Ultimate Packing List to the Champagne Region

Knowing what to pack when going on a trip is not always easy. Especially when heading to the Champagne Region! You don’t want to overdress when visiting a wine cellar, but you obviously also don’t want to rock up in shorts and flip flops. To help you decide on what to wear to the Champagne Region, I have put together a packing list. This way you won’t forget to pack anything important, AND you will know what to wear when going on a Champagne tasting or when taking a tour of Reims.

Short Summary

  • This packing list for Champagne will make sure you are prepared for your trip to Champagne.
  • I will set out the dress codes for cellar tours, tastings, vineyard tours and what to wear when visiting French cities.
  • I will provide you with a list of important items you should definitely not forget on your trip to the most famous French wine country.

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🗺️ Experiences: Getyourguide (tours), Viator (tours), and Rue des Vignerons (specialises in wine tastings and tours).

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What to Wear in the Champagne Region

When planning a trip to the beautiful Champagne region you probably want to know what to pack. There are lots of activities in the Champagne region that have an unwritten dress code. Sure, they always say there isn’t a dress code for a Champagne tour, but you wouldn’t rock up at Veuve Clicquot in tennis shoes and shorts, would you?

What follows are the unwritten dress codes for the different kinds of experiences in the Champagne region.

What to wear for a wine tasting 

One of the most exciting things to do in the Champagne region is go for a wine tasting. During a wine tasting you will be able to not only learn about the process of making Champagne but you will also be able to taste some Champagne yourself. 

When heading for a wine tasting I would recommend wearing some comfortable shoes. Wine tastings are often paired with cellar visits and there can be a lot of walking involved. Choose for closed toe shoes or some fancy sandals in case you are visiting in summer. Do not rock up in flip flops, running or tennis shoes. 

Ladies can choose a tea dress or some trousers with a nice, not too revealing top while men are always safe choosing a pair of chinos and a (polo) shirt. 

Overall I recommend opting for a casual chic style.

Free travel guide champagne region.

What to wear for a visit to a wine cellar

How to wear when hosting a wine cellar.

The wine cellars in Champagne are often quite cold. In fact, they are often not much warmer than 14 degrees celsius (57℉). I would recommend choosing a closed toe shoe and long trousers. If you are wearing a dress it would not be a bad idea to bring some leggings with you – especially when you are visiting in early spring or late autumn. 

Even when it is warm outside, these cellars stay pretty chilly. I would recommend you bring something to layer up with. Men can opt for a nice cardigan while women might want to bring a pashmina.

What to wear when visiting a vineyard in the Champagne region

What to wear visiting the champagne vineyards.

Some Champagne houses and tours also offer visits to a Champagne vineyard. I’d advise you to wear comfortable, flat shoes that are easy to clean. These vineyards can be pretty muddy in spring and autumn. What is more, the ground between the ranks can be quite uneven so wearing heels is definitely not a great idea. 

I would also recommend you wear a hat when visiting the vineyards in summer. Even though Champagne is the most Northern wine region of France, the sun can be pretty strong. 

As for clothes – you can wear the same as you would when going for a wine tasting or when visiting a wine cellar. Women can opt for a tea dress or a combination of long trousers and a nice top while it is always a safe bet for men to wear chinos and a polo shirt.

What to wear when exploring the villages and cities in the Champagne region?

Packing guide for the Champagne region.

The Champagne region is home to many amazing villages. There are also several cities and larger towns that are definitely worth visiting. When visiting villages, towns and cities you can dig out your comfy sneakers or sport shoes. There is less of an unwritten rule when it comes to dress codes when visiting French cities. Sure, keep in mind that the French (especially in richer areas such as the Champagne region) are a proud people with an eye for fashion. Wearing tennis shoes, shorts and a T-shirt will most likely immediately betray you are a tourist. 

What to consider when choosing what to wear in the Champagne Region

As you might have guessed, there are a few things to consider when choosing what to wear when visiting the Champagne region. 

Consider the weather

First of all you will want to consider the weather. The Champagne region is the most Northerly wine region in France. Even though it can be pretty warm in summer, the evenings can get chilly. Champagne also gets quite a bit of rain in spring and autumn. It hardly ever snows in winter, and frost is devastating for the vines – but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t get cold. 

I have put together a table of the average temperatures in the Champagne region in both Celcius and Farenheit. 

MonthAverage Temp °CAverage Temp °F

Consider the experience

As you will have read above, there are different things you can wear depending on the experience. If you are heading into a cellar, you should layer up while if you are heading to a vineyard, a good pair of shoes that are easy to clean are always a good idea. 

