How to spend a day on Weymouth beach

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Are you and your family looking for a great day out at the beach? Why not try Weymouth. How to spend a day at Weynouth beach you ask? Well that is very easy! This amazing sandy beach has been named best beach in the UK and is overall not as busy as – let’s say, Bournemouth Beach. You can check out how busy it is at Weymouth Beach by their live webcam! 

how to spend a day on weymouth beach

Weymouth beach is an award-winning sandy beach with a Georgian seafront. It is located in the heart of the Jurassic coast, gently curving along Weymouth Bay. It was initially made famous by King George III’s love for sea baths and seeking the health benefits of a good soak in salty water, and it is now one of the top coastal seaside resorts. It has something for everyone, from the light coloured waters, sloping softly into the ocean, perfect for even the smallest swimmers, to the safe conditions it offers for all the sports enthusiasts.
The beach is even internationally recognized, hosting festivals to sporting championships to various other events. The beach is even equipped to serve families who need an extra boost and entertainment, with activities and rides such as Punch and Judy, the puppet couple, donkeys, children’s rides and pedalos. The busiest months, between May and September, ensure extra safety with the presence of RNLI Lifeguards and First Aid. This doesn’t, however, come as a surprise since the Weymouth beach is also acclaimed for its excellent management which keeps it clean and safe, winning numerous awards throughout the years.

For those steering away from the water, there’s plenty on hard land, from the historic harbour surrounded by restaurants, shops and cafes to be enjoyed between swims, to the direct strolls right into the town’s shopping centre, ensuring something for everyone.
Weymouth is really the full package, the sun, the sea and the sand, coupled with great entertainment for all age groups, engaging activities and great places to be explored.
The Esplanade serves as an ideal walkway, as well as the perfect place to learn cycling or skating, whatever your age group might be. This place is sure to make you feel like you’re summering in the 60s, in the cool, vintage kind of way.

Things to do on Weynouth Beach

  • Crazy Golf

This Crazy Golf course is part of the Sea Life Weymouth Adventure Park and Tower. It is made to give something to do for the whole family, with 18 holes of adventure and mystery. Your skills will be tested amongst a Pirate themed obstacle course, with each more challenging than the other. The best part about this crazy golf is that it is not only fun, but also educational, introducing kids and adults to the world’s most famous pirates, their journeys and legends.

  • Puppet Theatre

Weymouth is family friendly all around. Punch and Judy are the perfect companions for the little ones and while providing entertainment for all age groups. Their vintage setup is unlike anything you would have seen, colourful and uniquely detailed, it’s definitely not your everyday beach pastime. Their setup is just on the beach and they usually cause large crowds to gather around.

  • Sandworld

Sandworld is one of those things that would be marked on your map as a must go. Or one of those activities that would bond the whole family while you stare in awe. Whether you’re big or small, sand being arranged into a ‘Doctor Who’ sculpture, or standing in front of a life size Groot or a life size dragon made of sand is mesmerizing. The artist’s skill, meticulousness and the fact that all these sculptures may be taller than you will definitely leave you staring.

Best restaurants near Weymouth Beach

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  • Custom House Café

Weymouth keeps adding items to the list of why it is an ideal place to vacation at. Not only does this cafe serve some absolutely delicious breakfasts and cakes, it also offers great sandwiches accompanied by great service. When you add in the fact that it’s dog friendly, there is just no reason for you to not visit it.

  • The Dorset Burger Company

This burger joint will keep you coming back for more each time, either to try a new item on the menu or simply reorder what you got last time because it was Just. So. Good. they seem to have something for every palate. The clean, meat-slight sauce and pickle kind of taste, the-crispy-meets- tender- meat- burger, the cheese-meats-cranberry sauce kind of combination, and many other mouthwatering options, all sitting between two soft, inviting buns, and teamed with a bunch of fries to shoot you out to burger heaven.

  • King Edwards 

King Edwards is basically part of the itinerary for anyone visiting Weymouth. They are the number one in fish and chips, possibly also because of the long years of practice, and will have you incessantly thinking about it till you get your hands on more. They’re also located on the seafront, making it a perfect little eatery for any time of the day. For those craving meat or wanting to avoid it, they also have meat and vegetarian options.

Where to park near Weymouth Beach

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Council parking operates for payment between 8am and 6pm, but outside those times, to everyone’s delight, they all become free. Fortunately, technology has advanced and now you can even find parking apps, which essentially take care of your problem before it even starts. There is also a place in town named ‘Britannia multi-story car park’ which has 469 parking spots. Another digital parking solution is the “Parkopedia”, all they need is your name and ID number.

You can also park at:

(TIP: Click on the name of the car park and your Google Maps will take you to the car park!)

Is weymouth beach dog friendly

Weymouth beach is dog-friendly from September 1st until April 30th. Outside these dates it is forbidden to enter the beach with your dog. 

If you want to bring your dog to the beach, you will need to have your dog on a lead if possible or leash your dog when asked by police. You also need to have a doggy poop bag with you and you will need to clean up after your dog. 

Where to stay near Weymouth Beach

I have written a whole article about the best hotels in Weymouth which can be found here

Alternatively, have a look at the table below for a few handpicked hotels for every budget. 

Hotel Name



More Info

Alexandra Hotel


$81 £58

Hotel Rex


$120 £86

The Crown Hotel


$95 £67

Best Holiday Rentals near Weymouth Beach

Looking for a great holiday rental near Weymouth Beach? I have put together a list of great holiday rentals on VRBO for you to have a look at. I use VRBO as properties on there are often the same as those on Airbnb, but they are cheaper as VRBO does not charge you as a renter! Win-win, right? 




Beach view apartment


$298 £215

Apartment with view of Weymouth Bay


$221 £159

Whitesands Beach View Apartment


$61 £44

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