25 Best restaurants in Lille

Best restaurants in Lille

Lille, in the North of France is a best kept secret when it comes to great food. In fact, this city is a foodie heaven! There are great restaurants on every single corner and you will never leave the table hungry! To help you make a decision of where to dine in Lille, I have made an overview of the absolute best restaurants in Lille! 

best restaurants lille le broc

A classic restaurant that has been running for over 10 years now, Le Broc specializes in serving an assortment of traditional cuisine centered around cheese and northern specialties. Le Broc is well known for its Fondues, raclettes, camembert, salads, hamburgers and egg casseroles. Le Broc is the perfect place to satiate your culinary desires with a great blend of authenticity and taste within its dishes. Discover a great traditional cuisine as you experience 10 years of Lille’s finest food, it will surely be an unforgettable meal! Furthermore, you can order some wine to compliment your dining experience and round out an already wonderful meal with a diverse selection of the finest drinks.

2. Estaminet T’Rijsel

Specializing in Northern French food, the Estaminet T’Risjel is a great place to experience the local flavor of France and Belgium. A wide variety of food awaits you at the restaurant as they specialize in a multitude of wonderful dishes that are well known in France such as Soup, Terrines, Meat simmered in beer, and the well known Pot au Feu Flemish which is a stew of four meats that includes sheep, veal, pork, and beef served with vegetables. Be sure to also enjoy the delicious beer which is well known in the area to complement your meal with a refreshing drink on the side.

3. La Dinette

best restaurants lille la dinette

La Dinette is a unique establishment that is well known as a wonderful brunch restaurant and a burger joint. However, La Dinette does not only specialize in burgers, they also have a wide assortment of French food that will definitely surprise your taste buds. La Dinette is a family run restaurant with a cozy atmosphere that will make you have an enjoyable meal. Their special is the “Home burger” which consist of a 100-gram Steak patty with cheddar, caramelized onions, lettuce, and their special homemade sauce. You also have the option to enjoy a wonderful All you can eat sweets buffet where you can enjoy a variety of home-made sweets, cakes, and bread for a wonderful brunch experience!

4. Aux Moules

best restaurants lille Aux Moules​

Are you a fan of seafood? Aux Moles is a wonderful restaurant located in the heart of Lille which will take you on a culinary adventure filled with refined flavor. The specialty of this restaurant is its fresh seafood which comes from daily fishing that is done off of the northern coasts. Seafood such as its Bighorns, mussels, clams, langoustines, shrimp, lobsters, crabs, and more will let you experience the fresh taste of the sea as you indulge yourself in seafood platers and a delicious glass of wine on the side. This restaurant is also a great choice if you are on a budget or looking for a halal restaurant in Lille, the dishes are all reasonably priced. Even if you are not a fan of seafood, there are selections of fine meat and vegetarian dishes that will definitely cater to your taste buds!

5. La Bottega

best restaurants lille La Bottega

One of the finest Italian restaurants in Lille, La Bottega offers authentic Italian cuisine that has been around for more than 15 years. Quality is assured as the ingredients are sourced directly from Italy, providing high quality dishes that are freshly made. La Bottega specializes in unique Italian pizzas that have a wide variety of flavors to cater to your every craving.  They have a wide assortment of pizzas with different toppings, sauces, meats, and vegetables while maintaining an authentic Italian taste to each of their dishes. If you are looking a different type of cuisine in Lille besides French food, head on over to La Bottega to experience the finest dishes Italy has to offer in Lille!

6. Maison Meert

Maison Meert is also considered a historical landmark as the building itself dates back to the 18th century and was founded in 1761. The restaurant itself revolves around sweets and pastries, providing a wide assortment of goodies that will satisfy your sweet tooth! The most noteworthy dishes of Maison Meert are its wonderful chocolate developed by their Chef chocolatier, its beautifully designed pastries with traditional flavors, candy, and warm tea that will definitely enhance your day. Come to Maison Meert and enjoy a lovely evening at a historical site that also acts as a restaurant in Lille Centre, patisserie, and tearoom as you enjoy authentic French sweets.

