Nars, a Mac, a Nyx… and many many more.
Even though a lot of this make up is expensive, you can always windowshop and try some make up on. The ladies in the shop are often very nice and helpful. Sephora might be very busy, but especially at Nyx and Nars they are keen to help you out and provide you with any information you might need.
Before you make a decision to buy a product, you can ask the shop for samples. Last, when I was looking for a new foundation, I received a little sample from the lady at Nyx. I loved the foundation and would have bought it if only I remembered what the colour code was. (uh-oh).
Most shops will give you samples so you can even have a little contest with your friends to find out who can collect the most samples at the end of the day!

Taste Belgian Chocolates at Neuhaus

As a Belgian I have to include this amazing Belgian chocolate shop in this write up! Godiva is very popular in Dubai and I just do not get why. It is supermarket chocolate hardly worth the title of Belgian Chocolate.
Instead you should visit the Neuhaus shop in Dubai Mall. Try the Praline pralines and or the white ones with praline filling. They are a bit of a national favourite and pride!
belgian chocolates what to do dubai mall bucket list

Marvel at expensive jewelry in the Gold Soukh

old gold souk what to do dubai mall bucket list
Dubai Mall boasts an amazing Gold Soukh. In the gold soukh you can find and buy nice pieces of jewelry – most of them in yellow gold.
True – most of the shops stock items that are a bit out of our price range, but I still like walking through the gold souk to marvel at the big stones and beautiful designs.
Not everything is my style as the Middle Eastern style is quite old fashioned and over-the-top in Europe, but the Gold Souk also has pieces from classical designs that would be amazing investments.

Windowshop at Fashion Avenue

Fashion Avenue is one of the calmer parts of the Mall. Not many tourists find their way to the more expensive and high end part of the Dubai Mall.
With brands like Prada, Louis Vuiton and Miu Miu, the price tags in Fashion Avanue are quite big, but notnetheless it is very nice to windowshop at Fashion Avenue.
10 things to do in dubai mall
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