How to spend a day on Lyme Regis Beach

Are you planning a trip to Lyme Regis Beach? If yes, you probably know of the numerous fun activities available there, especially during the summer. Lyme is the perfect UK staycation getaway as it boasts many thrilling features. Some include clifftop hiking spots, dog-friendly beaches in Lyme Regis, picturesque boutique shops, and beautiful sandy beaches with ancient fossils.

We have compiled a comprehensive list of the best attractions in and around Lyme Regis Beach in this post. Keep reading to learn more about the best activities to enjoy when planning a trip to the coast. From the best beaches near Lyme Regis to the best restaurants to the best places to stay, here are the best things to do in Lyme Regis Beach.

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Popularly referred to as the ‘Pearl of Dorset,’ Lyme Regis is the most westerly town in Dorset, a town found in between Devon and Somerset. Located at river Lym’s mouth, Lyme is approximately 30 miles away from Weymouth, 150 miles from London, and about 33 miles from Exeter.

The small town is set on the Jurassic Coast. It is popularly known as Mary Anning’s birthplace, who is one of the world’s most renowned palaeontologists. It is one of the most popular destinations for ancient fossil hunting and outstanding landmarks in the world. Explore the steps of Mary Anning in Monmouth Beach Lyme Regis. This is a one-of-a-kind pebble and rock seafront with plenty of fossil traces to discover.

It is worth noting that the town is very close to the border of Devon. Thus, if you reside in Devon or Dorset, you will use the A3052 and A35 to get to this small coastal town, which will take only a few hours.

Is Lyme Regis Beach Dog-Friendly?

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The picturesque coastal town of Lyme Regis is the ideal spot for beach lovers and sandy family excursions in Dorset. It is perfect, even for those with canine companions. Thanks to its dog-friendly beach in Lyme Regis, you can enjoy amazing treks in the dappled woods and the captivating walks along the Jurassic Coast.

Generally, this small town has several dog-friendly places that you can add to your itinerary. Some examples of dog-friendly beaches at Lyme Regis is Church Cliff. This beach is perfect for rock pooling and sometimes fishing, provided there is good tide, East Cliff, and Monmouth Beach Lyme Regis. These three dog-friendly beaches Lyme Regis allow canines to run along the coastline throughout the year.

However, Town Beach, which is another dog-friendly beach, only allows dogs on the beach from October to April. Town Beach is an ideal spot for families due to the covered stretch of sand that makes it perfect for building sandcastles in the hot summer sun.

Best Things to do Near Lyme Regis Beach

As mentioned earlier, there are numerous things to enjoy in Lyme Regis. The section below will cover some of the most entertaining things to do around Lyme Regis beach.

1. Lyme Regis Marine Aquarium

If you plan a fun day trip with your kids and dogs, Lyme Regis Marine Aquarium is an ideal spot. Found at the end of the Cobb, this family-run location provides a thrilling and interactive view of local sea life. It is next to the dog-friendly beaches Lyme Regis.

Some of the sea animals you are likely to see and even hold include starfish, giant crabs and lobsters, and crawfish. You will also get to see some educational presentations about local maritime heritage, footage of stormy seas and dolphins in Lyme Bay. There are also some video clips of the Lyme Bay reefs.

2. Jane Austen's Garden

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Literary fanatics worldwide are familiar with the works of Jane Austen. As the author of the world-renowned novel ‘Pride and Prejudice and six other literary works of art, Jane Austen is an English novelist mainly loved for her books about the Regency period.

Unknown to many, this world-renowned novelist has a beautiful connection with Lyme Regis. She set her final novel ‘Persuasion.’ It was on the steps of the Cobb where the character Louisa Musgrove fell.

Due to her close affiliation with this small town, Sir Hugh Smiley, 3rd Baronet and chairman of the Jane Austen Society, opened Jane Austen’s Garden in April 1975. It is a small and beautiful garden found opposite Jane’s Café, at the end of the Marine Parade, and near SWIM. It is the perfect spot to spend your summer afternoon as it boasts a wide collection of plants and wildflowers.

Thus, visitors can have picnics on the garden lawns and benches while enjoying the natural fauna on the herbs, flowers, trees, and bushes. You will also enjoy taking pictures of the beautiful and calm scenery set by the old village green.

3. Mini Golf Lyme Regis

No trip to a UK beach is complete without playing crazy golf or mini-golf. You will be happy to know that Lyme Regis Beach has a mini-golf course with its slopes overlooking the beach.

Lyme Regis Mini Golf is an 18-hole miniature golf course situated in Lister Gardens, right above Marine Parade in the town centre. Thanks to its affordable rates and scenic views, it is a popular adult and child-friendly Lyme Regis attraction.

4. Go Deep Sea Fishing

As we had mentioned earlier, Lyme Regis is a seaport with a flourishing local fishing market. If you enjoy deep-sea fishing or wish to catch your seafood lunch or dinner, you can enjoy fishing tours within Lyme Harbour.

