31 Camping essentials you should not forget on your next camping trip

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Camping is a great family holiday, and I myself have fond memories of camping with my parents or my friends. It is not always easy to pack for a camping trip – you always forget something (I know I do!) In order to help you pack for your family camping trip, I have put together a list of the best camping equipment, all camping essentials, and camping accessories and gadgets you might want to take with you. These are things you want to take camping with you and camping must haves for camping in the UK or USA. 

camping essentials nature hike tent

One of our favourite lightweight hiking tents for two persons is the Cloud Up 2 Ultralight Hiking Tent.
The Cloud Up 2 has an incredibly easy-to-use dome design, now completed with a rapid and easy to set up technology. The Cloud Up 2 can sleep up to two people comfortably and is great for couples heading out into nature! The tent and the poles only weigh 1.2 kg in total so you won’t even notice that you are bringing a tent with you on a hike! 

camping essentials camping mat

Camping Mat

A comfortable and compact sleeping pad that fits easily in your backpack? You can inflate the RUNACC self-inflating camping mat in les than 2 minutes with the integrated foot pump and be ready for bed in no time! Wonderfully comfortable and made of soft and sturdy 40D nylon. This high-quality sleeping mat is 6 cm thick and is finished with a moisture-resistant TPU coating. The pillow has an ideal height for your neck. The honeycomb design retains your body heat well. That way you are sure to wake up well-rested the next day! 

camping essentials sleeping bag

Sleeping Bag

When you want to enjoy the outside together, the Queen sleeping bag is the perfect two person sleeping bag. The soft tube and hood in mummy design make it the most snug and comfortable sleeping bag you have ever had. The double lining will keep you warm in winter. This is the perfect sleeping bag for couples who love to go out on adventures together! 

camping essentials camping pillow

Camping Pillow

Do not forget to bring a camping pillow! This compact and lightweight camping pillow folds down to a very small package, perfect for camping and hiking trips. The cover of the pillow is removable and can be thrown into the washing machine. A great little pillow for maximum comfort during your camping trip. A true camping essential!

camping equipment lantern

Camping Lantern

When camping, you obviously want to bring a camping light with you. Sure, you can use your phone, but this camping light you can actually hang from the nook of your tent. What is more is that this camping light offers quite a bright yet ambient light, perfect for reading or lighting your path late at night. This camping light can be charged through USB so you don’t need to bring extra batteries with you! 

camping equipment fire starter

Fire Starter

Whether you are camping on a camping spot or heading into nature to do some wild camping, bringing a fire starter is a good idea. Matches can get wet, a lighter can stop working, but a good steel fire starter will always give you that little spark of fire you are after. A fire starter is a very good investment as you will have yours for a lifetime! 

camping essentials camping speaker

Water-proof Speaker

Heading out for a camping trip with friends? Why not take a portable speaker with you? Make sure to buy a waterproof portable speaker as the weather can easily turn and anything can happen during a camping trip. This JBL speaker has a clip-on making it the absolute perfect camping speaker as you can just clip it onto your bag or onto the nook of your tent. 

camping essentials camping chair

Camping Chair

Looking forward to those cosy nights around the fire with your friends? Drinking and chatting until the late hours in the morning? It is a good idea to invest in a comfortable camping chair. This arrowhead chair is quite compact, but comes with extra comfortable padding, making this chair incredibly nice to sit in! A good quality camping chair will do you for years, and I highly recommend investing in one! 

camping essentials inflatable lounger

Inflatable Lounger

If you are hanging out with friends it might be a nice idea to bring an inflatable lounger. These inflatable loungers are very small and compact to bring and easy to set up. An inflatable lounger is the perfect place to sleep, nap or lounge and can hold up to two people comfortably. An inflatable lounger is also great camping equipment to take with you when traveling with kids! 

camping equipment cooling bag

Cooling Bag

Bring your cooling bag on your camping trip to keep your picnic and drinks cold. The good news is that you do not have to lug an actual box around anymore. Instead now you can buy an insulating bag that is lightweight and is easy to pack. Cooling bags are very inexpensive but will be a great help during your camping trip! 

camping accessories bananagrams


The game with letters for the real puzzler! Using a selection of 144 plastic letter tiles, you form your own ”crossword” together with the other players. When you have used all your letters, all players take a new stone from the supply. You can also exchange letters, but then you will receive more letters than you hand in. When all tiles are gone from the stock, the first player to get rid of all the tiles from their own stock wins. The rules of the game contain several variants. You will find a variant to play the game on a journey and it can also be played solitary.

camping accessories espresso maker

Coffee Maker

This portable coffee maker works manually by means of a pump system.
The coffee maker reaches a stable pressure of 20 bar while preparing the coffee. Thanks to the built-in microfilter, it ensures that the coffee does not leak during the preparation of the coffee.
This coffee maker is sturdy and lightweight. Is perfect for when you are camping, traveling, a day out, a picnic or even to take with you to the office! 

camping accessories camping stove

Camping Stove

A compact and robust stove. This 1-burner stove has a large 2200 Watt burner which can be ignited with a piezo mechanism. This prevents the use of matches! The temperature is adjustable and the stainless steel cover plate on the top of the appliance provides a better distribution of the heat. Due to the extra high legs, this stove stands sufficiently off the ground and does not get dirty. In addition, the top is easy to clean, partly due to the enamel layer.

