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Winchester is a beautiful medieval city in the South of England and was once even the capital of the country. Now, Winchester is a great tourist destination and a city loved by many for its great architecture and beautiful cathedral. When travelling to the South of England you might want to travel to both Southampton and Winchester. But how do you get from Southampton to Winchester? In this article we explain how you can get from Southampton to Winchester by Car, Train, Bus and even transfer!

From the city and beaches of Southampton to the medieval city of Winchester in no-time! 

Southampton to Winchester by Bus

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Taking the bus from Southampton to Winchester is by far the cheapest option. The bus ride will take about 50 minutes and starts from the stop Southampton City Centre Above Bar. The bus company is called BlueStar and runs comfortable busses with free wifi. The bus will stop at Winchester Rail Station and Winchester city centre. I would recommend booking a bus beforehand to make sure you have a ticket and a seat. 

You can also choose to travel by National Express – which is something I would recommend, especially since it means you travel directly to Winchester without stopping everywhere. You can book National Express tickets via BusBud.

Southampton to Winchester by Train

Another way to get from Southampton to Winchester is by train. This is by far the easiest way to get from Southampton to Winchester. The train will get you from Southampton Central to Winchester in about 17 minutes. On a normal weekday there are 79 trains travelling from one city to the other. 

On board the trains you can expect wifi and charging plugs. Make sure to reserve a seat though, as these trains can be quite busy. Tickets cost about $10 in second class and $17 in first. Please do buy your tickets online via trainline to make sure you have the cheapest fare.

Southampton to Winchester by Car

Most people will drive from Southampton to Winchester. The drive from Southampton to Winchester is quite straightforward. The cities lie about 21 miles apart and on a good day the drive will take about 25 minutes. Do keep in mind that there can be a lot of traffic on the road – especially within the city centres. This means it is best to check Google Maps for an up to date travel time before you leave.

Southampton to Winchester by Rental Car

southampton to winchester by train

If you don’t have a car available you can also choose to rent a car in Southampton via websites such as Cars can be picked up by Southampton station and by the harbour depending on where you are staying in Southampton. 

Cars can be rented from $50 a day but allow you the flexibility to discover Winchester and the surrounding area without the hassle of busses and taxis.

Southampton to Winchester by transfer

One of the most comfortable ways to travel from Southampton to Winchester is by transfer. A car will pick you up from your address or location and bring you to Winchester. Return transfers can also be arranged. You can book a transfer via websites such as

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