Best Day Trips from Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a dream city, the embodiment of freedom, lightness and beauty. In the capital of the Netherlands, attractions are on every corner. And yes, everyone should visit here at least once in their life. What to see in Amsterdam for maximum immersion in its atmosphere and culture, find out in this article.

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London: One of the Best Day Trips from Amsterdam

Best day trips from Amsterdam London

When deciding to get somewhere out of Amsterdam, most people choose something in the vicinity. Belgium and Germany come to mind. However, a trip to London is the best solution.

In our opinion, one of the nicest day trips from Amsterdam will be this one. Why? Because on a day trip you can even get out on your day off, and you can get to the very moment where there will be no crowds of tourists, and the trip will be exciting.

In addition, London is a city with a lot of sights and interesting places and lots of entertainment. London is full of its legends and history, and the architecture of this city is unique and captivates from the first glance.

If you choose to train to London for one day from Amsterdam, then we suggest you go there by train. The journey takes 4 hours. This is a little longer when compared with the time spent on a trip around Amsterdam, however, not so long when compared with places far from Amsterdam.

You only need to get up early to spend the whole day in London, as well as return late in the evening. However, we guarantee that it’s worth it.

What to see in London

  1. Tower Bridge
Bridge across the river, Tower Bridge, Thames River, London, England

From the Tower Bridge, which adorns the historic center, you can begin your journey around the city in the Tower Hamlets region. A representation of the British capital is this bridge. While ships can travel over its lower section, which is used for traffic, people can walk along the higher section.

In recent years, the pedestrian gallery in the support towers on either side of the bridge has made an excellent viewing platform. Awe-inspiring views are available from its height thanks to the large windows.

You can also visit the museum located on the bridge there. Opening hours: from April to September – from 10 am to 6:30 pm, and from October to March – from 9:30 am to 6 pm.

  1. Sherlock Holmes Museum

In our country, as in England, Conan Doyle’s stories are extremely popular, almost everyone knows them and where else, if not in this country, the Sherlock Holmes Museum should have been opened. This place is the absolute leader in visits from all the museums in London. It is always full of tourists from around the world, because Sherlock is known almost all over the globe.

The museum is open from 9:30 am to 6 pm seven days a week.

  1. Tower of London
best day trips from Amsterdam the tower of London

The Royal Palace is a historical castle museum that is situated close to Tower Bridge. If you take a guide, you will get to know its fascinating history.

It is better to know the schedule of work in advance, since its opening hours depend on the time and month of the year.

  1. Piccadilly street

Respectable Piccadilly Street is known for its opulent residences and has been a favorite among the English upper class for more than three centuries.

  1.  Sky Garden Observation Deck

The Walkie Talkie skyscraper’s upper floors are glazed on all sides and filled with gardens that are situated on terraces that face east and west. Londoners visit this tranquil location to unwind among the lianas, ferns, and flowers of the tropics.

On weekdays from 10 am to 6 pm and on weekends from 11 am to 9 pm, the garden is accessible.

Delft and the Girl with the Pearl Earring

Traveling from Amsterdam to Daft will give you unforgettable emotions.

In Delft, you will see a girl in a blue scarf looking at you from everywhere we go: from numerous souvenirs, china and even from advertising posters.

The Vermeer Places Walk passes through the main sights of Delft.

If you wish, you can have a bite: both herring on ice and the famous sweet mini hot pancakes “poffertjes” from the heat are waiting for you! It is impossible to leave Delft without visiting porcelain shops – they are located right on the market square.

Optionally, you can end the tour with a visit to the Vermeer Center. You can simply go into this restored old building of the guild of artists, look around the spacious foyer, cluttered and hung with numerous reproductions and souvenirs, and purchase a magnet with “Girl with a Pearl Earring”. Or the earrings themselves – exactly like in the picture.

The Hague

Best day trips from Amsterdam The Hague

Out of all the day trips departing from Amsterdam, you might choose a journey to The Hague. The primary justification for this is that The Hague is one of the most prominent cities in the Netherlands. It is also one of the most beautiful.

The distance between Amsterdam and The Hague is rather short, just taking around an hour.

Since The Hague is where the Dutch government is based, there are many impressive structures there. The Hague is also home to the International Court of Justice. A trip here is essential.

Make sure to check out Madurodam, a popular miniature park.

The Red Light District, the Van Gogh Museum, Dam Square and, of course, the canals of Amsterdam – there is something to see in this city. Amsterdam is spread over hundreds of small islands intertwined with canals and bridges. In total, there are 1281 bridges in Amsterdam – three times more than in Venice.

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