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Tralee golf clubs

Every year, people from all over the world travel to Tralee for its amazing golf courses with great and wide Atlantic views. But which are the best golf courses in Tralee? And what are the prices to golf in Tralee? In this guide I will explain how to get to the Trallee golf course, what other golf courses you should have a look at close to Tralee and I will provide you with more information about the prices! 

tralee golf club

“Acclaimed as one of the finest links courses in the world” is how this golf club is described. 

What could be more breathtaking than having perfectly manicured, vast green fields with the ocean in the background? This is exactly what the Tralee Golf Club offers, rugged rocky mountains enveloped in smooth green grass, housing an 18 hole golf course. Opened back in 1984, this club has grown from its 120 members to 1300, and how could it not. The vistas are endless; whichever direction you turn will give you something to gawk at. From the “Mucklough,” the serene, calm first hole, to the 18th hole, the “Goat’s Hole,” you’ll walk across different terrains, the ocean turning various shades of blue as the sun shines on it. This mesmerizing golf course also houses a purpose-built academy, where you can use state of the art technology to improve your game, including a driving range facing the vast green landscapes. 

You will also find additional facilities such as a “Putting Green,” a nine-hole course to give you a good feel of the putting surface before you sail away into the main course, a practice area especially made to warm you up, with Yardage markers set up to show you how well you’re doing and club professionals with whom lessons can be arranged, they will also offer you advice on how to tackle this field.

The course accepts bookings for both members and outside visitors, so you can definitely drop by to bask in the beauty of this golf course even if you’re visiting Tralee for a short while. 

Ballyheigue Castle Golf Club

The Ballyheigue Castle Golf Club was opened in 1996, a more recent addition to the scene than the Tralee Golf Club. However, it doesn’t lack the charm of Tralee, located along the Wild Atlantic Way coastal drive, on mature woodland, surrounding an Eighteenth-Century castle. Playing here also means being in a historical location and surrounded by plenty of vistas. Instead of being surrounded by the rugged landscape, you’ll be surrounded by extending green fields, almost to the ocean. The club hosts many tournaments, for which there are now winners memorialized in the hall of fame. While they welcome guests with open arms, you can also choose to become a fixed member, in which case they will also arrange a mentor or a golf buddy to take you around and show you the course. 

All in all, it can be said that Ballyheigue Castle Golf Club is welcoming, warm, and lovely, just like their course. 

Tralee Pitch and Putt Club

Pitch and putt is a game derived from golf for those a little confused, with a hole length typically up to 90 meters with just 2-3 clubs being used. It originated in Ireland, so having a beautiful course in Tralee seems very appropriate. We can start by saying that this is “fun for everybody 8 to 80”. It is located in Tralee’s Killeen Woods area and is surrounded by and perfectly landscaped with beautiful trees. You can lose yourself in the trees’ long shadows as the hours extend, while you watch the sun go down, making everything glisten. Originally situated on the old John Mitchell’s football grounds, the grounds have been proudly hand grown, making it the club’s signature distinction. These grounds have been home to many past international competitions over the years, the first one between Ireland & Catalonia in 2011. 

This is an excellent place for a fun and relaxed day out and to connect to nature through sport. It is close enough to the town whenever you feel like you need some exercise or a stress reliever. The mature woodland makes for a great backdrop to a pitch and putt field, and it gives something for the whole family. The club will provide the Golf balls, Tees, and Clubs with no additional fees, and they also offer a clubhouse for when you feel like you need to take a break.

Courses at Tralee Golf Club

The Tralee Golf Club has 18-holes, all of them mesmerizing and visually stimulating to near unimaginable levels. 

There’re 9 holes in the front and 9 in the back, twisting and turning to take you from an ocean view to face the greens again. 

It starts with the soft slopes at the Mucklough, going on to the rough-edged “The Cuilin”, bordering the low waves, to The Castle, where you’ll be playing alongside a remnant of an ancient castle. The 5th and 6th holes seem more challenging, housing a few bumpy hilltops. Each has its own style, characteristics, and most interestingly, amusing and unique names. The Brock’s Hollow, for example, houses significant steep areas, which create exciting shadows all around as the sun changes positions. The 16th hole, The Shipwreck, looks precisely like what would cause a shipwreck out in the waters, and it all ends at The Goat’s Hole, staring out into the ocean over the smooth green terrains.

Tralee Golf Club Membership and Fees

From the 1st of May to the 10th of October, people have the chance to indulge in the Green Fee High Season in the high season. The charges at this time will be €250 for visitors and €450 for married couples. 

During the midseason, between April & the 12th of October, guests can select the Green Fee Mid Season for which visitors will only have to pay €180 for membership. 

Visitors can hire a Golf Cart/Buggy for €50.00 and the club for €50.00. 

At the Tralee Golf Club, they also offer you a chance to become an International Life Member, which allows you to participate in all of their events and bring guests along at concessionary rates. Amongst these is their famed annual tournament, which takes place in September, which is an excellent mix of all their members worldwide. It 

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