How to get from Paris to Épernay – Train, Bus and Car

Heading off from the hustle and bustle of Paris to the serene vineyards of Épernay is easier than you might think. Whether you fancy a swift train ride, a leisurely bus trip, or the freedom of the open road, getting from Paris to Épernay is as easy as booking a car, bus ticket or train ticket.

To help you get from Paris to Epernay, I’ll take you through the ins and outs of trading the city lights for the sparkle of champagne.

Paris to Épernay by train

One of the best ways to get from Paris to Epernay is by train. Train travel in France is surprisingly easy! Here is a guide on ways to travel via train from Paris to Epernay, how to buy a ticket and other questions you might want answered before making the trip down to the Champagne region.

Is there a direct train from Paris to Épernay?

Yes, there are direct trains from Paris to Epernay and back. The train is probably one of the most convenient ways to travel between Paris and Epernay. It also offers a very scenic route through the beautiful French countryside which is a great plus!

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How long does it take to travel from Paris to Epernay by train?

The train journey from Paris to Epernay takes about 1 hour and 12 minutes and 1 hour and 22 minutes. The longest journey time is 1h44 minutes. These times can vary slightly depending on what train service you choose. You can always check prices and timetables for these trains on Omio.

What are the Paris to Épernay train times and schedule?

A Paris to Epernay train on the tracks.

Trains from Paris to Épernay are scheduled throughout the day. I cannot provide you with a detailed schedule as these schedules tend to change throughout the year. I would recommend checking the schedule on the website of the SNCF or to check Omio for up-to-date time-tables. Here are some key details I did want to share: 

  • First and last trains: on weekdays the first train from Paris to Epernay leaves at around 6 am. The last train usually leaves around 21:30. There is a train to Épernay every hour. 
  • Frequency: the trains between Paris and Epernay are very frequent! There is one direct train an hour and there are several other trains per hour which include one connection. Plenty of choice! 

How much is the train ticket from Paris to Épernay?

A train ticket from Paris to Epernay is not too expensive. This makes train travel a very affordable option to travel between Paris and the Champagne region. Generally speaking a train ticket is about €18 to €25. This will depend on the class and how far ahead you have booked. In France the rule of thumb is to book ahead as far as possible to get the most discount!

You can check websites such as Omio for ticket prices.

When should you book your train tickets from Paris to Épernay?

I would personally advise you to book train tickets in France as soon as possible. My husband and I travel between CDG airport and Bordeaux Saint Jean at least twice a year and we book our train the same day we book our flights just to make sure we have the cheapest possible tickets. The same will be true for booking tickets from Paris to Epernay. Another great thing is that if you book your tickets early the price difference between first class and economy will be very small so you might even bag yourself a cheeky upgrade!

Which train companies operate between Paris and Épernay?

A narrow street lined with buildings, leading from Paris to Epernay.

The two train services runing between Paris and Epernay are SNCF and TGV. They are from the same company but the TGV is a lot faster than the SNCF service. If the price difference is negligable, I would always opt for the TGV service.

Is there a high-speed train from Paris to Épernay?

Yes! The TGV inOui is the high-speed train from Paris to Epernay. This is the fastest way to travel between both cities by train. As mentioned before, I would really recommend booking ticktes beforehand to bag yourself some cheap TGV tickets!

Which Paris train station goes to Épernay?

All trains from Paris arriving at Epernay will leave from Paris Gare de l’Est. This station generally connects Paris with the East of the country. From here you can take a direct train which takes 1h 22m. 

Trains to Épernay depart from Paris Gare de l’Est, conveniently connecting travelers from the heart of Paris to the charming town of Épernay.

Paris to Épernay by Bus

The cheapest way to get from Paris to Epernay is the bust. The tickets cost less than athe train… but this comes at a cost. Buses are known to often be delayed. Schedules can vary depending on the time when you leave Paris and your day of travel. Another reason why taking the bus from Paris to Epernay is not the best option is because these buses don’t actualy stop in Epernay. The bus will stop at Reims station from where you have to take a local train to Epernay. If you are really looking for the absolute cheapest option to get to the Champagne region I would take the bus, if you still have a bit left in your budget I would always opt for the fast train to Epernay. 

