10 best restaurants in Yeovil

yeovil restaurants
best restaurants yeovil tamburino

A well known restaurant in Yeovil that first opened in 2005 and solidified itself as one of Yeovil’s best restaurants serving traditional Italian cuisine. The owner of the restaurant Domenico Taravella is from Sicily, which is where most of his inspirations for his dishes originate from. The restaurant focuses on providing a unique Sicilian twist to the dishes, and has a wide assortment of wonderful meals you can try out. Dishes such as the Arancini which is a type of homemade stuffed risotto ball and Salmon & King Prawn Salad all have fresh ingredients sourced daily to provide the best quality. Be sure not to miss out on Tamburino’s specialty pizzas and pastas, you will surely experience the best Italian cuisine you can find here at Yeovil. 

Nuova Italia Restaurant

Nuova Italia Restaurant is another wonderful Italian restaurant that has won a few awards for their delicious traditional Italian cuisine. Visiting here will ensure that you will be introduced to the wide assortment of authentic Italian dishes that this establishment has to offer, simply one of the best Italian restaurants in Yeovil. The food sserved are all freshly made using the finest of ingredients. The menu is also seasonally changed to bring more variety, although the delicious Italian touch is not lost. Do try out some chicken served in a cream, mushroom, and wine sauce, some homemade lasagna, and their authentic pizza to truly experience what Italian cuisine has to offer!

Daniel Sushi Restaurant Yeovil

best restaurants yeovil daniel sushi

If you are ever looking to get some sushi or are currently craving Japanese food, Daniel Sushi is the best restaurant you can go to! They provide a wide variety of high-quality sushi using the freshest of ingredients. It is quite rare to find a good sushi restaurant in Yeovil, but the quality Daniel Sushi has to offer rivals most sushi restaurants in London! Their specialty is of course sushi that is created with skill, attention, and care while also utilizing fresh ingredients. They also have a wide assortment of other dishes such as Tempura and Teppanyaki to compliment your meal.

Castello Yeovil Restaurant

Castello first opened in 2013 where its owners engraved authentic Italian traditions and values within its dishes. The owners are passionate about food, and will strive to present to you one of the best Italian dishes in Yeovil. The chefs all enforce the importance of having fresh ingredients used on all the dishes, and the menu is derived from the authenticity of Italy. They have a wide assortment of specialties, a few to note are the Linguine Pescatore and Pollo Con Funghi which will leave you in an ecstatic trance while eating the dishes. They also have perfect dishes for sharing such as the Pizzas, and calzones. Finally, they offer wonderful desserts such as tiramisus and delicious cocktails to help compliment an already perfect Italian dining experience. 

Little Barwick House Yeovil

best restaurants yeovil Little Barwick House

This restaurant has won several awards for its exquisite food and is always buzzing with customers. The restaurant emphasizes on quality and taste as the ingredients are locally sourced and prepared fresh. The restaurant also specializes in wine as its wine list has won the AA Wine Award Finalist for each year since 2002. The wine is carefully chosen with a wide variety of specialties such as the Vin de Pays, New World wines, Grand Cru Classe Clarets, and Burgundies. The meals consist of a two to three course menu where diners can choose a starter, a main course, and a dessert. The cuisine revolves around a classic English theme, and will exhibit the finest of craftsmanship Yeovil cuisine has to offer.

Texas Rocks Yeovil Restaurant

Texas Rocks is an American steak house and bar that serves one of the best American cuisines in Yeovil. They specialize in serving American classics such as Ribs, steaks served on their special Lava Hot Rocks, and in-house burgers. Be sure to try out their steaks as well as they are served custom for you. You can choose what type of steak you would like, and how big it is depending on your personal preference. The steak is dry aged, and will be served with two sides. You can also choose from a plethora of sauces for you to fully enjoy your steak the way Americans would, surely a fulfilling experience!  

Bombay Dining Indian Restaurant Yeovil

best restaurants yeovil Bombay Dining

This restaurant specializes on authentic Indian Curry, which is one of the favorites here in Yeovil. The curry is served with aromatic rice as the curry itself exhibits deep flavors and spices that represent Indian cuisine well. You can also get some warm Naan and Paratha bread to accompany your curry. They also serve a wide assortment of Briyani and Tandoori dishes, but their must-try dishes are the Chicken Tikka Masala, Chicken Korma, Onion Garlic Coriander Rice, Chicken Bhuna, and the Bombay Aloo Side. If you are looking for a meal that is more flavorful with an exciting kick to it then Bombay Dining is the best place to satisfy your taste buds with an explosion of Indian flavor.

Kazbar Yeovil

Kazbar is a great place to hang out and spend a relaxing evening with your friends and family. They have a wide assortment of cocktails that include the finest combination of spirits, flavor, and freshness. The food is also not one to overlook as they serve delicious tapa dishes and traditional Mediterranean and Turkish fusion food. Be sure to try out the chili beef spring roll, the Lamb & Chorizo Meatballs, Hawaiian Teriyaki Pork Burgers, and their specialty cocktails. They also have vegetarian options, seafood dishes, and snacks for you to enjoy while basking in the relaxing ambience, a great place overall for you to hang out!

The White Post Yeovil Restaurant

This restaurant dates back to the mid 1800’s where the White Post was an old post house located at the border of Dorset and Somerset. The restaurant has been awarded for its delicious food as it has been mentioned in the Top 50 Gastropubs, the Michelin guide, and other Dorset food awards. You can also bask in the beautiful West Country views that the restaurant has to offer. Be sure to try out the fabulous steaks and lamb that are fine crafted to perfection. You can also order some wine to enjoy your meal with, you will definitely not be disappointed by the outstanding food, beautiful setting, and friendly staff that this restaurant has.

The Masons Arms

Considered as a pub and a restaurant, this establishment provides delicious dishes that use fresh local produce for their menus. The establishment has all the exciting ambiences of a lively pub but maintains the quality of a restaurant in its dishes. The owner loves to brew and The Mason Arms provides a special drink called the Roly Poly which is the specialty beer of the establishment. The food menu is varied and has all sorts of exquisite dishes ranging from Masons’ classic burger, to fish and chips, and Chicken Parmigiana. Don’t miss their pudding as well as it is definitely worth a try.

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