7. Creperie de la Vieille Bourse

Vieille Bourse is also known as the old bursary which is situated between the Grand Place and the Place du Theatre. If you are looking for a place to sightsee but are also looking for restaurants in Lille Centre, then this restaurant is perfect due to its strategic location. The restaurant itself serves the French delicacy crepes or galettes, which is a must try if you are visiting the area as it is one of France’s must try dishes. The restaurant also has a beautiful view of the main square and is a great place to stop by and try out while you are sightseeing the surrounding areas.

8. Au Gout du Jour

best restaurants lille Au Gout Du Jour​

This restaurant provides a wide variety of flavors that provides a culmination of flavors based off of the four seasons. The menu can change depending on the season as well, but rest assured, no matter what season you visit this restaurant in you are ensured a wonderful culinary experience full of high-quality dishes that are prepared fresh. “Formulas” are the main theme of this restaurant as you are able to order several set meals to your liking. These formulas are chosen depending on the customer that vary in price, but generally they consist of a starter, a dish, and a dessert of your liking. Experience the wonders of fine French cuisine as you bask yourself in the uniqueness of this restaurant, surely one to try out!

9. La Petite Cour

best restaurants lille La Petite Cour​

La Petite Cour specializes in traditional French dining where guests are taken back into time to experience authentic French cuisine. The interior design of the restaurant also gives off a homey yet vintage vibrance. The food is wonderful as it is all prepared fresh, and the ingredients are locally sourced to ensure the satisfaction of all of their patrons. The restaurant specializes in salads, fishes, meat dishes, and several vegetarian options as well. Be sure to try out the Beef Tartare, Flemish Carbonnade, Salmon, and tantalizing desserts. If you are looking for authentic French food that will introduce you to the taste of France, then this place is highly recommended, and provides some halal options making it one of the few halal restaurants in Lille.

10. L’Assiette du Marche

best restaurants lille L’Assiette Du Marche​

A wonderful blend of authentic French cuisine that is adapted to cater towards a modernized taste, this restaurant is beautifully decorated as well. Every dish offered by this restaurant is developed fresh from raw products, and quality is always assured due to the passionate chefs wanting to impress their patrons with their dishes. Dishes are served in sets known as “Formulas” which generally consists of a starter, a main course, and a dessert. There are also express formulas which provide one of the three courses in the set formula plus a coffee. Each week the formula is changed for variation, to provide for a unique dining experience that leaves patrons coming back to this restaurant.

11. La Cave aux Fioles

best restaurants lille La Cave Aux Fioles​

Looking for a taste of classic French cuisine with a mix of creatively modernized dishes and a romantic atmosphere? This restaurant fits all of the criteria, you will definitely experience an authentic French culinary adventure as your taste buds are introduced to the flavors of France. Definitely try out some of the specials such as the endive fondues, pan-fried scallops, and the lentil salad with smoked salmon and citrus fruit. What better way to get introduced to authentic French cuisine than to visit one of its finest restaurants that will surely leave a memorable impact on you about French dining, certainly and experience worth trying!

12. La Chicoree

best restaurants lille La Chicoree​

Fine dining at its finest, what’s unique about this restaurant is its operating times which start from 10 AM to 6 AM the next day. This restaurant is wonderful for those who are going out late enjoying France’s night life and wanting to satiate their late-night hunger cravings with some French cuisine. Prices increase by 20 cents after midnight, but is definitely a place to visit if you are looking for some late-night restaurants to try out. They specialize in a variety of seafood including oysters and mussels. They also serve steaks and carbonnades that are wonderfully prepared with the highest quality ingredients France has to offer.

