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Best Southampton Beaches to visit this weekend!

There is something very magical about beaches: the calming sound of the waves, soft breeze with a scent of sand, the union of sky and the sea is a mesmerizing view to witness.

For many families their favorite beach is an important holiday destination which they love to visit again and again. The beach is a perfect place for sunbathing, swimming, reading and dreaming. It is also an ideal spot for kids to have great adventures and to learn more about little creatures and critters.  

There are quite a number of nice beaches near Southampton which you might want to go to when visiting Southampton. In this article we have curated a list of the most beautiful beaches in Southampton.

Weston Hard Woolston Beach Southamton

best beaches in southampton Weston Hard Woolston Beach Southamton

Among the most beautiful beaches in Southampton, this is a small marina beach at the mouth of river Itchen underneath the Itchen Bridge, on the South east side of Southampton. It is a pebbly beach where you can spend some nice quality time with your family, looking for little crabs between the beaches. 

This is a beautiful beach for a little picnic or a little outing with the whole family. Swimming at this beach, however, is strictly forbidden due to riptides. 

There is a free dedicated parking area for the beach where you can easily find place to park your car. You will also find a  playground where children can play all day long just adjacent to the beach. It is good to know that this is a dog friendly beach in southampton.

Calshot Beach

best beaches southampton calshot beach

Next in the list of beaches in Southampton is Calshot beach which is a mile long shingle spit which reaches out into the mouth of Southampton Water. It is one of the UK’s biggest outdoor and watersports centers. You can also have a great view of the ships coming and going from one of the UK’s largest ports. On the other side of the beach there is an extensive salt marsh which is home to many birds and other wildlife. The water quality of this beach is rated 5 stars because the water is clean and pure. The nearest town to this beach is Lymington. Dogs are allowed on this beach.

Netley Abbey Beach Southampton

best beaches southampton Netley Abbey Beach Southampton

Netley Abbey is one the best family beaches in Southampton. This is a lovely pebble beach with a cafe, toilets, parking and a nice play park. A large free car park with a marvellous view of the Southampton Water. 

There are some really pleasant walks to be head near Netley Abbey and from here you can see all the ships come into Southampton Harbour. 

There aren’t too many tourists on this beach which makes it a great place to visit if you are looking for a quiet beach. Dogs are allowed on this beach.

Hamble Common Beach

best beaches southampton hamble common beach

Hamble Common Beach is a beautiful and quiet beach perfect for a relaxing family picnic. You can watch the boats come and go or keep an eye on the local bird life. This beach is great if you are fond of fishing, you can find many species of fish here.

There are many small cafes around the beach where you can stop for refreshments or have a little snack. This beach provides free car parking. Hamble Common Beach is a dog friendly beach. 

Weston Shore Promenade Southampton

Weston Shore Promenade is a pebbly beach where you can have a great view of the sunset. It is a great choice for walking or cycling because there is a dedicated track along the beach. There are a lot of benches where you can sit quietly and have a nice view of the harbour and boats. 

There is a playground adjacent to the beach so this is a great place to take your kids. There is also free parking provided next to the beach. You will find cafes, neat and clean toilets and ice cream van at the beach. Swimming at Weston Shore Promenade is not allowed as this beach is adjacent to an industrial area. 

This beach is dog friendly, and there is a dedicated space for dogs to play.

Lee on the Solent beach Southampton

best beaches in southampton Lee on the Solent beach Southampton

There is always something going on in the Solent and Lee-on-Solent beach is a great place to watch the wonderful stretch of the water between the south coast and the Isle of Wight. This beautiful shingle beach lies between Southampton and Portsmouth. 

Behind the beach there are beautiful grassy areas which are perfect for picnics and games. It is big fun to swim in these waters but make sure there is a guard on duty. Dogs are not allowed on this beach. 

Hill Head Beach

best beaches southampton Hill Head Beach

Across the Solent form Isle of Wight Hill Head Beach is a lengthy stretch of shingle beach. Along much of the stretch this beach is divided by wooden groynes which offer some protection in keeping the shingle in place. Hill head beach is a popular place among water sport enthusiasts because it offers sailing, windsurfing, jet skiing, swimming and good fishing. The shoreline of Hill Head overlooks the Solent. As it is one of the busiest sea lanes of the English coast, it is great fun watching the boats! 

Near the beach there is Titchfield Haven National Nature Reserve which is a home to a vast array of birdlife. Dogs sometimes are allowed on the main part of the beach. From May 1st to September 30th you cannot walk your dog on the beach.  

Lepe Beach Southampton

Situated in the area of outstanding natural beauty, Lepe beach is a stony beach that forms part of The New Forest National Park. Lepe beach offers a good view of Isle of Wight. With large areas of lush green grass this beach is a perfect family picnic spot, there are enclosed play areas and dedicated bbq areas. It has an important history as well, during World War 2 it was a departure point for the troops and along the beach you can find lots of information boards depicting the importance of the beach. 

Lepe Beach is a pebbly beach with many fun activities such as good fishing spots, swimming, windsurfing and canoeing. There is a first aid point at the beach, a café and clean toilets. Dogs are not permitted at the main area of the beach during April to September. There is no lifeguard service so it is not recommended to swim at Lepe Beach. If you are into camping I would also have a look at the Lepe Beach campsite. You can find more information about this in our article about the best camping spots in the New Forest.

Brownwich Beach Southampton

Brownwich beach is owned by the ministry of defense and it is commonly used for training purposes. Brownwich beach is a sand and shingle beach located in Gosport just outside Portsmouth. In clear weather you can see straight across the Isle of Wight. This beach is quite popular in the summer when the beach is opened to the public. 

It is a dog friendly beach so it is a great spot for dog owners to take their dogs for nice evening walks. The beach is overall quite calm with large dunes which makes this a perfect beach for those looking to relax or just go out for a gorgeous beach walk!

What are the best dog-friendly beaches in Southampton

Out of many beaches in Southampton, there are a few beaches that are dog friendly. You will be able to walk your dog on the beach as long as you adhere to the local guidelines. The following Southampton beaches are dog-friendly.

  • Brownwich Beach
  • Calshot Beach
  • Hamble common beach
  • Taddiford Gap

Please note that some beaches listed as dog friendly may still have certain restricted areas during certain times of year.

What are the best family beaches near Southampton

beaches southampton family friendly

Getting bored in Southampton and want to have a good sunny day out with your family? There are many beaches in Southampton which are family friendly. Here are some of the best beaches in Southampton for some family fun in the sun!

  • Hill Head Beach
  • Calshot Beach
  • Lepe Beach

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