How to get from Southampton to Brighton

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Southampton and Brighton are the staples of southern England so it would make sense to visit them both. In fact, no trip to southern England is complete without a visit to both cities. Perhaps you will want to visit Saint Mary’s stadium to see the youngest and brightest talent coming up in the Premier League or perhaps the Royal Pavilion in Brighton will attract you with its eccentricity. Those are just some of the sights in the two cities and there is plenty more to amuse you. This entry will go into how to get from Southampton to Brighton by bus, train, car, rental car, and taxi. The options offer different prices, travel times, and experiences so this post will equip you with the information needed to make a decision. 

Brighton is obviously known for its beautiful beaches, but did you know Southampton also has some nice beaches to spend the afternoon at? 

How to get from Southampton to Brighton by Bus

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There is no direct bus that runs from Southampton to Brighton and you will have to take a small detour in London. However, this is the best option if you want to experience London while you are at it. Get on a bus at the Harbor Parade coach station and make your way to London Heathrow station. This part of the trip will take about two hours. When you get to Heathrow, you have the option of going to explore London before you make your way to Brighton or to get on a train to Brighton right there. The second part of the trip will also take anywhere between 90 minutes and a couple of hours. The whole trip will therefore be about 5-6 hours when you factor in connection time. A one-way ticket currently goes for around £35 – 40. There are a number of buses that depart to Brighton so it is extremely convenient for you if you want to make the small detour to the capital. If you do decide to take this detour, you will most likely want to continue your trip from the Victoria Coach station rather than making the trip back to Heathrow again.

How to get from Brighton to Southampton by Train

If you are looking for a more direct route from Southampton to Brighton, the train is a better option. You can take a Southern Railway train from Southampton Central. The two-hour journey will take you to the Brighton station and will cost around $20 – 28. For a more relaxed and comfortable experience, upgrade to a first-class ticket that you should still be able to get your hands on for under $41. This is the most direct and cheapest route from Southampton to Brighton if you don’t have a car at your disposal.

How to get from Southampton to Brighton by Car

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If you are able to make the trip from Southampton to Brighton in a car, it would be the best option for you. You will want to make your way to the A3024, A334, or A27 and follow the road east until you merge with the M27. The M27 will then directly take you to Brighton and the entire journey will take approximately 2 hours depending on traffic. You will be able to take in the beauty of the Hampshire countryside during your trip and you may even want to take a small detour to cities like Portsmouth if you have the time. In addition to being the only island city in the UK, the rich maritime history of Portsmouth will make it an attractive destination and will make the short detour well worth it.

Brighton to Southampton by rental car

It might be worth your while to rent a car for your trip. There are a number of options for rental cars so you might want to do your research on which option fits you best. However, most car rentals will cost around £150 – £200 if you are just renting a car from Southampton to Brighton. The price will also depend on the type of car but make sure that you go for the unlimited miles option and any insurance that is offered. If you do end up renting a car, you will also want to make plenty of stops along the scenic Hampshire countryside if you are not pressed for time. 

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