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10 Amazing Day Trips From Denver To Book This Weekend!

Are you looking for day trips from Denver? Why not go on a Denver day trip to explore the Denver mountains?

The mountains near Denver Colorado are absolutely magnificent. As Denver is nestled on the plains near the Rocky Mountains, you will often get amazing panoramic views over the white topped mountain peaks from the city. But when you have some time in Denver, it might be a good idea to book a tour or a day trip to go and discover these mountains through hiking, driving or even biking.

To help you book the best day trip from Denver, we have put together a list of the best Denver Day Trips that take you through or to the Denver Mountains.

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best day trips from Denver foothills tour

From Red Rocks Amphitheater to Lookout Mountain to the majestic Lariat Loop, the Denver foothills are home to some of Colorado’s most beautiful views. Get panoramic views of the mountains that surround Denver and wander through quaint, historic towns. You will be going on a half-day tour from Denver that explores the picturesque foothills, before arriving in Evergreen for a little rest and some well-deserved drinks.

This Foothills Explorer Tour is a great little getaway from Denver and the perfect way for you to get some walking and hiking in without it being too strenuous. You will be driven out to the foothills and take the scenic route along the Lariat loop by car.

At Evergreen you will stop for a coffee and a wine tasting. This Denver Day Trip is ran as a small group which means you have more than enough time to explore the Denver mountains and take pictures. This Denver Day Trip is also one of the best and only ways to visit the Red Rocks Amphitheater through a tour.

Discover Rocky Mountain National Park from Denver or Boulder

best day trips from Denver discover rocky mountains

This amazing Denver day trip will take you from the streets of Denver straight into the Rocky Mountain National Park. You will drive from Denver through the mountains to one of the best and most amazing hiking trails near Denver. Here you will need to keep your eyes open for elk, black bears and even moose as you weave your way through historic small towns and gorgeous panoramic alpine passes.

This Denver day trip does include some hiking, but you will be able to take in the fresh mountain air as you stand on the summit of a hill in the middle of the Rocky Mountains.

This day trip to the Denver Mountains is great for those who love panoramic views and would like to spot some local wildlife. The tour will allow you ample time to explore each stop, and you will be driven from Denver or Boulder to the Rocky Mountain National Park in a comfortable little bus.

Water refill and lunch are included in this tour, but you will need to bring your own reusable bottle.

Hiking Adventure in Rocky Mountain National Park Day Trip from Denver

Want to see the best of the Rocky Mountain National Park? Then this Denver Day Trip is for you! Go on a hiking adventure in the Rocky Mountain National Park with an expert guide. The hiking is accessible to even the most novice nature enthusiasts as the guide will be walking at a slow pace. This is not only so everyone can keep up, but also so you can soak up all the amazing views around the Denver Mountains.

The entrance fee to the park is included in the price of the tour and you will stop at noon for a packed lunch. In case you have any dietary needs you can communicate these to the tour company before your Denver Day Trip to the Rocky Mountains.

The hike itself is easy to moderate and is about 4 miles long. There is plenty of opportunity for you to sit or rest if needed. As this is a full day tour, you will have ample time in the Rocky Mountains and the expert guide will make sure you leave this Denver Day trip with lots of new knowledge and great pictures of the panoramic views in the Rocky Mountains. There is a chance for you to see elk, moose, eagles and if lucky even some bears! Book this day trip from Denver today.

Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods Tour from Denver

best day trips from Denver pikes peak

Looking to go on an adventure in the Denver Mountains Colorado? Well, luckily you will not have to go far! Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods is one of the post amazing pieces of nature near Denver and this Denver Day Trip will take you there for a hike and a stroll. Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods has inspired musicians and artists all over Colorado – the USA even, and now you have a chance to spend the day walking through these magical places.

This Day Trip from Denver promises to be a small group tour. An expert guide and driver will take you up to Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods. Please to take a refillable bottle as the guide will carry a water refill with him or her that is free to use. Park Entry fees are included in the price for the Day Trip – the only thing you need to take are a good pair of hiking boots and some sun screen in summer!

Breckenridge Ultimate Full Day Mountain Tour from Denver

best day trips from Denver breckenridge

Breckenridge is one of the most popular ski resorts in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. This Denver Day Tour will take you to Breckenridge on a full day tour and allows you to visit the most beautiful sites on the way. The first stop will be the famous Red Rocks Amphitheatre, known and hailed for its amazing acoustics.

You will also stop at Clear Creek Canyon during this Day Trip from Denver and drive through the Continental Divide. On your way to Breckenridge, you will have time to visit one of the most beautiful ghost towns in the area after which you can spend some time in this iconic ski resort for lunch and shopping. The tour guide will give you some time to explore Breckenridge after which you will be driven back to Denver through the Eisenhower Tunnel, which is the longest and highest passenger tunnel in the world!