Are there direct buses from Paris to Épernay?

Yes there are direct busses to Epernay. The direct bus costs as little as €7 and gets you to the Champagne region in about 2h 05m depending on traffic.

How long does the bus from Paris to Épernay take?

A narrow street in Paris connecting to Epernay.

The bus journey from Paris to Épernay takes about 2 hours. This will obviously depend on traffic. The average journey takes 2h 35 minutes if you leave during rush hour.

How much is a bus ticket from Paris to Épernay?

Bus tickets from Paris to Épernay do not require reservation and are cheaper than taking the train. However, prices vary according to the day and I would still recommend booking a bus ticket beforehand to make sure you have a seat. Fares are available on websites such as Omio. The cheapest train tickets start at €7 through BlaBlaBus while the more expensive tickets will set you back €13. Although they do not require a reservation, booking tickets is cheaper in advance.

When should you buy bus tickets from Paris to Épernay?

Again, I would really recommend booking tickets for the bus as early as possible. Expect to pay between €7 and €13 when you book your ticket online. You can find the schedule of the bus on Omio or BusBud

What bus companies travel between Paris and Épernay?

There are several bus companies that operate between Paris and Epernay. You can choose between BlaBlaBus and Flix Bus. I have taken both busses in France and they are overall okay. I would not call them very comfortable – but I would definately book them again on my next trip.

Where does the bus from Paris to Épernay leave from in Paris?

A green bus with the Eiffel Tower in the background, traveling from Paris to Epernay.

Buses from Paris to Épernay leave from various stops. If you are leaving from the Centre of Paris your bus will leave from Quai de Bercy. It is near the outskirts of Paris with the nearest metro station being Cour Saint-Émilion. These buses operate every day.

Where does the bus from Paris to Épernay arrive in Épernay?

Sadly there are no buses that arieve in Epernay exactly. Buses arrive at the station of Reims. From here you can take a train to Epernay. This means you will ultimately arive at Epernay station.

Paris to Épernay by Car

Another great way to travel between Paris and Epernay is by car. The driving distance between Paris and Epernay is about 144 km. The journey takes about 1h 30 minutes without too much traffic but can take a lot longer when leaving Paris during rush hour. To help you decide wether driving down to Epernay from Paris is the option for you, I have compiled some information to consider.

Best route from Paris to Épernay by car

The best route from Paris to Épernay is via the A4 motorway. This motorway is very well-maintained and it offers a direct connection between Paris and the Champagne region. Do make sure to have a credit card or some change at hand as the A4 motorway is a toll way! That being said, driving down from Paris to Epernay offers amazing views of the French countryside!

An old red car driving from Paris to Epernay down a country road.

How far is Épernay from Paris?

Épernay is about 144 km from Paris depending on where your journey starts. 

Are there toll roads between Épernay and Paris?

Yes, there are toll roads between Épernay and Paris. I would, however, recommend taking these toll roads as they are always well-maintained and great motorways. Not taking the toll road will often mean adding a lot more kilometres and time to your journey (trust me, I tried it and it was not the best decision I ever made)

Where to rent a car in Paris?

If you have a look on you will see that there are quite a few rental options for those who would prefer to pick up a car in the centre of Paris. There are also some options for a car to be dropped off at your hotel which could well be the easiest option.

How much does it cost to rent a car to travel from Paris to Épernay?

The cost of a rental car in Paris will depend on the car you rent and of course the days you want to rent the car. I have seen rental cars for as little as $40 a day or as much as $80. I would recommend trying to secure a rental car as soon as possible when you decide to head to the Champagne region by car.

Where to stop on a road trip from Paris to Épernay?

When you are on a road trip from Paris to Épernay you can take some amazing stops at small charming towns and cities in the French countryside and the Champagne region. I would recommend having a look at the following towns: 

  • Reims
  • Coulommiers (beautiful medieval houses)
  • Montmirail (Lovely castle!)
  • Blancs Coteaux (Beautiful vineyards)
  • Conde en brie (Beautiful medieval town)

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