13. Le Colysee

best restaurants lille Le Colysee​

Specializing in modern dishes, this restaurant gives a French influence to each of its dishes. The dishes are prepared uniquely with a variety of rare techniques special only to its chef, Benjamin Bajeux who is one of France’s top talent for French cuisine and northern cuisine. Unique dishes such as foie gras will apple chutney, scrambled egg in crab emulsion, and even a pork fillet cooked in beer are but some of the extensive techniques used in the dishes of this restaurant. Definitely try out this restaurant as you discover techniques and dishes not regularly used in restaurants you have visited before, and bear witness to the wide variety of unique dishes that will leave you curious to try out!

14. Estaminet Chez la Vieille

best restaurants lille Estaminet Chez La Vielle​

This restaurant specializes in hearty traditional French cuisine that will surely act as comfort food for your enjoyment. The restaurant itself is decorated in a vintage manner filled with packed tables, old ornaments, bar games, and cozy brick walls. The specialties include a wonderful leek tart, savory chicken with maroilles cheese, and unique flavored ice creams. The restaurant also recommends you to enjoy your meal with one of its beers as a great companion to your course, wrapping up your hearty meal with a refreshing drink.  Estaminet chez la Vielle will give you a meal to remember, and is highly recommended if you are near the area.

15. A la Huitriere

best restaurants lille A La Huitriere​

A cozy little dining establishment with wonderful comfort food, A la Huitriere is a wonderful place for you to satisfy your oyster cravings. The oysters are all of high quality, and varies in different sizes. This is a great place for seafood lovers as you can enjoy 6 oysters, a glass of dry white wine, two slices of bread, and some butter for around 20 euros. The quality of the oysters is definitely guaranteed as they are simply juicy and would leave you craving for more! Besides the oysters, there are other wonderful dishes such as the langoustines in foie gras sauce, turbot, and several meat options. Do visit this place if you have a chance, as it has been awarded a Michelin star for a reason!

16. L’Ecume des Mers

A high quality seafood restaurant that caters towards a clean and modern interior design which is furnished with white tables and chairs. The atmosphere of the restaurant exemplifies a clean atmosphere that is mirrored by the extravagant food plating, giving it a fancy theme. Seafood is the main highlight of this restaurant with a wide selection of fish dishes, lobster, clams, oysters, shrimp and escargot. Curious about France’s fresh seafood? Be sure to order the fresh seafood platter which has a wide assortment of seafood on one plate, allowing you to enjoy the finest French seafood available in the area.

17. Brasserie de la Paix

best restaurants lille Brasserie De La Paix​

This beautiful restaurant is located right on the main square of Lille, and is a wonderful restaurant to stop by at if you are exploring the area. One of the best Lille restaurants, Brasserie de la Paix offers a wide assortment of fine food such as oysters, peppered steak, roast duck, mussels, fish, and many other creative dishes inspired with a French touch. Vintage art décor is seen throughout the restaurant which is coupled by a comfortable interior design for a cozy dining experience. The restaurant is also known for its quality-price ratio as customers have accredited the restaurant to have the finest quality food for an affordable price.

18. Monsieur Jean

best restaurants lille Monsieur Jean​

This restaurant offers a unique theme in which the design of the dining tables is complemented by an open kitchen and a magnificent stair case which will make you feel like you are dining in a fancy palace. The restaurant focuses on fine French cuisine that is given a modern touch such as terrine of duck and seabass. The menu itself is quite affordable for the incredible quality the restaurant has to offer. Each dish is hand crafted to the best of the chef’s abilities with the finest of ingredients allow patrons to fully enjoy the uniqueness of French cuisine.

19. La Part des Anges

La Part des Anges a restaurant that also serves as a bar due to its wide assortment of available wines and its unique flavor in its dishes. If you are looking to enjoy the finest of wine in France, look no further as this restaurant will definitely find a delicious wine for you to enjoy. It is also complemented with cheese and charcuterie to round out the already perfect drinks you will have. The restaurant on the other hand, has several categories such as the tapas which focuses on small creative appetizers, the boards which focus on land and sea dishes that can be shared with your family or friends, and the map which is a recommendation by the restaurant for its starters, main courses, and desserts.

