best places to stay in Burley New Forest

3 best places to stay in Burley, The New Forest

Burley in The New Forest is a magical place – not only is it known for history with witchcraft (spooky!), Burley and its surroundings are also one of the most beautiful places in the UK (if you ask me!)

As Burley is the PERFECT base for discovering the New Forest it shouldn’t be a surprise that I would recommend staying the night in the sleepy, little village overrun by kind horses and deer.

I have put together a list of 10 amazing places to stay in Burley you might want to have a look at when booking your next holiday in The New Forest!

The White Buck In is known around the area as an amazing place to stay. Not only will you be staying the night in a beautiful Victorian manor, the rooms are laid out and designed with cottage luxury in mind.

Although The White Buck might be a little walk from the centre of Burley, you will be surrounded by the forest the moment you walk out of the door.

The White Buck is also known in the area as an exquisite place to grab a bite and a drink. They have a large beer garden that gets nice and cosy after dark in summer. I would definitely recommend you have a look as The White Buck is a local favourite!

The first time I walked past the Burley In, I wasn’t impressed. It looked a bit old and dodgy. You know? One of those honeypot village tourist lodgings. But when my husband and I had our wedding party in Burley and multiple of our guests were staying at The Burley Inn, I discovered that The Burley Inn is actually decent!

Although the rooms are not as luxurious as The White Buck (hence the massive difference in price), the rooms are clean, beautifully decorated and the food is nice! I had a very disappointing Full English Breakfast in The Cider Pantry, and I found out that The Burley Inn is the place to be when you crave some bacon, beans and egg!

If you are looking for a local, clean, not too expensive and central hotel or place to stay – the Burley in is where you will want to book!

Ah… The Burley Manor.

If I had all the money in the world, I would probably rent a room there for the rest of my life. The beautiful Victorian Manor sits on a wonderful patch of land next to the Deer Sanctuary. The rooms are to die for, the interior seems to come straight out of an (expensive) interior design magazine and you will be so pampered by staff that you just wouldn’t want to leave!

Everything in The Burley Manor is set up for the comfort of their guests – the beds, the rooms, the breakfast.

And they also house a great Mediterranean restaurant! I still have to try it but friends and family have nothing but good to say about the food.

You might want to book this one FARRRR in advance as this hotel is in very high demand and often booked months in advance!

best places to stay in burley new forest

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