10 Unique Airbnbs in Boulogne Sur Mer You Need to Book Now

Fancy a nice long weekend by the sea, but yearning for a new place to discover without the masses of tourists? Then Boulogne sur Mer is the place for you! This French coastal town is not only a great base to discover the beautiful Opal Coast, but there is also plenty to do in the city itself. I have put together a list of the 15 best Airbnbs in Boulogne sur Mer.

best airbnb boulogne sur mer petit paris

A gorgeous Haussmann-styled apartment, this is a wonderful Airbnb in Boulogne Sur Mer with and interior design created to charm you. The apartment includes a furnished kitchen, two bathrooms, a bedroom with a closet, a Smart TV, WIFI, and much more. The name of this Airbnb derives from “little Paris” where the design replicates authentic French beauties in a warm atmosphere, making a perfect Airbnb in Boulogne Sur Mer. The Airbnb is also close to restaurants, bars, and shops for entertainment. It is also a 5 minute walk to the port, beach and the Nausicaä which is the largest aquarium in Europe.

2. Quiet, Neat Decor and Terrace in the City Center

best airbnb boulogne sur mer neat decor terasse
  1. Located in the center of the city, this Airbnb is perfect for those wanting to travel Boulogne Sur Mer on foot. Location wise it is just a 5 minute walk to the old town, and is just a few steps from Casa du General San Martin. For an Airbnb in Boulogne Sur Mer, the apartment is quite spacious, spanning for 43m2 as a studio cabin equipped for 2 to 4 people. A beautiful private terrace is also available. This apartment comes with a furnished kitchen, bathrooms, a small bedroom cabin with a double bed, a convertible sofa fit for 2 people, and a washing machine.

3. Comfortable accommodation 150m from Nausicaa and Beach

Another wonderful Airbnb located in the heart of Boulogne, it is 150m away from Nausicaa and the beach. The place is equipped with a fully furnished kitchen, a bedroom with a double bed, two convertible sofas, a dining room, a TV, a bathroom, and some games. If you’re a traveller, this Airbnb in Boulogne Sur Mer is perfect for getting to the points of interest like the beach and Nausicaä easily. One thing to be wary about however is the ladder that is a bit rickety, and might pose problems for the elderly and children. Overall however, this location is a great place to stay!

4. Boulogne-sur-Mer Cozy Apartment With View

  1. An Airbnb that was just recently renovated at the start of 2020, this place has all the necessities for you to have a wonderful time at Boulogne Sur Mer. It is also located at the gorgeous landscape of the Opal Coast, and is near many delicious restaurants to cater to your hunger. The apartment itself has a fully furnished kitchen, and has a breath-taking view of Boulogne Sur Mer and the sea. Other highlights of the place are the wonderful toilets, bathrooms, washing machines, and elegant rooms. Bus stops are just 2 minutes away from the location, and the highlight of this place is the ability to enjoy the beautiful views of the French and English Coasts of Boulogne Sur Mer.

5. Cozy Apartment Between Port and City Center

  1. Looking for a relaxing place to stay while having walking distance to many points of interests? This place is a perfect Airbnb in Boulogne Sur Mer which is within walking distance to the port, beach, Liane, Nausicaä, the town centre, and more. The apartment has a bedroom, a living room with a sofa, a TV, WIFI, and a fully furnished kitchen, and a well-equipped bathroom. To top it all off, there is a balcony with a beautiful view of the port for some relaxation. This Airbnb is simply a great place to enjoy scenic views with ease of access all around Boulogne Sur Mer.

6. Apartment With Terrace At The Doors Of Nausicaa

best airbnb boulogne sur mer roof terrace

What seems like a simple apartment turned out to be something elegant and refined, this place has a beautiful interior design to accommodate your weary selves after a day of travelling. It has a beautiful terrace overlooking the sea for you to enjoy. Location wise, it is a wonderful Airbnb in Boulogne Sur Mer with ease of access to Nausicaä. The apartment can fit up to 4 people and it consists of a bedroom that opens onto the terrace with a queen sized bed. It also has a living room with a convertible sofa and a fully equipped kitchen. This is an overall beautiful Airbnb to stay at if you’re looking to stay near Nausicaa.

7. Cozy Appt Located in the Old Town With Garden

best airbnb boulogne sur mer garden terrace
  1. Located in the centre of old town, this apartment is tucked in a quiet residence for those wanting to enjoy some peace and relaxation. The kitchen is fully equipped and also includes a coffee maker and a Malongo pod machine, quite a unique aspect! There is a bedroom overlooking the terrace, a living room, sofa, TV, WIFI, and a beautiful private garden for outdoor barbeques. Travellers can also find ease of access to the Belfry, the Castle Museum, the Promenade, and Nausicaä. You can also get to the beach in 10 minutes by walking; this is simply one of the best Airbnb in Boulogne Sur Mer.

8. A day at the sea

  1. A great way to describe this Airbnb is bright, cheerful, and cosy, with a quiet and bright view of the garden and the cathedral. You can visit the old town, the port, and the town centre on foot, giving it a strategic location as well. One advantage this place has is the option to rent electrics bikes from the tourist office to enhance your travels with some interactive biking while exploring Boulogne Sur Mer. Wonderful restaurants also surround the location to satisfy your hunger if needed. Overall, this is a great and diverse location for an Airbnb in Boulogne Sur Mer.

