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At.Mosphere Burj Khalifa Breakfast Review

Having breakfast in Atmosphere Dubai, the highest restaurant in the world located in the fabled Burj Khalifa? Count me in!

Although Joshua and I had visited the Burj Khalifa before with friends, we never visited Atmosphere Dubai, the restaurant located on the 122nd floor, only 2 floors under the famous observation deck.

This eye-catching restaurant with panoramic views all over Dubai promises high quality food and silver service while providing its diners and guests with a wonderful view.

To get to Atmosphere Dubai Burj Khalifa you need to ask the taxi to drop you at the Armani Hotel. If you have your own car you can make use of the free valet. When stepping into the Armani Hotel lounge you already feel like you landed in some kind of James Bond’esque universe.

From the foyer someone guides you through an elevator which you take down. Walk into the lounge where security will greet you, check your reservation and call you an elevator. From there the elevator takes you straight to Atmosphere Dubai.

The elevators at the Burj Khalifa are incredibly fast. You will reach the 123 floor in less than 2 minutes.

From there you walk down a large winding staircase to the 122rd floor. This staircase is perfect to have pictures taken!

What is Atmosphere Dubai like inside

I love the interior at Atmosphere Dubai. The deep browns of the walls and the sofas. The patterned velvets and the perfectly laid tables… they are all perfectly complimented with both the bright blues of the fountains downstairs and the thick sand colour that dusts the air during humid days.

What was the food like at Atmosphere Dubai

at.mosphere burj khalifa review breakfast

Joshua, my friends and I visited Atmosphere Dubai to celebrate the birthday of one of my friends. We opted for the breakfast as views during breakfast are better and wider (less dust in the air) and because breakfast is on The Entertainer.

Joshua ordered something that reminded me of a full English (minus the beans) with poached eggs, I had the salmon with caviar and our friends both had French toast.

One of the first things you noticed in Atmosphere Dubai was the amazing ingredients that were used were of very high quality. I savoured every last bit of the salmon and hoovered up (I am a Labrador) half my friend’s stack of French toast when she was done.

The salmon was exquisite because of the quality of the fish and the ingredients used, but the new and innovative take on French toast blew me away. The little cremes on the side – mostly made of fruits and berries, completed the dish and lifted it from boring French toast to a fine dining experience.

What is the dress code at Atmosphere Dubai Burj Khalifa

You obviously cant really rock up to Atmosphere Dubai in your pyjamas. Although the restaurant itself calls the dress-code “casual” I did not see anyone that wasn’t dressed smart-casual for breakfast.

For men I would wear at least a polo – if not a shirt. Women can wear a nice dress.

at mosphere burj khalifa review breakfast salmon

What is the minimum spend at Atmosphere Dubai Burj Khalifa

The minimum spend per person is AED 200. Tables by the window are available but you need to request them when making a reservation. During breakfast you can only get soft beverages. You can use the Entertainer for breakfast.

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