10 Best restaurants in Charmouth

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Looking for the best Charmouth restaurants and Charmouth pubs? Charmouth is a top-rated tourist destination in the UK, well known for its beach and great views. This coastal town is popular with caravaners and those looking to explore the area. You can find suitable Charmouth Pubs or restaurants in Charmouth. 

Charmouth has many places to eat. Some of the restaurants are award-winning. In addition, there are pubs where you can enjoy some fantastic cuisines from different parts of the world or delicious local food. They are also perfect to have a drink while taking in spectacular views of the Jurassic Coast.

If you feel like eating or drinking out in one of the Charmouth Pubs or excellent Charmouth restaurants, here are some of the best places you can go to.

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best charmouth restaurants charmouth pubs fish bar

Nothing beats a freshly made fish and chip meal from this Charmouth restaurant when it comes to seafood dining. Their extensive menu includes all of your favorites. Think of the finest sustainable fish, freshly prepared pizzas, local pies, pasties, gourmet burgers, chips, and so much more. You can find many gluten-free options at this restaurant in Charmouth and a great kids’ menu for your little ones. This Charmouth restaurant has something for everyone. Whether you’re a seafood lover or prefer something meaty instead, you’ll find the perfect meal.

You can order your food to take away, but honestly, this Charmouth pub is an excellent place if you choose to dine in. The interior and decor are inviting and family-friendly with a homely, cozy feel. This Charmouth restaurant attracts many families and couples looking for a great meal. There is plenty of space if you come with your family or a big group of friends. This is one of the Charmouth restaurants and Charmouth Pubs we highly recommend. Plus, it is dog-friendly. You can come with your furry friends and have a good time along with them in the great outdoor seating area, something familiar in Charmouth Pubs. Even when staying in Lyme Regis, driving down for the lovely food and the varied menu is worth it. 

The George - Charmouth pub

best charmouth restaurants charmouth pubs the george

The George is one of the best Pubs in Charmouth. This Charmouth pub has offered high-quality dishes to Charmouth locals and visitors alike for a while now. It’s the number one Charmouth Pub for fast food. This is clear from their superior service and exceptional food options. 

The chefs at The George Pub in Charmouth strive towards using local ingredients wherever possible. Note that the majority of their menu changes with the season. The George pub in Charmouth is one of the family-friendlyCharmouth Pubs. It has a welcoming atmosphere, a lot of space for everyone, and a kid’s area. There is even a beer garden where kids play while adults eat or order one of the delicious beers at this Charmouth pub. The George accepts card payments and has a tremendous online menu to check out before you go.

The staff at this Charmouth pub is very friendly. They’ll help you with anything you need, and they make sure you leave the place completely satisfied. This pub in Charmouth has a great food selection, and our favorites are the burgers. The George pub in Charmouth feels like a warm welcome to Charmouth, so come give it a try and see for yourself why people love theseCharmouth Pubs. Best of all? It’s a dog-friendly pub in Charmouth! It is close to the Charmouth Heritage Coast Centre, and in the morning, this Pub Bar Restaurant serves delicious eggs on toast. 

The Bank House Restaurant in Charmouth

The Bank House restaurant in Charmouth is one of the Charmouth restaurants we highly recommend. This atmospheric Charmouth restaurant has a lot of charm. They serve fresh food made with ingredients sourced from local companies whenever possible. 

This Charmouth restaurant is committed to sourcing locally-sourced meats, fruit & vegetables for all their menu items. Their cuisine can best be described as tasty and homely, with a lovely ambiance. 

This Charmouth restaurant also offers the finest ales. They have British food and coffee and a good selection of cakes. There is also a kids menu for the little ones, who are sure to love it here too! Unlike other Charmouth restaurants, this place only opens on weekends. So people come here mainly to enjoy a great breakfast.

The atmosphere in this Charmouth restaurant is excellent and welcoming, mainly because of the super friendly staff. You will get outstanding service and nothing less. Your food will come fast, hot, and delicious! And you can enjoy some vegan and gluten-free options. This is one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Charmouth, and it’s worth it heading down, even when staying in Lyme Regis. 

