Uncorking Calais: Where to Stock Up on Your Favorite Wines in CalaisUncorking Calais:

Are you looking to buy wine in Calais? Want to get some last-minute cheap alcohol before you board the train in the Chunnel or the Ferry? You are in luck! There are some great places in Calais where you can buy your wine. In this blog post I will explain where to buy wine in Calais and what superstores and supermarkets in Calais sell the best wine! We answer questions such as where to buy cheap alcohol in bulk and where to get the best bear deals in Calais.

Get ready to board that Booze Cruise to buy litres of wine in Calais, because this is how and where to buy the best Calais wine! 

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BREXIT UPDATE: New customs rules say they can bring back 24 bottles of wine per person and 12 bottles of sparkling wine; plus 42 litres of beer. 

where to buy wine in calais

Do you want to buy litres of wine in Calais? There are a number of wine merchants that cater especially to British tourists looking to buy Calais Wine. Where to buy cheap alcohol in bulk? Here! These wine warehouses offer cheap wine in bulk. The shops mentioned below offer a wide range of wines – but you will need to do your research before buying! I will explain why below.

Pidou Superstores

UPDATE: Pidou Superstores might be temporarily closed. 

Pidou Superstores is another great alternative to buy high quality wine and spirits in Calais. This shop offers buyers from the UK great alcohol deals. Cheap wines can be pre ordered online at Pidou Calais and have a competitive price compared to other supermarkets and wine merchants. When you preorder cheap wines, you order will definitely be ready for pick up when you arrive at Pidou Calais. There are tons different kinds of alcohol at Pidou Calais, however a noteworthy tip is to order in bulk as Pidou Calais has special discounts when you do so. Although the prices are competitive at Pidou Calais, some items such as beers or even sparkling wine are cheaper in the regular supermarkets. Pidou Calais also offers a free ferry and Chanel tunnel crossing service if you are looking to do so. Overall Pidou Calais offers a great price with a large selection of alcohol. You can also buy cheap wine here at Pidou Calais. Pidou Calais is definitely worth the visit if you are looking to buy cheap wine!

Majestic Wine Superstore – Calais wine store

Majestic Wine Superstore is a French operation branch of Majestic Wine Warehouse Calais which is the top wine specialist in the wine trade in the UK. The difference between the Majestic Wine Superstore and the Majestic Wine Warehouse Calais is that as a distributor, the prices are sold much cheaper due to the the low duty on alcoholic beverages. You do not have to worry about the variety of wines as they have over 350 types of wines from various places. Ordering online is at Majestic Calais always available for ease of purchases, and you can also obtain free access to the Eurotunnel services. The staff at Majestic Calais is also wonderful there, they are highly knowledgeable and can assist you in any of your questions if need be. The Majestic Wine Superstore even has a counter offering wine tastings of famous brands such as Casillero Del Diablo, but also less well-known brands that you can buy at extra discount. You can check all Majestic Wine Offers via their website or add yourself to their newsletter to be the first to hear about the Majestic Wine Offers and their alcohol deals and their cheap beer deals.

Calais Vins

Looking for a spectacular superstore that can offer a wide variety of alcohol? Calais Vins has over 50 different types of wines, champagnes and more than 250 types of beers. Furthermore, all these spirits are available for tasting in the store’s tasting bar.
Staff members are wonderful, knowledgeable in their field, and helpful as they will assist you in picking the best products and even cheap beer deals. Besides wine they also have a wide assortment of whisky, spirits from Scotland, Japan, Belgian beers, glassware, and décor. Calais vins also does special wedding deals for those looking to forego the duty on cheap wine and import wine for a wedding. Make sure to check the wine deals online from this great Calais wine store!

With Brexit, British customers can now claim back VAT. Calais Wines now has a partnership with GlobalBlue and Skipthetax. This way you can claim back the VAT on your wine purchases in the shop. 

Majestic Coquelles

Also known as the sister outlet of the Majestic Wine Superstore run by the Majestic Wine Warehouses Calais, Majestic Coquelles is a branch in Coquelles of the Majestic Wine Superstore. This Calais wine shop offers a wide range of beers, wines, and many other types of spirits for a great price. Thankfully, most of the staff are well versed with English, and they will assist you in any questions you have regarding the spirits or their cheap beer deals. The only main difference between this affiliate of the Majestic Wine Superstore is that is that it is located in Charles de Gaulle, Coquelles while the other is located in Calais. Coquelles is a French village close to Dunkirk, making Majestic Coquelles a great shop to go to when taking the ferry in Dunkirk! Do keep in mine that the Majestic Wine Offers here might not be the same as in Calais France. If you want to buy cheap wine in Calais France, keep an eye out on what store offers what!

Best supermarkets to buy wine in Calais

The duty on wine in the United Kingdom is quite high, so it is not hard to see why wine lovers from the UK would take a wine trip down to Europe to buy countless bottles of wine. Although the wine stores and wine warehouses mentioned above sell very cheap bottles and boxes of wine, wine lovers with some knowledge might want to forego these Calais wine warehouses and head straight to the French supermarkets.
Why? These Calais wine warehouses such as Majestic Wine Calais France or Calais Wine Superstore have large wine companies bottle wines especially for them to sell to British people at low prices. Sadly, these wines are often of low quality. In the French supermarkets, however, you will be able to find wine for the French – wine that is cheap and wine that is good. In France, supermarket wine does not have a bad name as supermarket wine does in the United Kingdom. Why? Because supermarket wine in France is often of very high quality at reasonable prices.
I don’t want to talk down businesses such as the Calais Wine store, Majestic Wine Calais or the Calais wine superstore, I just want to say that if you love wine, you might want to either do your research and order ahead, or head to a French supermarket instead of going to a wine warehouse.