20. Au Vieux de la Vieille

best restaurants lille Au Vieux de la Vieille

This restaurant is a wonderful place to enjoy some comfort food in a cozy environment. It offers a wide assortment of hearty dishes that will surely comfort you as you go about your day after the meal. The dishes they specialize in is a hearty soup that is made with local Maroilles cheese and a carbonnade of beef in chicken in Camembert. They also have dishes from the north such as Gratin de la Vielle which is a crepe with Maroilles stuffed with endives and ham, and a wonderful mousse. Not only is it a cozy restaurant, it is also known as a café where you can enjoy some draft beer and play some traditional games. A great place to hang around or to enjoy a nice meal as you head on out to explore more of what France has to offer.

21. Le Barbue d’Anvers

best restaurants lille Le Barbue D’Anvers​

Hearty dishes, beautiful seafood, an extensive beer list, and a bistro-styled environment, is but a few adjectives to describe this wonderful restaurant. The building itself is located in the vicinity of a 16th century building as the two-story restaurant has a wood themed interior design with unique ornaments all around the establishment. Some exquisite dishes to note is its casserole of shellfish cooked in beer with vegetables and a delicious duck dish with potatoes, artichokes, and truffles. The restaurant is also awarded with the Maitre Restauranteur which is an award issued by the state to identify restaurants that are of the highest quality.

22. Le Marcq

best restaurants lille Le Marcq​

A unique dining establishment that will definitely take you on a culinary journey, this restaurant will give you the finest dishes that are beautifully decorated and will surely give you pleasure for your taste buds. The menu is always renewed several times a month to express diversity, and serves patrons with the unique formula system in which diners may choose a starter, main course, and a dessert. Besides the formula set, be sure to try out some of their other specialty dishes, and some delicious wine to accompany your fine dining experience with a pleasurable drink. You will not be disappointed when eating at this fine establishment, the dishes are all so unique and will definitely surprise you with its unique combinations with a French twist.

23. Le Jardin du Cloitre

Looking for a relaxing meal in a refreshing restaurant? This is a perfect restaurant to help you feel relaxed with its ambience and beautiful dishes. The dishes it serves revolves around unique dishes that caters towards the patron in a multitude of ways. The restaurant is also considered one of the best halal restaurants in Lille as it has dishes that serve halal meat and a wide assortment of vegetarian dishes as well. Its popular dishes also include a great choice of seafood such as salmon tartare and some wonderful marinated soy bean red tuna. The dishes are all simply beautiful to look at as the chefs prioritize the plating and appearance of each dish, surely enticing you to dig in!

24. Les Toquees by Benoit Bernard

A satiating gourmet restaurant that focuses on a fine dining experience, this restaurant is also considered as a French gastronomic restaurant. A wide variety of gourmet seafood awaits in this restaurant such as roasted octopus, squid, oyster tartare and its special monkfish. You can also order the dinner formula which includes a starter, a main dish, and a dessert or a 4-service formula with a starter, fish, meat, and dessert. Les Toquees will leave an impression of a gourmet gastronomy restaurant with unique ingredients being used. you will definitely identify the skill used in preparing the dishes due to the complexity of the dishes, however you will surely be impressed by the amazing flavors this restaurant has to offer.

25. Le Vagabond

Bask yourself in the natural flavors of nature, and take your taste buds off to a culinary adventure that will leave an impact for you forever on your perspective of French cuisine. The menu changes frequently to give patrons a new experience whenever they visit, but they surely have staple specials that are worth trying. Le Vagabond is the newest restaurant of one of the most renown chefs in the Hauts de France region, Nicolas Pourcheresse, who uses a unique style of cooking with hand picked ingredients straight from his personal kitchen garden. Do visit Le Vagabond to not only experience a unique style of French cuisine, but also a unique style of French cooking due to the chef’s wide array of culinary knowledge!

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