9. Very Nice Sunny Apartment and Terrace

  1. This apartment can fit up to 4 people at once, and has a very cosy atmosphere. The location is walking distance to the central station. You can also go to Nausicaa by foot and is a wonderful place to stay if you are looking to travel to the main attractions of Boulogne Sur Mer. You can also visit the castle museum, the banks of the Liana, the port, the beach, the markets, and the town centre all near the location of the Airbnb. This apartment is a simpler and cheaper alternative if you are looking for a cosy place to stay for a cheaper price compared to other Airbnbs. It satisfies the need for a good night’s rest while being strategically located, enabling you to travel to your heart’s content in Boulogne Sur Mer.

10. The Maison d'Hautefeuille

best airbnb boulogne sur mer city house

A luxurious townhouse that can fit up to 8 people at once, this Airbnb in Boulogne Sur Mer is great for those travelling in groups. It sports 4 bedrooms, 6 beds, and 2 baths, with a fully furnished kitchen as well. The location also is of historical significance as the residence dates back the 18th century, deriving from the architectural heritage of the Fortified City. A courtyard, terrace, and a washing machine are also included with a total of two floors in this spacious yet luxurious town house. Location wise, it is located in the heart of Old Town, and is close to several lovely restaurants.

11. House facing the sea with Magnificent Sunsets

best airbnb boulogne sur mer sea view

Another large town house alternative, this house can fit up to 9 guests with a total of 9 beds, a large living room, office, TV, furnished kitchen, and washing machine. You can get to the see, Nausicaä, beach, and access to water sports just 2 minutes away by foot. It is also close by to the medieval old town, cathedral, and castle museum. You can also enjoy magnificent sunsets on the edge of the Opal Coast, making your stay one to remember. The views of this Airbnb makes it a worthwhile stay as you bask in the comfortable ambience of nature with all your families and friends, simply a perfect Airbnb in Boulogne Sur Mer if you are travelling in a large group.

12. The Terraces of Falaise Boulonnaise

  1. A modern apartment with a wonderful view of the port via a terrace located in the apartment, this place is a beautiful alternative to the quieter locations. Outdoor furniture is include with the terrace and the view of the port of Boulogne Sur Mer is great when it is sunny, as you can bask in the beauty of the area just from the terrace itself. The beach is also just a few steps away, and this location is perfect for external activities such as close access to the casino, mini golf, Nausicaä, beach, cathedral, museum, fish market, cinema, shopping districts, and many restaurants waiting to quench your hunger.

13. Les Gites de Marie in the heart of the Old Town 3c

best airbnb boulogne sur mer gite
  1. Location is close to the Gites de Marie and located in the centre of the Old Town of Boulogne, this place is just a two minutes’ walk away from the Notre Dame Basilica which is a famous landmark of France. The apartment is equipped with a kitchen, a living room, and a TV. The interior design of the apartment is truly a homey one, aiming for a more comfortable atmosphere rather than a luxurious one. Once you step in the apartment, you will definitely feel at home with the vibrant interior design and the welcoming furniture. A great Airbnb in Boulogne Sur Mer to make you feel like you have a second home.

14. Beach House Beachfront Holidays

  1. A large house that can fit 7 guests, the uniqueness of this place is its immediate access of a sea view. Comfort is its highlight and its direct access to the sea unlocks many activities such as canoeing, circuits, hiking, and sand yachting where you can enjoy the sea at any time. You can find many wonderful restaurants, oyster bars, and beach bars near the area, and there are simply a multitude of things to do at the sea. To wrap it all up, if you are looking for a lovely house that is situated on the beach to bask in all of its beauty, then this is the place for you.

15. Charm Near Sea, Forest, Shops, Nausicaa

best airbnb boulogne sur mer castle
  1. A large Airbnb in Boulogne Sur Mer that can fit 11 guests with 5 bedrooms. The accommodation is located with tons of greenery, and has a classic interior design. The beds and rooms itself are simple and cosy, and the building is located directly at the side building of the castle which makes for a beautiful view. The apartment is spacious as it can fit up to 11 guests, and utensils such as a barbeque, picnic table, and cutlery are provided if you are looking to do those activities. Do stay here if you are looking to experience a travel back in time while basking in the beautiful nature of Boulogne Sur Mer. You will definitely feel refreshed after spending time on such a comfortable location.
15 best airbnbs in boulogne sur mer
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  1. Stumbled upon this article while planning a trip to Boulogne Sur Mer and these Airbnbs sound fab! Particularly interested in the one with a terrace overlooking the sea – sounds like a dream.

  2. The one with the terrace overlooking the sea caught my eye – the idea of waking up to such a view sounds absolutely divine. I’m curious, though, how easy is it to get around Boulogne Sur Mer from these locations? Is public transport readily available, or would renting a car be a better option?

    1. The city is quite accessible, and most of the Airbnbs listed are conveniently located, making it easy to explore on foot, especially if you’re staying in the city center. Public transport is available, with buses serving the main areas, though it may not cover all tourist spots comprehensively. If you plan to explore the surrounding areas of the Opal Coast or prefer more flexibility, renting a car would indeed be a good option. Hope this helps, and have a fantastic trip!

  3. Máquina caça-níqueis

    Just stumbled upon your article on Airbnbs in Boulogne Sur Mer – what a fantastic find! I’m particularly drawn to ‘Le Petit Paris’ with its Haussmann-style design and close proximity to the beach and Nausicaä.

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