Carrefour Calais Supermarket

One of the best supermarkets in Calais France is Carrefour, as it is one of the biggest supermarket chains in Europe. In terms of the availability of alcohol, Carrefour Calais has a wide assortment of spirits such as beers, French wines, sparkling wines, champagnes, foreign wines, table wines, and much more. The advantage carrefour has compared to other places are its diversity in available spirits at market price. You can also order online and pick up your order in the Carrefour Calais store or you can pay when you collect your order. All in all, if you are looking for a wide assortment of spirits that are readily available for you, come visit carrefour on your wine trip as they will surely have what you are looking for! You can find their great wine deals online and can even have their wine delivered to your holiday home. This means Carrefour is a great option for cheap wine delivery or supermarket beer deals.

Auchan Calais Supermarket

Considered as a French “hypermart” instead of a regular supermarket, Auchan is a wonderful large supermarket to obtain all of your drinking needs including excellent wines. Their price is cheaper than the supermarkets generally found in the UK, especially for everyday wines. Auchan receives its spirts by traveling to wine-growing countries to expedite the best vintage products for its customers. They have a wide range of products that have been maintained by the close relations between the brand and its winegrowers, ensuring its quality. If you are looking to buy great quality wine with an affordable price, head on over to Auchan as they have English speaking employees that can help you look for what you want. Auchan also offers cheap wine delivery and cheap beer deals.

Intermarche Calais Supermarket

Intermarche Calais France is another wonderful alternative for your alcohol shopping in Calais France. One of the main advantages is that they have a drive-in and home delivery service where you can order online and pick up your order at the store, or they can ship your order to your holiday home. Intermarche Calais France always has wonderful promotions and great deals involving their spirits and fantastic wines, which means you can often get expensive wines in bulk at a cheap price. You can have a look on the internet for their wine deals online. Looking for cheap wine delivery? Have a look at Intermarche.

Where to buy cheap wine in Calais France

You can buy cheap wine in Calais in shops such as Majestic wine store or Pidou wine shop Calais France. If you would like to buy good wine, however, you best do your research and head to a supermarket first. Check the Majestic Wine offers on Calais Wine Superstore before you take the Chunnel to buy wholesale wine.

Where to buy cheap alcohol in bulk

The best place to buy cheap alcohol in bulk is in Calais, France. You can easily get to Calais by car via the ferry or Eurotunnel Chunnel.

where to buy wine in calais

Where is Calais

Calais is a city in the North of France. This ferry port is the closest city to the UK and is known for its cheap wines and Calais wine shops.

Best Wine store Calais France

You can also choose to head to a wine store in the centre of Calais. Here you can find high-quality wines at great prices. It is a good idea to do some research into the best wine store in Calais as these caves or wine stores often have private deals with small but incredibly good wine houses all over the country. That is why a wine store might have hidden treasures or wines that are too good to pass by. Sure, the prices won’t be as cheap as at Pidou Calais where you can buy wholesale wine for instance, but the quality of the wine bought in wine stores is superior.

A good French wine merchant is De la Vigne à la Table, this French wine merchant in the centre of Calais offers great everyday wines at reasonable prices. Another French wine merchant to look out for in Calais is La Maison du Fromage et des Vins – here you can pick up some great French cheese and French wine.

How to get from London to Calais

You can get from London to Calais either via the Ferry or the Chunnel. The Ferry leaves from Dover and the Chunnel from Folkstone. The journey from London to Calais via chunnel takes 20 minutes to cross the channel while travelling from London to Calais via ferry takes 2 hours.

How much wine can you bring on the ferry or eurotunnel

Due to Brexit, the allowance on wine you can bring into the United Kingdom for free has gone down from 90 litres to 18 litres per person.

How much does the Eurotunnel cost

A trip on the Eurotunnel one-way can be bought from £31 per vehicle. In truth, you can expect to pay around £80 one way on average. This Eurotunnel cost can be offset through buying wine in Calais, after which the wine shop will pay your Eurotunnel ticket.

How to get a cheap Eurotunnel Crossing

To get a cheap Eurotunnel Crossing ticket, buy your ticket well beforehand. You can also get a free Eurotunnel ticket when buying for £300 of wine at Calais Wine Warehouse or Majestic Wine Calais. As you can only bring in 18 litres of wine, it is best to get some friends together to all buy wholesale wine for a free Eurotunnel crossing ticket, bringing the Eurotunnel cost to zero pounds.

How to get a free eurotunnel ticket when buying wine

Looking for a way to travel in the Eurotunnel or ferry for free? Usually, a complimentary travel ticket is issued for your usage if you spend a minimum amount around £300 in stores for Mondays to Thursdays. During Fridays to Sundays the rates are increased to a minimum of approximately £500. Furthermore, a £100 deposit is usually required for the trip. This offer is valid at https://www.calaiswine.co.uk/ and https://www.majesticwinecalais.co.uk/

This is one of the best Majestic Wine Offers or offers by Calais Wine Superstore you can take as tickets for the Eurotunnel are quite expensive.

The steps for obtaining a free Eurotunnel and ferry ticket goes as follows:

Book a complimentary travel ticket without pre ordering
Select a travel offer you want with a minimum spending required in stores
Select the preferred travel dates
Put in your payment details to pay the deposit.
The Eurotunnel will be booked for you by the wine warehouse and a code to book will be sent to you directly
Visit the relating wine store in Calais and spend the minimum amount
Spend the money at the wine store and check out

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