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Best surfing spots in Hikkaduwa

Are you looking to surf in Hikkaduwa? Then you are in the right place! Hikkaduwa is a little town in the south of Sri Lanka with long sandy golden beaches, known for its fishing and coconut cultivation. Its strong winds have also made it a notorious longboard surf destination, mainly from November through to May. The waves you will find here are not giant in any way, but challenging nevertheless, giving you long minutes of surfing if your legs can handle it. It also hosts some reefs for those interested in snorkelling or diving. Hikkaduwa is also notorious for its parties, making it a great location if you care for a banging nightlife. You will also find exciting restaurants and cafes of all kinds, hostels to 5-star hotels, and all kinds of beaches for days. 

best surf spots hikkaduwa

Hikkaduwa has deep water and flat reefs, making it an excellent spot for intermediate surfers. Since these aren’t vast beaches like the ones found elsewhere in the world, it boasts excellent but few places where you can surf. The constant swell found in this area will ensure that you don’t have a flat day. You’ll find a right-hander with three main peaks, two reef breaks, and a beach break for beginners. 

During the season, the waves can reach a height of 2ft to 6ft.

Best surfing spots in Hikkaduwa

Hikkaduwa hosts some surfing spots for all difficulty levels. These are the most famous.

Bennys – A left-hander reef break preferred by experienced surfers when the waves are over 6 ft.

Main Reef – Left and right-handers over a deeper reef, enjoyable and relatively safe for all levels.

North Jetty – Long left-handers with a reef break by the harbor wall.

Beach Break – The favorite with beginners, safe shore and reef break

Where to hire a surfing board in Hikkaduwa

Fortunately, renting a surfboard will not be a difficult task in Hikkaduwa. Since the surfing culture is so keen on this southern coast, you can find them at all the surf schools and often at restaurants or rest houses along the beach. 

The rates will vary between renting by the hour or for the whole day. Here are some places that rent surfboards. 

●      Mia’s Villa

●      Surf Control Surf School

●      Surf Control Surf Shop

●      Mountain Wave Hotel & Surf Shop

5 Best surf schools in Hikkaduwa

All the surf schools are located on the beach so you can’t miss them. These are some of the best in the area. 

● Blue Surf Hikka 

Probably one of the best surfing schools in Hikkaduwa. Reasonably priced and knowledgable instructors!  Their lessons start from $8 which is very reasonable! 

Mambo’s Surf School

These guys cater to surfing needs from the southern coast up to the eastern coast, so they know what they’re doing. They’re also amongst the pioneers of the local surf culture.

Surf Control Surf School

They offer year-round surf lessons at affordable prices. They have had some great reviews and patient instructors. Many instructors have also competed and won; you can see the trophies at the shop!

Reef End Surf School

These guys will put you up by 7 am to catch the empty beach. They also have the experience to read the currents, so you’ll be in good hands. 

Hippie surf school and surf camp

All coaches here have a minimum of 8 years of experience in the local area. They will guide you to the best waves in the best locations. They also have surf “safaris” where they take you to a new location, so you can enjoy a steady lesson and explore all at once. If you book their package online you will get a discount and your surfboard and sunskins will be included as well as soft drinks! 

Eliya Surf School

you’ll find patient and attentive instructors here, with experience in teaching all ages and people of all levels of skills. They also provide surf camps and surf trips and have surfboards for rent. 

Surf day trips in Hikkaduwa

Hikkaduwa surf spots

Surf day trips will take you surfing and exploring some hidden beaches around the town. Whether you’re just learning to surf or improving your surfing skills, you can do so while exploring lesser-known beaches with an instructor or guide. They will take you to the best waves, show you around the area, and maybe introduce you to the best local food joints. The package usually includes a surfboard and an experienced instructor who will serve as your guide. Just make sure to only embark on such a trip from a reputable school, as you don’t want to mess with unknown currents or be stuck somewhere you don’t know with the wrong person. These are some of the places that may organize this for you. 

Ocean Vibes Surf School Hikkaduwa 

Reef End Surf School

Eliya Surf School

Where to stay on a surfing trip in Hikkaduwa

If you want to surf in Hikkaduwa it is a good idea to book an airbnb or a hostel closeby. The best time to surf in Hikkaduwa is in the morning and in the evening. 

Best airbnbs

($) Ocean Cottage Hikkaduwa: Can’t be closer to the beach! You are literally staying ON the beach for less than $20 a night! 

($$) Hikkaduwa Direct Ocean View: Another great apartment on the beach! Great surf in- surf out destination! 

($$$) Private Place with stunning Ocean View: The name says it all: You are literally on the beach with in the most beautiful villa… and the best thing of all? It is not as expensive as you might think! 

Best Hotels and Hostels 

($) Dream Village Beach Resort & Cabanas A hostel on the beach. Perfect for surfers! 

($$) Scandinavia Hotel: Nice hotel by the beach with a private pool! 

($$$) Riff Hikkaduwa: Beautiful 5-star hotel by the beach with an amazing pool. 

Other great places to surf in Sri Lanka

Unawatuna: still on the southwest coast, Unawatuna Bay offers a more family surfing destination. It offers waves equal to those found in Hikkaduwa minus the hectic nightlife. The locals in the area will guide you to where the best swells are located. 

Watch out for these spots

Unawatuna Beach Break – Great beginner waves

Dalawella Reef – a left breaker over a reef with coral, rocks, and urchins.

Bonavista Bay – A good learner’s wave 

Kabalana Beach Break – great for beginners, but there are no lifeguards.

South Beach – good longboard waves. 

Weligama offers excellent waves all year round and is a preferred destination for beginner and intermediate surfers. There are one big 2km main beach and many little hidden ones along the bay—plenty of surf schools and places with boards for rent.

Midigama: A little north of Weligama, with three high points. It offers something for experts of all kinds, barrels, short tight waves, and lots of laughs. 

Mirissa Bay: this is mainly for intermediate and advanced surfers.

Arugam Bay: a surfing gem and a favorite amongst many. It is best visited between April – September when the rest of the island suffers great monsoons. You’ll find blue skies and steady waves, and lots of people to share your experiences with.

Elephant Rock – a beautiful beach, best for beginners and adventurous to reach. 

Baby Point and Main Point – one for the babies and one for the adults.

Pottuvil and Whisky Point – all for experts.

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best hikkaduwa surf

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