Consider mixing and matching 

When choosing an outfit for the Champagne region, consider choosing pieces that are easy to mix and match. For instance, you can save a lot of space in your luggage (and bring more Champagne!) when you take one or two long trousers with you and a handful of nice tops you can mix and match. 

Packing for Different Seasons in the Champagne Region

To help you decide what to pack for your trip to Champagne, I have put together a list of things you might want to bring depending on the season. Nowadays not all airlines offer free hold luggage so this list will help you weed out any unnecessary pieces so you can travel with hand luggage only. 

What to pack for Summer and Spring:

A summer and spring packing guide for the Champagne region, highlighting what to pack.

Lightweight clothing: As it gets pretty warm in summer I would advise to pack breathable and loose-fitting clothes. You can for instance choose some cotton or linen fabrics to keep cool in the sun – especially when you are visiting the vineyards.

Neutral colours: You can obviously wear whatever colours you want, but in summer neutral colours are often the coolest plus they are very easy to mix and match! 

Layers: I would also advise you to bring some layers – clothing you can easily put on or off when visiting the wine cellars.Think for instance of a cardigan or a pashmina. The difference between the temperature outside and in the wine cellars can be pretty big.

Comfortable shoes: You always need to take comfortable shoes with you to the Champagne region as you will be walking a lot. In summer women can wear some nice sandals while men can wear canvas or linen shoes.

Rain gear: sure, we would all love some great weather in summer, but sadly it can also rain. Bring a small foldable umbrella or a light rain jacket in case it rains. 

Sunscreen: Bring some good factor 20 sunscreen with you when visiting the Champagne region. Especially when you will be visiting the vineyards or exploring the Champagne villages you will want to layer up some SPF! 

Hat and sunglasses: Last but not least I would also recommend packing a hat and some sunglasses when visiting the Champagne region.

What to bring for Winter and Autumn:

What to wear for champagne design in autumn and winter in the Champagne region.

Layered clothing: When visiting the Champagne region in winter or autumn I would recommend packing layered clothing. Although it won’t be snowing or freezing, it can still get cold. Pack a cosy sweater or jacket, long trousers or leggings and some nice thick socks!

Cold-weather accessories: Don’t forget to pack your hats, scarves and gloves. Especially when visiting from December to February. 

Water-proof boots or shoes: It’s worth considering bringing water-proof boots. Since the Champagne region is the most northerly wine region in France it is known to rain a lot in Champagne. You will want to bring shoes that will withstand rain and puddles. 

Ponchos and umbrellas: As it can rain a lot you should also bring ponchos, rain coats and an umbrella. 

Clothes for special occasions: The Champagne region has some amazing fine dining restaurants. If you are spending Christmas or New Year’s in the Champagne region, be sure to bring some fancy clothes!

Must-Have Accessories for your trip to the Champagne Region

When heading to the Champagne region you might also want to take the following must-have accessories: 

A good camera: you will probably want to take lots of amazing pictures on your trip to the Champagne region. You should consider taking a good travel camera with you on your trip. 

Travel guidebook or map of the region: I would recommend either getting a travel guidebook or a map of the region. You can get a travel guidebook from Amazon and the map of the region you can easily download from Google Maps so you can use it offline. 

Lightweight backpack or bag: as you will be moving around a lot during the day it might be a good idea to take a lightweight backpack or holdall with you. It means you can bring water with you and it offers an easy way to carry any Champagne or souvenirs you are likely to buy during the day. 

Local sim card or e-sim: France is sadly one of those countries with very little Wi-Fi. In the UK I know I will be able to get WiFi almost everywhere but that’s not the case in France. I would recommend getting a local sim card or getting an e-sim if you have a newer phone. I always buy my e-sim with data via Airalo.

Plug adapter and voltage converter: If you are coming from outside of Europe it might be a good idea to buy a plug adaptor and/or a voltage converter. They are not always easy to come by in the countryside. You can get one on Amazon here. 

Personal medications and a basic first aid kit: Don’t forget to bring your personal medications and a basic first aid kit. I would at least bring some plasters with you. If you are not used to walking I would also bring some gold bond and some blister plasters.

Sunscreen and lip balm with SPF: When travelling in summer or spring it is a good idea to take some sunscreen or lip balm with SPF with you. The sun can be quite strong and lip balm with SPF is pretty important as burning your lips is incredibly painful! 

Reusable water bottle: If you are heading out for wine tastings I would recommend bringing a reusable water bottle with you. I would also advise you to drink a lot between tastings to make sure you won’t get too drunk. 

Packing materials for taking your Champagne back home: I would also recommend investing in some great packing materials to take your Champagne home. You can get some travel wine sleeves or even special luggage for wine bottles!

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