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My 3 favourite picnic places in London

Winter is turning into spring and you can feel that people are waiting to shed the winter and change into their summer mood. The spring and summer always pull loads of people towards parks to sit, drink, and picnic. These are the 5 best places to have a picnic in London. 5 best picnic places london glitterrebel

Hyde Park

Hyde Park is gigantic! It is so incredibly big that there will always be a little spot for you to sit down. In summer there is a great atmosphere with people playing games, walking around and talking with the neighbouring groups of people and sometimes, if you are lucky, the people next to you might have a guitar. I absolutely love sitting by the water and looking at the birds in the serpentine and eating ice cream while laughing at the people in peddle boats. 5 best picnic places london glitterrebel

St James's Park

Another one of my absolute favourites is St James's Park. I absolutely love the serpentine with the pelicans and other rare birds the royal family has been gifted throughout the years. I adore the little houses and cottages that are sprawled throughout the little park- especially the house for the bird keeper is incredible. Another reason why the park is so great is because when you are having a picnic, it could be that you get "unwanted" visitors. The squirrels are known to be quite nosey and might just as well come and beg for a bit of bread if you're not too loud. 5 best picnic places london glitterrebel russel square

Russel Square

The first few times I came to the UK, I went to Russel Square to wait for my boyfriend. He was still studying at UCL and I took that time to just sit in the April sun and read. It was so incredibly nice that the next times I decided to bring some food and a little plaid to sit between the daffodils. It was absolutely priceless and I cannot wait till doing this again! What are your favourite places in London for a picnic?   3 favourite picnic spots in London 3 best picnic places in London  

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