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Looking for the best restaurants in Epernay

Then you are in the right place! 

Epernay is also known as the heart of the Champagne region. This little town has quite a few amazing restaurants, and I am very excited to talk about my all time favourites

After an amazing champagne tasting tour you might want to head out for a nice meal or a luxury dinner. To help you decide what restaurants to book during your trip to Épernay, I have put together a list of the absolute best restaurants in town. I have included both budget restaurants and restaurants with a Michelin star or a mention in le Bib Gourmand. 

Hungry? Read on to discover my top recommendations for the best restaurants in Épernay! 

⏳ Travelling to Champagne and short on time?

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🗺️ Experiences: Getyourguide (tours), Viator (tours), and Rue des Vignerons (specialises in wine tastings and tours).

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Best Cheap Restaurants in Epernay

Let’s be honest, a trip to the Champagne region can be pretty expensive. From tours to tastings at champagne houses, it does leave a dent in your wallet. To help you keep costs low, here are some places to eat that won’t break the bank but still offer some of the best dining experiences within their budget!

La Taverne 

📍 Address: Avenue Jean Jaures, 51200, Épernay | 🍝 Cuisine: French | 💰 Price Range: €8.9 – €13.9

Amazing traditional French food. Small but perfectly put together menu. Quick and efficient service. They offered spag Bol for our daughter, which wasn’t on the menu. Highly recommend a visit. Would return in a heartbeat!
– Review by Y250VJrachelj from UK

A plate of french fries and meat with a card on it.

La Taverne is a charming little restaurant which offers bar, bistro and brasserie experiences all under one roof. The restaurant is known for its traditional french cuisine. I would recommend giving their home-made french fries a try. You know that I, as a Belgian, am not always easy to please, but these are honestly great. 

In addition to great food they also offer a large selection of high quality wines and champagnes. You can pair these with their plat du jour. This is a dish that changes daily and is often offered at a reasonable price. 

In terms of pricing – prices for a set menu start at €13.9 which is crazy cheap. A la carte options start at €8.9. Do work up an appetite though as the portions are pretty generous!

Chez Ali

📍 Address: 27 Rue de la Fauvette, 51200, Épernay | 🍝 Cuisine: Moroccan, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern | 💰 Price Range: €7 and above

Never had this cuisine before so we thought we would give it a try. Good decision for sure! Very nice atmosphere. Many many menu options. Service very good. Our server even suggested a Moroccan wine with dinner and we loved it! Food was amazing and plentiful so make sure you go there hungry! Not as spicy as we would of thought at the beginning. Prices very reasonable also.
– Review by CJ4UNME from California

A plate of Maroccan food on a table.

Another restaurant that should not be missing for the list of the best restaurants in Epernay is Chez Ali. This restaurant offers a modern twist to middle-eastern and Moroccan food. It explores the vibrand cultures and traditions of Marocco with deishes such as Harira or Zaalook

Some other items on the menu you should have a look at are the Salade Marocaine at 7 euro and of course the grilled meats and plethora of delicious tajines. 

If you are into Moroccan food, then Chez Ali is definately a restaurant you should visit. To me, they provide a really welcome break to the classic French dishes mostly found in the region making it one of my favourite places to eat in Épernay.

Restaurant Cook’In

📍 Address: 18 Rue Porte Lucas, 51200 Épernay | 🍝 Cuisine: Asian / Traditional | 💰 Price Range: €12 – €25

Absolutely delicious meal on our last night in France. We loved the Tom Yam soup and tapas starters and the prawn curry and pork main dishes. Super bottle of Riesling too. Highly recommend.
– Review by Tracy F

A dessert with ice cream and sauce on a plate.

I absolutely LOVE thai food! If you do too, then Cook’In should be on your list of restaurants to visit on your trip to Epernay. Cook’In offers both French and Thai dishes and has a great wine list including local wines and world-renowned champagnes

Cook’In is located in the heart of the city so it will only be a short walk from your Epernay hotel. The menu of this restaurant brings together my two favourite culinary worlds. A weekday lunch menu ranges from €12 to €22, and the a la carte menu is priced between €12 and €25. If you are travelling with kids you will be happy to hear there is a special menu for the kids at €12.5.