Come here, take place in the outside seating area and enjoy a good coffee and a delicious cake.

The Royal Oak Inn Charmouth pub

best charmouth restaurants charmouth pubs the royal oak

Charmouth restaurants are as family-friendly as they get! The Royal Oak Inn is not an exception. This charming Charmouth pub offers traditional pub food. The menu includes a range of freshly prepared main meals (vegetarian and gluten-free options). The vegan & vegetarian options at this pub in Charmouth are almost as good and abundant as the meaty ones. The Royal Oak Inn has so many options you may get confused. The portions at this Charmouth pub are significant, and everything tastes fantastic! 

My advice? Don’t leave without trying something from their special boar! You can also choose some vegan desserts for your meal. If you fancy yourself a sweet tooth like me, they will make the perfect end for this food experience.

The location of this pub in Charmouth is perfect. You only need to walk for a few minutes to get to any of the attractions in Charmouth. It is also close to other Charmouth Pubs. If you are coming back from a beach day, or you are in a quest of the best Pubs in Charmouth, you can easily decide to stop for lunch here as well as your journey. If the weather is terrible, you can still enjoy your meal indoors or take it away and eat in a more casual way that fits you, like sitting on the bench outside. This pub bar-restaurant is more than worth a visit! 

The Charmouth Royal Oak Inn accepts card payments and is very good at online ordering; check them out before you visit Charmouth Beach.

Dom’s Table - Charmouth restaurant

best charmouth restaurants charmouth pubs doms table

This is one of the Charmouth restaurants that excel in offering quality meals on its menu. Here you can enjoy British/European cuisine served in a 4-course meal that changes daily. The staff at this Charmouth restaurant are super friendly. They will help you find anything on the menu if you need it. 

Dom’s Table restaurant in Charmouth offers a good range of vegan and gluten-free options, too, so that makes this place perfect for everyone! You’ll have a fantastic selection of organic wines and local beers, too, so you never have to worry about being left without something to drink! The service at this Charmouth restaurant is very fast so you won’t have to wait too long until your food is served. Portions are good-sized, so if you are hungry, make sure to come here with an appetite!

You need to have in mind that, to come here, you need to make a reservation first. Booking at this Charmouth restaurant is essential if you think of having dinner here. Dom’s Table is closed from Sunday to Tuesday but is open all the other days of the week. This restaurant in Charmouth is closer to the beach than other restaurants in Charmouth. You can actually hear the waves crashing while dining in this restaurant. This is one of the best vegetarian restaurants in the area. 

The inside is very cozy, with dimmed lights to enhance that seaside feeling. So, if you are interested in good Charmouth restaurants, check this one out!

Millside Restaurant in Charmouth

best charmouth restaurants charmouth pubs millside

Millside is one of the favorite restaurants in Charmouth for everyone looking for fantastic food in a lovely setting. This Charmouth restaurant serves a variety of freshly prepared lunch and dinner options. It includes vegetarian, vegan, and kids’ menus. The menu is not a long-term fixed; it changes depending on the ingredients available in the area. However, you can still check the menu of this Charmouth restaurant online to get an idea of what they offer. 

Either way, we think you are going to love it. This is one of the Charmouth restaurants where people even love to take pictures of their food just because it is delicious! The staff is amiable and helpful if you need any help choosing from the menu or have food allergies or dietary restrictions. The inside of this Charmouth restaurant is clean, well lit, and spacious, an excellent option to take your food, but eating outside is a great choice too. You can enjoy soft drinks as well as a perfect local craft beer. 

The convenient location is what makes it one of the best Charmouth restaurants. You’ll be so close to everything, including River Lym and the cliffs. It is so easy to stop by this restaurant in Charmouth on your way out or after a lovely day at Charmouth Beach! You can also have lunch here if you explore the area on foot.

Large cafe Charmouth

best charmouth restaurants charmouth pubs large

Large is one of the most popular Charmouth restaurants for a coffee in town. They always have new and exciting specials that you can enjoy with your favorite hot beverage. But if you are hungry, this restaurant in Charmouth place offers a variety of excellent Thai food and Pizza. 

