Review: Bayside Dubai Friday Brunch

Bayside Restaurant and Terrace is a fairly new establishment in Dubai. I noticed they had a Monthly offer on The Entertainer and so my husband and I decided to try Bayside out. 

Bayside Restaurant and Terrace is part of the Steigenberger hotel in Business Bay. Most taxi drivers will know the Steigenberger so you will have no problem getting there. 

I am pretty picky when it comes to food at brunches. We might get 50% off because of the Entertainer app, full prices are often pretty heavy on the wallet. We have been to brunches where you pay £65 / 300 AED / $80 a head but where the food is actually not that great. In fact – I once even spit out a piece of cheese because it was the most horrible blue cheese I ever had!

But that is not a problem you will experience at the Bayside brunch. In fact – I would say that the brunch was on par with our favorite brunch of all time: Al Dawaar. 

There were a bunch of food stations where food was cooked live in addition to well-stocked buffet style tables and stations. 

I was in heaven when I saw the cheese station. Other Dubai expats might know how difficult it is to get your hands on good French (and European in general) cheese. Even at expensive brunches, the quality of the cheese can vary (like I said – I spit out blue cheese because it was absolutely disgusting… and I love blue cheese). One of the reasons why it is so hard to find great cheese is because of the Dubai temperature (cheese at 45 Celsius isn’t always a great idea) and because importing cheese – especially the ones made with unpasteurized milk, are hard to import due to import regulations to protect the country and the people living in it. 

But like I said: Bayside was cheese heaven! All my favourite french cheeses were there. And they were all “a point” on point as they say. I was as happy as a little kid in a toyshop – or a cheese addict in a cheeseshop. 

The Bayside Brunch is cheese heaven! All cheeses were ‘a point’!

There is also a very wide selection of seafood – both raw, cooked and prepared. I especially loved the ceviche and the BBQ prawns. 

The crab was a bit dry which might be because it was defrosted. 

When I was living in Belgium, my parents and I ate a lot of crab and lobster. My mom tried to freeze crab one year as they were exceptionally cheap. The meat came out dry when defrosted, and I had the same experience at Bayside. 

I also liked the bbq station very much. The man preparing the food was very friendly and worked very efficiently. 

We had prawns on the bbq – and I think to remember that I asked him to add some spice. They were really nice and I wish I could have eaten 100 of them before I started to get full – but there was so much amazing food at Bayside that I did not have time to taste all! 

One of the other reasons I like going to brunchs is the sushi. Now, even though the sushi at Bayside was okay, it definitly wasn’t something I would come back for. The rice wasn’t very nice – you know what I mean. The kind of hardness and weirdness sushi rice gets when it is prepared too long beforehand.

Nevertheless, the food at Bayside was so nice and well-prepared that I would definitly go back. 

They have a plethora of different deserts and some of the nicest cakes and tarts I have seen in Dubai so far. When you walk down to the entrance of the restaurant,there’s even a man who prepares ice cream on a cold stone. It’s very popular now and a great gimmick. I enjoyed it! 

Bayside Restaurant and Terrace Brunch: Drinks

Most people go to brunches for the drinks. We go for both the drinks and the food. At an average price of 50 AED / £10.50 / $13.50 a drink, alcohol is very expensive in the UAE. 

Brunches are an amazing way to get great food, drink amazing cocktails and have an overall great experience without breaking the bank. 

Bayside restaurant and terrace obviously picks their wines very well. I loved the house red and would have drunk more if their cocktails hadn’t be so delicious. 

I have always been more of a “beer and wine” kind of girl than a cocktail drinker. However, in Dubai it is hard – impossible – to find good beer, and house reds can be quite tangy. Where in Europe they would often use a good, full bodied Merlot as house red, in Dubai they prefer Shiraz as it is lighter and more drinkable. I don’t particularly like Shiraz all that much. So I was converted to being a cocktail drinker. 

Now, let me tell you that the cocktails at Bayside are made with a lot of love and care. 

The waiter often came and checked on us and was able to mix us any cocktail we liked (within reason). I absolutely loved their mojito’s and they make a pretty mean screwdriver!

Bayside Restaurant and Terrace Brunch: Decor

Bayside Restaurant and Terrace is quite new and thus everything looks amazing. It is finished with high spec materials and boasts a contemporary European/New York look with white marble. 

The restaurant looked amazing. You had an instant “wow” feeling when you walked through the doors. The big windows let in a lot of natural light and the black marble counter tops of the buffet stations contrast nicely with the white marble walls. 

In winter you can also choose to sit outside. (I am sure you can sit outside during summer as well – but you might not want to, seen the temperature). 

I personally did not like the outside seating area that much. Due to the green plants you did not really have a view. I personally feel something ins missing.

It could be very cozy or cool or modern, but this just feels like any other brasserie/tavern terrace I visited in Europe. 

As Bayside had only just opened when I visited, I can imagine they have already changed the outside seating area. So maybe if you visit this amazing brunch this winter, you might be able to sit outside on a cosy terrace. Outside you will also be able to fine a cocktail station and enjoy the amazing smells of the outside bbq station. 

Bayside Restaurant and Terrace Brunch: Staff

When going to brunches – and restaurants in general, I always keep a good eye on staff and service. Why? Because service can make or break an experience. 

Staff and service were both exceptional at Bayside!

Exceptional staff and exceptional service! 10/10!

Waiters came to our table multiple times asking whether we were okay, we needed something or whether they could get us something special. They offered to mix us some special cocktails and were happy to give information or recommendations if needed. 

Staff was also very polite, very nice and friendly and made us feel at home instantly. I think as for quality of staff and service this brunch is on par with Fogo de Chao, Al Dawaar and Thiptara! 

Bayside Restaurant and Terrace Brunch: Conclusion

Bayside does a really nice brunch! As it stands we have only been once since they often run 2for1 promtions on The Entertainer at the same time as Al Dawaar. Al Dawaar is closer to us and my husband is addicted to their sangria. 

It definitely is on our list as one of the best brunches we have been to so far! 

Food: 4.5/5
Drinks: 4.5/5
Location: 3.5/5 
Staff and service: 5/5


Bayside Restaurant and Terrace Brunch: Information

Friday Brunch 

12:30 till 4:00 pm

Food and Champagne 600 AED pp
Food and House Beverages 375 AED pp
Food and Soft Drinks 250 AED pp

The Entertainer often has great 2 for 1 deals on this brunch!

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