Find out more on their website

Best mid-tier restaurants in Epernay, Champagne region 

If you love food as much as I do, you will absolutely adore the following restaurants. Although I do love the budget options I have mentioned above, there are some restaurants in Epernay that are great but that are a bit more on the pricier side. If one of the restaurants below tickles your fancy I would book your table in advance as these are very popular restaurants.

La Grillade Gourmande 

📍 Address: 16 Rue de Reims, 51200, Épernay, France | 🍝 Cuisine: French, European | 💰 Price Range: €14 – €69

One of our favourite restaurants in Epernay. The food is always good and the staff are terrific. Good food accompanied by impressive wine/champagne list – what more could one ask for. Looking forward to next year already!!
Review by 619kenw

A plate with a piece of fish and sauce on it.

One of the best restaurants in epernay is hands down La Grillade Gourmande. They offer french food and wine in an elegant dining experience. The menu itself showcases some of the best seasonal ingredients and their wine list offers the best champagne of the region. 

Sure, when we look a the menu we notices that the prices are on the higher side, but I do think this is merited. They offer a variety of freshly made dishes. Most of the ingredients used are actually very expensive such as the Foie Gras and the lobster in the Rouelles de Homard et Escalope de Foie Gras Chaud Grillée which to me is a steal at € 29. 

They also offer sea food – think of the scallops in Champagne at € 29 or if you are more into meat you can order the Pluma de Pata Négra for € 26. As you can see, these are very old-fashioned expensive ingredients that are – in my opinion, offered at a very reasonable price! 

You can find more information on their website

La Cave à Champagne

📍 Address: 16 Rue Gambetta, 51200 Épernay | 🍝 Cuisine: French | 💰 Price Range: €23 – €28

Great value menu “sympa”. Gaspacho with burrata, Guinea fowl supreme with dauphinoise and a plate of Régional cheese for dessert. This place could easily be dismissed as a tourist trap but the quality of the food was surprisingly high for the price. Worth a visit if in Epernay.
– Review by 103ClaireD

A dessert with caramel sauce and a raspberry on a plate.

If you’re out and about in Épernay and in the moode for some authentic French cuisine, you’ve got to check out La Cave à Champagne. This restaurant has been around since 1993, thanks to Chef Bernard Ocio. Now his son Alexandre is keeping this amazing place alive. 

One of the reasons why I love La Cave à Champagne so much is because they mostly work with independent wine and champagne makers. Sure, you will be able to get a glass of Chandon at almost every restaurant in Epernay, but La Cave à Champagne offers incredibly good boutique and small-batch champagnes at great prices. 

When it comes to the food, they offer a “Menu Sympa” for €27. The restaurant is also family-friendly. They offer 50% discount on kid-sized portions of their dishes.

You can find more informatin on their website

Au Petit Fourneau

📍 Address: 31 rue de l’Hopital Auban Moet, 51200, Epernay | 🍝 Cuisine: French, European | 💰 Price Range: € 15- € 30

The food is not fine dining, but in the best way possible. Perfect for a relaxed night out or a small bite to eat. Amazing price quality wise (About € 50 for 2 people with a starter, main and glass of champagne/wine).
And last but certainly not least, the owner was unbelievably friendly. Everything with a smile and a joke. 10/10 would recommend if you’re not looking for fine dining but a good plate of regional food that’s simple but delicious.

– Review by Kevilend from Belgium

A plate topped with rice and meat on a table.

Last but not least I wanted to include Au Petit Fourneau on the list. The name literally means ”in the little oven”. This cosy restaurant serves tasty regional cuisine and good french wine. The restaurant has a very rustic charm that honestly makes you feel at ease right away. 

The signature dish in this restaurant is a baked potato. It comes with lots of toppings and a rich cheesy sauce that is just out of this world. If you are up for trying something more traditional you can also try one of their other delicious dishes including Ris de Veau with a forest sauce or a matured entrecote. They even have a special chef’s menu which is a steal at € 20.

You can find more information on their website

Best luxury restaurants in Epernay, Champagne Region

Looking for michelin starred restaurants in Epernay? You are in luck! There are quite a few michelin restaurants in the area serving both modern french and classic french dishes. If you are looking for a true luxury or fine dining experience, this is the list of restaurants to check out.

