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Most Beautiful Rooftop Bars in Beirut

Beirut is one of my favourite cities in the Middle East. I love the culture, the people, the romance and the history of the city. When visiting Beirut you will want to make the most of the beautiful panoramas, the sea views, the great wine (or cocktails) and nice weather. And where better to do that than on a rooftop terrace or in a rooftop bar? That is why I have put together a list of the best rooftop bars in Beirut. 

Have you visited any of these bars? Let me know in the comments what you thought! 

best rooftop bars beirut iris

Iris is a trendy bar offering a variety of cocktails accompanied by breathtaking views of the ocean. The setting is relaxed, the contemporary kind where everything is stylish, from the furniture to the food, and you’ll find everyone from people popping in for post work drinks to social media celebrities. It’s ideal to catch the sunset and watch the city light up. You will usually find groovy music, and live bands on Sunday and Thursday nights. Everything will be on point here, from the presentation of dishes, the atmosphere to the drinks.

Cherry on the Rooftop

There are many things to look forward to seeing here, apart from the stunning views of the Beirut mountains and sea. Cherry offers an infinity glass pool and comfortable couches or high tables to lounge in. The bar offers amazing finger food, including sushi and a novel selection of drinks to choose from. The weekdays offer relaxed tunes to kick back to, while the weekends bring a place to life, inclusive of live entertainment. The colorfully fruity art at the entrance will show you why this place is called “Cherry on the Rooftop”.

Skybar Beirut

best rooftop bars beirut skybar

At SKYBAR you’re sure to find state of the art club technology, offering you the best of the nightlife in Beirut. It is one of the best places to put your dancing shoes on with even internationally renowned names coming here to shake the crowds. It is located in the Beirut New Waterfront and accommodates a whopping 2500 people, making it the party central in the summer. The decorations are futuristic, quite out of this world and unimaginable to be found on a rooftop. This is one of those places to see and be seen.

Dirty Laundry Rooftop Bar Beirut

best rooftop bars beirut dirty laundry

If you ever feel like you need to relax, unwind, and take some weight off your shoulders, head on over here. Found on the busy street Mar Mikhael, this place combines good design with a casual atmosphere while unfailingly plating up some delicious fusion dishes. You will find Mexican, Italian, and French to choose from. Modern, hip and comforting, it definitely brings a twist to the usual lounge experience. With views of the mountains to soothe you, pair it with good friends to release some tension and air out some dirty laundry!

Caprice Rooftop Bar

best rooftop bars beirut caprice

Caprice is bound to gift you a night to remember. Its design, free flowing and unrestricted, shapes its function, allowing guests to take the night in any direction they want. Whether it be a casual catchup with a friend over a good meal or whether you’re looking for a full out night of dancing, Caprice will satisfy. They will also be able to accommodate around 700 people, transforming even the most mundane night into something extraordinary. Whether you know what kind of night you’re in the mood for, or whether you need to let fate leads the way, Caprice is a sure bet.

Jackie On The Roof

If you’re looking for something out of the norm, head to Jackie – O. Very fresh to the bar scenery in Beirut, this young one promises to bring authentic cocktails, gourmet finger food such as “spicy edamame”, “Truffle potato”, and “Dynamite shrimp”, enveloped in an arty vibe. It is located on the port side of Saifi and assures it will provide a lounging experience different to the rest. People have nominated it for great music including live bands. You won’t be disappointed, whether you’re just looking for a place to lounge the evening away, with a great cocktail in your hand, or whether you’re looking for a place to warm up for the night to come. 

Capitole Rooftop Bar Beirut

Located in the heart of the city, Capitole is the place for many. Looking for a bar? A club lounge? Great views? Capitole has it all. It is sophisticated and subdued, in the sense that even with its uplifting music, the surrounding lights and views of the famous Ottoman-inspired Mohammad Al-Amin Mosque can instill calmness in anyone. You’ll be able to admire the beauty of Beirut along with mesmerizing cocktails on your hand, such as their signature Spritz, featuring white wine, Cointreau, blueberry, strawberry, ginger ale, basil, and Arabic gum. Nothing more intriguing than having an unexpected twist to your favourite cocktail. 

Coop d’Etat

best rooftop bars beirut coop detat

Head over here to experience the alternative side of Beirut. Coop d’Etat prides itself on being different, but still manages to provide its visitors exactly what they want. With views of the port of Beirut and the sky painted all kinds of beautiful during sunset, people can linger around, drink in hand, as dusk sets in, with nothing to do but enjoy good company and great food to the sound of uplifting music. The unpretentious setting makes sure the atmosphere is always relaxed, the crowd it attracts is easy going and they even play jazz and 80s classics sometimes. 

Centrale Beirut Rooftop Bar

This is not your everyday bar, located in an early 20th century traditional house, it houses a restaurant on the ground floor and the bar on the first. Whichever time of the year you visit, you’ll be greeted by a blooming garden, the gardenias and honeysuckle are treated with as much love as their guests are. The restaurant hosts an impressive wine cellar, holding more than 1500 bottles. The chef serves up delectable French cuisine, prepared with seasonal produce. Dinner or drinks can be enjoyed at the bar, accompanied by lounge music and famed DJs, varying each night, playing tunes and grooves. The retractable roof ensures the perfect atmosphere regardless of the season or weather. 

Stairway Rooftop Bar Beirut

best rooftop bars beirut stairway

Stairway will lead you right up to that state called ‘chill’. A beautiful place found on the roof of a traditional Lebanese house, it is laid back, welcoming, full of greenery and smiles all around. Being in the heart of the city means it is ideal for catching up with friends after work, having a celebration or listening to some live music. The atmosphere is always cheery, with great drinks and tasty food keeping people coming back for more. It doesn’t call for being overly dressed up or fancy, just bring yourself and your love for life.

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