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Lazy Bear Bag by Trendhim – Review

I love that little tug in my belly the night before we go on holiday or leave on a little trip. The anticipation of traveling and exploring somewhere new. When moving to Nepal, Josh and I had to be incredibly selective about what we were going to take with us (which meant we had to throw away a lot!). It also meant that the only real bags we had were… well, large suitcases.

Whenever we travelled to Pokhara, Chitwan or even Nagarkot we did so with either large suitcases (not handy) or with small backpacks and a large Bed Bath and Beyond bag filled with shoes, jackets and anything else that did not need to be stowed away in the safety of our backpacks.

Why won’t you just buy a weekend bag? I hear you ask.

Well. In Kathmandu you sadly have only three choices:

  1. You go for a very expensive branded weekend bag that will cost you more than the trip itself.
  2. You go for a cheap bag – but it will probably disintegrate within a trip or two
  3. You go for a knock off North Face bag – these are such a gamble as they will either do you for the rest of your life or for a few hours.

So, we decided to wait until we were back in Europe before choosing a great weekend bag that could travel with us all over the world, wherever we go.

Enter Trendhim. Trendhim is an online store offering stylish accessories for men. Honestly, they offer some of the most beautiful bags I have ever seen and it was very hard choosing a bag. Their leather duffel bags look great (but leather is a bit iffy in Hindy South Asia) and the backpacks just look incredibly handy.

lazy bear bag

We decided to go for an orange-brown weekend duffle bag. We did not want anything too big or too small – just something that would fit in the back of a small Kathmandu Taxi as well as in the stowage space on a plane.

I was incredibly excited to unpack my Trendhim bag once we landed in the UK. The bag looks great and is of very high quality. The canvas is watertight and the stitching is very firm. I often look at the stitching when deciding on a new bag because I have already had so many handles break on me due to the stitching. I also love the little Explore tag on the side and the quite on the bag: ‘’I Have Been To Almost As Many Places As My Luggage’’.

When looking at the zip I noticed that they use a water-proof zip coating – the same kind of coating I have on my genuine (and very expensive) North Face Jacket. This means that your clothes on the top won’t necessarily get very wet when you leave your bag out in the rain. This is very important for us as Nepal has a Monsoon where it can rain quite heavily very suddenly. This bag will keep our clothes nice and dry in any season!

The bag also comes with two pockets on either end of the bag that can store quite a bit of clothes (or a pair of shoes if you are a small size!). When not using the bag you can stow it away in the little pouch connected to the bag. When using the bag this pouch can be found in the bag and you can even use it to store some valuables as it is hard to get into.

This Lazy Bear bag is the perfect weekend bag to go out and explore – weather you are in the Himalayas (like me), on a beautiful beach in Thailand or in the rugged Rocky Mountains. This is such an amazing product and I will certainly be ordering another bag from Trendhim next year!

lazy bear bag

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