Scenic Mount Evans Tour from Denver

best day trips from denver mount evans

This amazing scenic Denver Day Trip will take you to the most amazing peaks near Denver and lets you explore the historic Old West Boom Towns nestled in the Rocky Mountains. You will be driving from Denver up to Mount Evans – one of the highest peaks of Colorado. From here you will have an amazing view panoramic view over the mountain range and the Continental divide.

On your day trip from Denver you will meet bighorn sheep, and if you are lucky you might even see some elks or an eagle circling above. The tour guide will give you extra time to do some shopping and sight seeing in the old mining towns and will teach you all there is about the state’s rich history in silver and gold mining.

This Denver Day Trip is led by a local guide who knows a lot about the area’s history and can point out the local and native wildlife. Lunch in the form of a Turkey or Vegetarian sandwich is included and you can always include preferences and dietary restrictions while booking. The guide will also bring a water refill, you just can’t forget to take a reusable bottle!

Rocky Mountain National Park and Estes Park Tour from Denver

If you would like to visit both the Rocky Mountain National Park and the beautiful community of Estes Park, them this Denver Day Trip is a great one to book. This Day Trip from Denver will give you a taste of the real Colorado. A local guide will meet you at the pick up point where you will board a roomy and comfortable car with AC.

Your first stop on this Day Trip from Denver will be the University of Colorado’s main campus in Boulder after which you will be taken on a trip through the Rocky Mountains. Here you need to look out for the local wildlife such as deer, elk and even eagles and beers. Once in the Rocky Mountain National Park you can stretch your legs and walk up to the glacier lake.

The guide on this Day Trip from Denver is more than happy to take you to all the prettiest spots. Here you have more than enough opportunities to take photos. You will also be driven to Estes Park. Estes Park is a beautiful Alpine community where you have a great chance of seeing elk. Here you can walk around, have some food or even do some shopping on your day trip form Denver.

Rocky Mountain National Park Overnight Backpacking from Denver and Boulder

best day trips from Denver overnight backpacking

Although this tour is not a Denver day trip but an overnight trip, I still wanted to include it, just because it is one of the most popular tours on the website AND it sounds absolutely amazing.

This overnight hiking excursion day trip from Denver is a great way to experience some hiking and backpacking without it being too strenuous. It allows for an amazing outdoor experience while staying in the most beautiful part of the Rockies.

During this Denver Trip you will be able to discover the secluded backcountry, places where normal tourists hardly every venture. You will also be able to learn about backpacking and backpacking essentials while the guide takes you on the most beautiful hiking paths in the area.

This little Denver trip will allow you to reconnect with nature while and experience some low-key backpacking through the Colorado woods.

Included in the trip are basic gear such as a tent, a sleeping bag, a sleeping mat, a backpack and a headlamp. The tour guide will also provide you with breakfast lunch and dinner and all the other essentials you will need to make your stay in the Colorado woods comfortable.

Rocky Mountains Sightseeing Adventure Day Trip From Denver

best day trips from Denver sightseeing

Want to go on a sightseeing tour in the Rocky Mountains? Then this Denver Daytrip is for you! Head off on a mountain adventure and drive to the most amazing panoramic views in the mountains.

This day trip from Denver will take you through the beautiful Colorado forests where you can see the local wildlife such as elk, deer and if you are lucky even a bear! You will be able to see some of the sights normal tourists would never see while also having one of the most enjoyable experiences in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

You will head to Evergreen and Echo Lake as well as Mount Evans and Idaho Springs. During this day trip from Denver you can partake in sightseeing, walks in nature and of course photography. The tour is led by a knowledgeable local guide who will take care of you from beginning to end.

The guide will provide you with snacks and bottled water and a DSLR camera if you requested one. In winter the guide of this Day Trip from Denver will also provide you with goggles and crampons.

Guided Mountain-Biking Tour of Colorado’s Front Range Day Trip From Denver

best day trips from Denver mountain biking

Not a big fan of walking? Or maybe you are an adrenaline junky? Why not head off on this amazing guided mountain biking day trip through the Colorado front range?

This half-day excursion allows you to experience the exhilaration of mountain biking along Colorado’s Front Range. Hop on a high-quality mountain bike with an expert guide and travel down routes among the stunning landscape of the Rocky Mountains. Choose between a morning or afternoon departure for a tailored ride based on your experience and ability.

Included in this Denver Day trip is the use of the bike as well as the helmet, an energy bar and a sports drink. You will need to take your own food and drinks unless otherwise noted. Book this day trip from Denver if you would like to experience the Rocky Mountains by bike.

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