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10 Best Spas in Kandi, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a paradise island with a long history of great spas and ayurvedic medicine and massages. I would highly recommend visiting a spa when in Sri Lanka – and no place better than the beautiful city of Kandy. This is why I have put together a list of the best Spas in Kandy, Sri Lanka.

best spas kandy Green Chaya Spa Kandy

If you are looking for some relaxation after a long day, you can’t go wrong with Green Chaya Spa. Its Tripadvisor profile is full of glowing reviews of satisfied customers. While it is not directly in the middle of the city, it does provide complimentary tuk-tuk (a popular form of taxi mainly utilized in Southeast Asia) to and from the center of the city. There are virtually no negative reviews on TripAdvisor is it apparent how it got its ranking of the best Spa in Kandy.

Its massages cost between 13 – 25 USD and the Green Chaya Spa also offers one to five-day packages of yoga treatment. Moreover, for tourists most committed to the Ayurvedic treatment method, the Green Chaya Spa offers one to two-week training programs that they can immerse themselves into. With 25 years of excellence under its belt, it is no wonder why they are considered to be the Gold Standard of Spas in Kandy. 

Kandy Herbal Ayurvedic Treatment Center

best spas kandy Kandy Herbal Ayurvedic Treatment Center

The Kandy Herbal Ayurvedic Treatment Center offers a range of treatments based on ancient techniques. Its team of experienced masseuses ensures that each customer is properly pampered and given an unforgettable experience. It also provides a number of free amenities such as free parking and Wi-Fi. Its prime location in the middle of the city makes it a magnet for tourists that are guaranteed to leave their worldly worries behind when they enter this Spa. 

Kandy Wellness and Thai Spa

best spas kandy Kandy Wellness and Thai Spa

Founded in December 2018, Kandy Wellness & Thai Spa has established itself as one of the best Spas in Kandy. It offers a wide variety of services such as the Lomi Lomi massage (one of their most popular massages that takes you on a path towards overall wellbeing), reflexology (a procedure that supports individuals in improving both their body and mind through coordinated breathing and focused internal energy) and reiki (a procedure that is suited for anyone, some of its benefits include improved reaction time and short-term memory). As with any Ayurvedic Spa, the Kandy Wellness & Thai Spa incorporates aspects of mediation into their massages. It’s warm, relaxing environment will ensure that you will never want the procedure to end. 

Sanhida Spa Kandy

best spas kandy Kandy Sanhida Spa Kandy

A staple of Kandy, the Sanhida Spa offers various treatments such as full-body massages, nadishweda, nawara kizi, shiro tharpana, pizichil, flower bath, and medicated oil baths that have been part of the Sri Lankan tradition for centuries. This commitment to authenticity that is central to the Sanhida Spa will virtually take you back in time and allow you to gain a broader perspective during your experience. 

Jeewaka Spa Kandy

best spas in kandy Jeewaka Spa Kandy

Yet another of the tremendous Ayurvedics Treatment Centers and Spas in Kandy, the Jeewaka Spa offers a wide range of Spa treatments. Its reputation for quality and excellence makes the Jeewaka Spa a place beloved by tourists and locals alike. It is one of the mainstays in the Kandy Spa industry and you are sure to have an extremely relaxing experience with them. 

Laama Spa – Kandy

The Laama Spa is part of the Golden Crown Hotel and is the epitome of luxury. Tourists, tired from a long day of excursions and sightseeing can be pampered by a highly qualified team solely dedicated to their relaxation and comfort. You are sure to emerge from treatment at the Laama Spa a completely different person than the one that entered it. 

Kandy Tourist Hostel and Spa

Located on the banks of the scenic Mahaveli Ganga river, the Kandy Tourist Hostel & Spa is a Spa attached to a hostel. Its customers rave about its quality and costumer-service and it is easy to see why. You will be greeted with a courteous, professional team, and their service will surely leave you wanting more. 

Randholee Resorts and Spa

This well-equipped Spa is part of one of the most prestigious properties in Kandy. It’s dedicated team of qualified specialists work tirelessly to ensure that you are completely pampered. Alternatively, you can simply soak in the jacuzzi and relax as your worries and problems fly away, even if for a few fleeting moments. While this Spa may a little pricier than some other entries on this list, you will definitely get your money’s worth.  

Mahaweli Reach Hotel Spa

The Mahaweli Reach Hotel is a 5-star property that has remained in touch with its founder, Atul Panabokke’s original vision of providing local and domestic travelers a home away from home. Guests are treated to luxury in its purest form at the Mahaweli Reach. As with the Randholee Resort & Spa, the extra money you will spend at Mahaweli Reach will be well worth it. You will be hard-pressed to find a better quality Spa not only in Kandy, but the whole of Sri Lanka. 

Suwa Asapuwa

Suwa Asapuwa offers a wide range of treatments from foot massages to head massages and full-body massages. With overwhelmingly positive reviews from their patrons, it is no wonder they are ranked as the third-best Spa and wellness center in Kandy by TripAdvisor. Its procedures last anywhere from 45 to 90 minutes and you are sure to savor its every moment. 

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