L’Orangerie – Restaurant du Château d’Etoges

📍 Address: 4 rue de Richebourg, 51270 Etoges | 🍝 Cuisine: French, European | 💰 Price Range: €58 – €95

Eight of us opted for the gourmet experience, with complimentary wines. We had a super meal, although possibly all of the courses together were a little too much. Service was impeccable and the food of the highest order. Cannot wait to go back.
– Review by Critical

A white plate with a lobster on it.

L’Orangerie in the Château d’Etoges is honestly something straight out of a fairy tail. It is located in the orangerie of a beautiful 17th-century castle, surrounded by the lush greenery of a park. 

The restaurant is known for its amazing French cuisine. They have various different menus to choose from. You have a Menu Saveurs” priced at €58, which includes an entrée, a main dish, and a dessert. And if you want to go all out, there’s the “Menu Gourmet” which comes at €85

This restaurant is perfect for a special occasion or a romantic dinner. And if you would like you can even stay the night in thos gorgeous castle hotel in the Champagne region.

More information can be found on their website

Symbiose Restaurant Epernay

📍 Address: 5, rue de Reims, 51200 Epernay | 🍝 Cuisine: French, Creative | 💰 Price Range: €28 – €70

I can not rate this place enough. The food was unbelievable. Michelin quality. My wife and I have eaten in many many places with stars (it’s our hobby to save and go). This place was on par with a few of them. Value for money is brilliant. If you come to Epernay before it gets a star, come and grab a bargain in gastronomy.
-Review by matthewrU1477IT

Symbiose in Épernay is where food meets art. This Michelin rated restaurant is run by Justine and Maxime. The restaurant serves modern french cuisine with a twist.

The restaurant also offers quite a few menus to choose from. For instance, you can get two starters, a main, and cheese or dessert for €54. There’s also a more extensive menu at €70, and a simpler one at €28 if you prefer a lighter meal.

The food here is inventive, always playing with flavors in a way that’s both exciting and comforting. It’s a great spot for a unique dining experience in Épernay, combining a relaxed vibe with some seriously good cooking.

You can find more information on their website

Why Not restaurant in Epernay

📍 Address: 5 Place Pierre Mendès, 51200 Epernay | 🍝 Cuisine: French, European | 💰 Price Range: €15 – €32

What a pleasent surprise. Both our starters and mains (1 vegitarian each) were extremely tasty und quite big. I need to blame myself for ordering a dessert upfront without waiting until I finished my main. Friendly and attentive staff. The wine recommondations were excellent.
If you plan to stay in Epernay this restaurant should be on top of your list (reservations necessary)

– Review by JogM M from Cape Town South Africa

A white plate with fruit and desserts on it.

Why Not is a restaurant in the Champagne town of Epernay where Chef Alexandre serves you magic on a plate. He is an expert in French dishes with a twist. The food at Why Not is known to be fresh, regionally sourced and just full of flavours.

The menu at this fine dining restaurant includes a perfectly cooked Confit de Canar with linguine pasta and truffle sauce and a very delicate beef tartare. It is the regional and fresh ingredients that make these dishes shine. 

I would also like to mention the wine and champagne list at Why Not restaurant as the wines are all carefully chosen by the chef. The wines complement the flavours of each dish perfectly and I would recommend asking for some recommendations based on your menu choices. 

Whit prices ranging from €15 to €32, this restaurant is not going to break the bank. Yet you can expect excellent service and a gourmet experience, whether you are on a romantic date or having an indulgent dinner with frients.

You can find more information on their website

Does Epernay have Michelin-rated restaurants? 

Epernay does not currently have any Michelin-starred restaurant but it has quite a few restaurants that are listed on the website of Michelin. These restaurants include 

  • Symbiose 
  • Cook’In 
  • La Grillade Gourmande 
  • Le Theatre

What are the best restaurants for families in Épernay?

When it comes to family friendly restaurants in Epernay, I would recommend Restaurant Cook’In, La Taverne and A La Fleur de Sel.

What are some good restaurants in Epernay near Avenue de Champagne? 

Most places on or near Avenue de Champagne are Champagne bars or Champagne houses. There are, however, some great restaurants in walking distance, cush as Chez Max, La Grillade Gourmande, Why Not and Symbiose.

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