Things to know before moving to New York City

Lots of people dream about moving to New York. It’s a city full of life, diversity, and great food on every corner. If you’re planning to make your dream come true in the near future, here are some things to learn about New York before finalizing your decision.

It is not surprising that New York City welcomes over 200.000 visitors each year. New York is a big city full of opportunities for young adults in many different fields.

New York is expensive

The biggest downside to living in New York has to be the cost of living. Everything goes up in price once you step foot in New York, from food to entertainment to rent. Rent will make up the majority of your monthly expenses. Don’t forget that most landlords will require you to pay the first month upfront as well as the security deposit when you sign the lease, so plan your budget accordingly.

If you’re looking at the average of the US, the cost of living in New York City is 129% higher than the average, and if you compare it to other big cities, for example, Chicago vs. New York, living in New York will cost you 85% more than Chicago.

Everyone uses public transport

You won’t need your car if you’re moving to New York. Though some people are critical of the public transportation system, it is still a very efficient and convenient way to get around New York. The subway system is set up to get you to almost every part of the city for a monthly cost of only 127 dollars. If you’re lucky, then your employer will provide a monthly subway pass.

Keep in mind that the subway isn’t always perfect. Some days, with technical issues and delays, it can take you a lot longer to get to your desired location. Also, millions of people use the subway daily, which means that you should get used to crowds during rush hour.

Searching for an apartment will take time

Apartment hunting in NYC is hectic, and you should be prepared before embarking on the journey called “touring” the apartments.

There are many factors to consider, such as your budget, the neighborhood you choose, and your willingness to sacrifice some things. Choosing a neighborhood is crucial. Not only is there a big price difference depending on the neighborhood, but there is also a safety issue.

Consider signing only a month- or 6-month-long lease. It’s easier for you to get a grasp of the neighborhood after you’ve spent some time there, and signing a short lease will make it easier for you to leave if any problems arise or you decide that you simply don’t like the place.

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New York is culturally very rich

New York City is home to many diverse cultures. It’s a place where you will never get bored. You won’t even have to spend money because there are many free things to do and see.

Besides the classic tourist attractions, the city has many hidden gems all over. There are over 80 museums in NYC, so if you’re interested in history, art, or other topics, this may be the perfect city for you.

The food is amazing

They don’t call New York City a melting pot of different cultures for no reason. It is one of the best places when it comes to food diversity. You can explore the city and choose a meal from any cuisine.

New York is also convenient in terms of food delivery. With so many delivery services available, you can easily get any type of food at any time of day.

It’s the city of opportunities

No matter your background, interests, and overall lifestyle, there is no doubt that you will find yourself a place in New York. There will always be chances to meet new people, explore new interests, and get a different perspective on the world from the many people you’ll come across.

Moving to New York is also a significant change, so don’t feel discouraged if the hectic lifestyle seems like a bit too much in the beginning. You’ll need some time to adjust to the changes, and that’s completely normal.

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