The great thing about these Charmouth restaurants is that you can order take-out and sit-down; the choice is yours! The inside of the place is excellent, the atmosphere and the decoration make you feel like you are on holiday. The staff in this restaurant in Charmouth is friendly. They will treat you like family, so don’t hesitate to ask them questions if something confuses or bothers you about the menu options.

This Charmouth restaurant is perfect for those who need a quick coffee or want to spend some time chatting with their friends after a long day at the beach in West Dorset.

The food tastes fantastic, and it’s not too pricey. Some of the dishes are more on the spicy side, so if you don’t like it hot, make sure to tell them! They also have vegetarian options on the menu. The portions at this restaurant in Charmouth are good, so you will definitely not leave hungry or thirsty after your meal.

Bring your kids too! They’ll have fun here, but first, make sure to book a place; one of the Pubs in Charmouth requires a reservation.

The Whole Hog Charmouth restaurant

best charmouth restaurants charmouth pubs the whole hog

The Whole Hog is a great option for those looking for the best restaurants in Charmouth. The place is small but is really popular with locals and tourists from all over the world. The food at this Charmouth restaurant is to die for! As soon as you walk in, you can smell that unique aroma mixed with the excellent pulled pork. 

The place has a rustic and country vibe to it. The inside is very cozy, and they don’t have an outside seating area, but that won’t stop you from enjoying the charm and beauty of this place. The staff at this Charmouth restaurant is very friendly, and they will help you with whatever you need no matter how busy they are. They prepare great burgers street food, and their specialty is doughnuts. So don’t leave Charmouth without trying this Charmouth restaurant.

It is so close to everything you want to visit in Charmouth that you will not get tired of coming here at all! The beach and River Lym are incredibly tight; you can even see them while dining or drinking. The prices at this restaurant in Charmouth are very affordable, so don’t hesitate to stop here for lunch before exploring the area. The perfect place to stop after a long day on the beach or a walk through the Dorset countryside.

Pilot Boat Inn Restaurant Pub

best charmouth restaurants charmouth pubs the pilot boat inn

The Pilot Boat Inn is one of the top Charmouth Pubs to hang out with your family and friends. The place has an amiable vibe, the staff is always smiling, and you can feel how much they enjoy working there. But what makes this Charmouth pub genuinely excellent is its food options! 

This pub in Charmouth serves a traditional British menu. However, it comes with an exciting twist that sets them apart from the other Charmouth restaurants. If you require a special diet, don’t worry, this Charmouth pub has so many vegan and gluten-free options. So eat a pizza, drink a coffee, and everything will be more than satisfactory.

The location of this pub in Charmouth is right in front of the beach, and that’s a great reason to come and sit in the outside seating area. You can enjoy the fresh air, take in the beautiful views while you drink your beverage, and enjoy the live music this pub in Charmouth sometimes offers.

This Charmouth pub is perfect for families, but they do serve alcohol, so be aware of that. So don’t hesitate to stop here for a proper afternoon tea if you want to enjoy an English experience in one of the best Pubs in Charmouth.

The Oyster & Fish House Charmouth restaurant

The Oyster & Fish House is one of the best Charmouth restaurants, all you have to do is take a quick look at their menu, and it will be clear why. This restaurant in Charmouth has outstanding value for money. If you’re looking for a traditional English restaurant where you can order tasty fish and chips, then the Oyster & Fish House is the perfect place to go. 

This Charmouth restaurant is a family-friendly restaurant, they have a lovely terrace, perfect when the weather is nice. The location is perfect as this Charmouth restaurant is not too close to the beach but still close enough to have an incredible ocean view from the terrace.

The service at this restaurant in Charmouth is outstanding. You can enjoy a nice meal with your friends while conversing and not being drowned out by other people. The ingredients taste fresh, and the chefs have mastered the art of presenting fish deliciously.

Make sure to book before stopping for dinner at this restaurant in Charmouth; they get busy at times, especially during the weekends. But don’t worry, you will not regret stopping by.

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