camping accessories swiss army knife

Swiss Army Knife

A swiss army knife is incredibly handy when camping. It is a great idea to invest in a good swiss army knife. The Victorinox was the very first swiss army knife sold to individuals. The knife contains more than 15 tools with which you can cut, saw, pick and screw. A great knife and a camping essential for those who love adventure! 

camping accessories water bottle

Water Bottle

The Stanley IceFlow™ Flip Straw Water Bottle is made for travel. Drink from the straw on-the-go or use the sturdy handle to carry your water bottle. The high-quality stainless steel water bottle from Stanley maintains the temperature inside regardless of the weather outside. The double wall vacuum insulation keeps cold drinks cold for up to 12 hours and keeps the temperature of ice cold drinks for up to 48 hours. The perfect companion for all your indoor and outdoor adventures.

best camping gear tear-aid

Tear Aid

A multifunctional and transparent repair product. Tear-Aid A permanently repairs holes and tears in almost all materials. This repair product is extremely strong, water and airtight, very elastic, does not discolour and does not dry out.

camping accessories insect repellent

Insect Repellent

When camping it is a good idea to take insect repellent with you! These nasty little buggers are known to bite – especially when you sit next to a campfire or light source. Be sure to invest in a good insect repellent to ensure a good night’s rest! 

best camping gear picnic blanket

Picnic Blanket

When camping you will probably also want to have romantic and cosy picnics in the area – whether it is a beautiful moor or a panoramic mountain top. You should take a picnic blanket with you to sit on as most picnic blankets are not only incredibly soft, they are also water repellent and insulate you against the cold of the ground

best camping gear cooking windscreen

Cooker Wind Screen

It is not always easy to cook a meal on a camping cooker – especially when there is wind at play. The wind can easily blow out your camping cooker and ruin your dinner. This camping cooker windscreen will help you to keep your food cooking on the camping cooker and the screen will also radiate the heat of the fire back onto the cooking pot. 

best camping gear cool bar

Cool Bar

The Keter Coolbar Party Table is a fashionable cocktail table, a handy side table and a cool box in one. Simply lift the lid to create a tabletop, then fill the cooler with ice and drinks. Thanks to a capacity of 30 liters, this cool bar has enough space to cool several 1.5 liter bottles or cans.

The Coolbar is made of durable and weather-resistant plastic and therefore completely maintenance-free. Cleaning is simple. The Coolbar is sturdy and easy to assemble.

Best camping stuff kubb game

Kubb Family Game

The game Kubb comes from Sweden and is a real family game.
Kubb is an outdoor game, played on a level playing field. It is almost always played on grass. Sand, beach or snow could also be used.
Kubb consists of 1 King, 10 rooks, 6 throwing sticks, 4 corner sticks and game rules. Supplied in color box.
The game can be played 1 against 1, but also in teams of more people. The competition is played 6 against 6.

Best camping stuff rubber hammer


You really need this on a camping holiday, because without a hammer you can’t get those pegs into the ground. We often take a rubber mallet and a regular hammer with us. The rubber mallet is safer for me (I always miss), but the regular mallet is sometimes necessary for the hard ground.

Best camping stuff ground tarp


A tarp is a camping essential when camping with a tent. Especially when it rains you will be happy to have put down a tarp. It means your tent will not be completely dirty and it will also insulate you from the cold. Last but not least, a tarp is a great investment since you can keep reusing it. 

Best camping stuff camping table

Camping Table

This may also seem superfluous, but believe me: every night with your plate on your lap is also nothing. And maybe you want to play a game? We have a small table ourselves and I cannot recommend getting one more. Depending on what kind of camping you do you can even invest in a big camping table! 

Best camping stuff tent pegs

Tent Pegs

It is always a good idea to take tent pegs with you as they always seem to disappear right before or during your camping trip! Tent pegs are relatively cheap and are a great camping essential to take with you – just in case! 

camping kit hammock


This durable, soft hammock, made of super strong parachute fabric, is easy to hang from (for example) two trees thanks to the included double loop tree straps and steel carabiners. Would you rather go out? This hammock is super compact and easy to take with you wherever you want. Or just always keep it in your bag and spontaneously create that moment of relaxation. Are you looking for an original gift for someone: give a hammock as a gift and give that person that moment to relax.

camping kit clothes line


When camping it is a good idea to take a clothes line with you. A clothesline will not only allow you to dry your clothes you have washed by hand, you can also dry your towels, dish cloths and your clothes after being caught in a rain storm!

camping kit head lamp


This Blitzu headlamp is tiltable and provides visibility up to 200 meters. It is resistant to all weathers, so ideal for those who are fond of camping. This headlamp is made of strong plastic and equipped with a very flexible and adjustable headband. The lamp is adjustable for better illumination at short distances. Perfect for setting up your tent or finding your way in the dark. 

camping kit windbreak


You should invest in a windbreak to bring on your camping trip. This windbreak will help to stop the wind wreaking havoc to your camping trip. You can also bring this camping gear to the beach where the windbreak will keep you warm and the wind away! Windbreaks are easy to set up and cheap to buy!

camping kit plates and bowls

Plates and Bowls

It’s not very becoming to eat out of the cooking pots. That’s why you should invest in camping plates and camping bowls. This camping gear is a great investment as you will be able to use these for the rest of your life and even when having a nice barbeque or party at home! 

outdoor kamping utensils

Camping Kitchen Utensils

Cook on the camping like you would at home. This set of cooking utensils contains spoons, a ladle, a fish splice, a knife and a cutting board as well as things and scissors. As this set comes in a handy pouch, this is a must have camping kit! 

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