There are several fishing boat trip options to choose from. Options depend on whether you want to go sightseeing, deep-sea fishing, or private charters. Some of the most popular ones include Harry May Deep Sea and mackerel fishing trips, Nick’s Mackerel Fishing and Boat Trips, and Lyme Bay Boat Trips.

These trips venture out from the harbour’s edge frequently with up to ten people on board. They provide safe trips full of massive entertainment and the thrill of the catch. Note that all trips consist of the necessary training and equipment needed for a successful fishing trip.

Best Restaurants near Lyme Regis Beach

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Given that Lyme Regis is a popular fishing village in the UK, it is not a surprise that discovering local seafood is one of the best things to do here. There are numerous restaurants to choose from. Some restaurnats even border the beachfront and dog-friendly beaches in Lyme Regis, like Monmouth. Below are some of the best restaurants we found for those visiting Lyme Regis Beach.

1. Largigi Thai Restaurant

Largigi Thai Restaurant and Cafe is directly on the beachfront in Lyme Regis. The restaurant offers stunning panoramic views of the Jurassic Coast and only a short distance away from the beach. It is a family-run restaurant with most of its food prepared on-site and, whenever possible, sourced locally.

Its menu consists of freshly-prepared foods. Items include homemade cakes and cream teas, omelettes, local crab sandwiches, and unique freshly battered fish and chips. There are also many drinks to select from. Think of deluxe hot chocolates, Lavazza coffee, organic ice cream shakes and premium draught lager, and local wines.

So, suppose you want to enjoy a unique eating experience with exquisite presentation and delicate flavours. In that case, Largigi Thai Restaurant is an ideal option. Take note that there is an extensive gluten-free and vegetarian menu for those with food intolerance.

2. Poco Pizza

If you want to enjoy the best pizza outside of Italy, Poco Pizza is the best restaurant to try. Located only a few minutes away from Monmouth beach Lyme Regis, Poco Pizza is a famous spot that serves exceptional wood-fired pizza. The pizza is cooked with authentic Italian ingredients. It is open Monday through Saturday from 17.30 to 21.00. You can order takeout or reserve a cosy table to enjoy the restaurant’s atmospheric ambience.

3. Red Panda

If you want to enjoy a casual lunch during a day out on Monmouth Beach Lyme Regis, why not try Red Panda. With a wide variety of mouth-watering Asian street food, customers can choose to eat in. However, there are limited seats or order takeout.

The red panda is a plastic-free eatery with numerous vegan and vegetarian options to suit the preferences of every customer. From fresh Asian salad boxes to Bao buns to sushi, it is all available at Red Panda.

Best Pubs near Lyme Regis Beach

lyme regis beach pubs

Lyme Regis is a gem located on the world-famous Jurassic Coastline. The beach town consists of a good assortment of traditional taverns that contribute to the area’s rich culture. Below is a list of the top pubs available in Lyme Regis.

1. The Pilot Boat

The Pilot Boat is among the best pubs in Lyme Regis. Having undergone a major refurbishment recently, this pub features three boutique bedrooms, each with a dash of elegance and breath-taking views of the sea. Visitors who opt to stay here will be right on the beach in this historic seaside town.

Throughout the day, visitors can expect a full menu of Palmers’ famed cask ales and classic pub cuisine to satisfy their taste buds. Its gorgeous roof patio captures the sun brilliantly, making it a popular spot for fine dining.

2. Rock Point Inn, Lyme Regis

If you are looking for a pub on the beaches near Lyme Regis beach, Rock Point Inn is an ideal choice. Located exactly where River Lym enters the sea, this pub is a legendary and beautiful whitewashed building that invites you with a warm and friendly welcome every time you visit.

Ranked the best pub in East Devon and Dorset by the Campaign for Real Ale, Rock Point Inn offers an outstanding range of beers, real ales, fine wines, and ciders. However, its real speciality is making exceptional fresh fish dishes, ideal complements during a hot summer afternoon. The pub also features a comfortable seating area and an intimate ambience for customers to enjoy themselves with friends and family.

3. Lyme Regis Brewery

Situated in Town Mill square, Lyme Regis Brewery is a local artisan microbrewery specialising in making award-winning ales. They make classic cask ales and newer and trendy kegged brews, making it the perfect pub for those who enjoy trying out new and thrilling tales.

Furthermore, customers can opt to view how the experts brew their beers and drink them in the battery room. Otherwise, they can also enjoy their beers from the seating area in the courtyard. One of the most popular brews from this brewery is the Town Mill Best, named after the original Town Mill Brewery. It is a rich bitter with fruity, chocolate, and nut flavors to fill your senses.

Best hotels near Lyme Regis beach

Lyme Regis Beach has many great places to eat, drink, and sleep. Whether you prefer fresh seafood, delectable afternoon teas, or hearty pub cuisine, they are all available. Here is a list of the best hotels on the beaches near Lyme Regis.

Best hotels near Lyme Regis beach

Whether you are celebrating a romantic getaway with your significant other or a special occasion with family and friends, Lyme Regis has a wide selection of holiday homes to cater to your needs. We have listed three of the best holiday homes near Lyme Regis that focus on guest comfort, attention to detail, and impressive personal touches.

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