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Are you planning a trip to Portsmouth? Why not book a tour to discover the history of the city? Whether you want to see the city on foot or want to explore the streets by bike, there are quite a lot of nice little tours to take around Portsmouth. In this article we have put together the 5 best tours of Portsmouth! 

best tours portsmouth mystery

A treasure hunt in the historic streets of Old Portsmouth, yes, you heard that right with this tour two friends will take a tour for a self-guided adventurous treasure hunt in the world’s largest escape room.


This captivating tour will have you do many tasks such as solving math puzzles, finding hidden objects and solving a range of cryptic clues to unravel the mysterious story of the infamous diamond thief and solve his real identity. 


The historical background to this thrilling mystery is as follows; Horatio Nelson’s last day on land before joining the fight in the Battle of Trafalgar, he stored his valuable diamond necklace in one of the many taverns in Portsmouth, hidden in a locked chest. That night a break-in resulted in that diamond necklace being stolen. To this day the identity of the thief remains a mystery. Only a few clues remain and on this tour you are tasked with eliminating possible suspects, solving clues and returning to the crime scene to solve this mystery. Along this treasure hunt you will visit the historical sights, the atmospheric taverns and soak up the chilling stories of its characters and places.

Grand Bike Tour of Portsmouth

Biking is not just a sport, it’s a passion for some, for some it’s their preferred way of transportation. Not only is it a cleaner to way to go around your town it is a healthier way as well, with the low impact cardio exercise that biking provides it unquestionable why so many people enjoy it.

What’s better than biking, biking with your friends of course, a great way to spend quality time with your group and also maintaining a healthy lifestyle. But some people get bored of the usual biking routes they take which is why the Grand Bike Tour of Portsmouth is such a great opportunity.

What’s better than biking with your friends throughout an immense city known for its historical navy, sights to behold, waves crashing on the shores, and cultural beauties wherever the eye looks, all in all doing what you love; biking with your best mates. This tour can accommodate a large number of people, and do not fret if you don’t own the twin tire ride, they even provide free bicycles for everyone with helmets included; because safety is the most important part. It just cannot get better than this for us bikers.

Discovery Flight around Portsmouth

We have talked about biking around a city, one can only wonder what can provide you with a better view of the majestic Portsmouth city, a micro plane perhaps; yes, you read that correctly, this tour offers a group of people a chance to view this historical city from the air in their own micro plane!


Don’t worry you won’t need your flying lessons, an experienced pilot will help do the difficult work, you need only your eyes to behold spectacular sites like the Isle of Wight and Spinnaker Towers. The pilot won’t be charging as they are flying because it’s their passion. Just be sure to arrive at the Lee-on-the-Solent airport. Check in with the pilot, make sure to be aware of the weather conditions, stay tuned as all the preflight checks are completed and enjoy the views from a whole new perspective.


The flight leaves between 9-17 hours so be sure to check in with the local tour guide and the pilot, also come beforehand so all procedures can be completed and enjoy a safe view of Portsmouth from heights never seen before.

Portsmouth and Isle of Wight Tour

best tours portsmouth isle of wight tour

Just like an air tour on airplane many people tend to miss out on their favorite spots because of the high speed tour that comes with it, well this tour offers you a chance to view the beautiful Portsmouth in all its historical glory from the comfortable seats of a helicopter, yes, this tour will let you be with a group of up to 3 people in a helicopter.

Why is this any different? Well in a helicopter you are going at a much slower speed, and if you politely request the pilot he can even come to a complete stop in midair, giving you ample time to take your favorite shots and videos, moreover overall you are getting a much longer experience to take in the beautiful city, plus not much turbulence to experience as well, which is something that worries many of us, and when you are on a tour worrying is the last thing you want.

Two types of helicopters are available the EC120 or the Robinson R44, you can choose whichever you want with varying prices.

Private tour from Portsmouth Sandbanks, Studland, Swanage, Corfe and Minstead

The most expensive tour of the bunch this one can cost more than $400. But this one takes you not only to Portsmouth but many more locations in one package.

First you go to the SandBanks one of the most desirable holiday locations in the U.K, this beautiful peninsula on the South Coast of England, is known for its sun soaked beaches and peaceful atmosphere. After that comes Studland; the vast area of heathland and sandy beaches is a mosaic of several habitats from heaths to sand dunes to so much more, in just one location! 

Then moving from the natural wonders the tour takes you to Corfe, a village full of cultural history and heritage, packed with small shops, restaurants, pubs and bars. You get to visit the ancient castle ad relax the evening of choose anything to eat or drink and enjoy the scenic vistas of the Purbeck Hills. Finally, you will take a quick stop at the town of Minstead which is the last resting place of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Rufus Stone, all Saints Church and the Trusty Servant.

This tour will take you to many places with your friends at a friendly budget, it’s worth it!

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