10 Best Restaurants in Weymouth

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How to better end a day by the beach than in one of the best restaurants in Weymouth

Weymouth is a beautiful seaside town in Dorset, and every year thousands of tourists head to Weymouth to spend a day on the beach.

Whether you are staying in a hotel in Weymouth or in one of the lovely Dorset campsites nearby, Weymouth is a great town to visit when in traveling in the area. I have written a guide on how to spend a day on the beach in Dorset, where I lightly touch on the subject of great Weymouth Restaurants near the beach. I did think, however, that it might be best if I actually wrote a standalone post about the best restaurants as Weymouth is known for its delicious pubs, restaurants and cafe’s. 

If you love seafood, Weymouth restaurants are the place to be. Many of them serve fresh fish caught the night before and delicious crab. Weymouth also has its own Harbourside Food Festival where the Weymouth restaurants, local farmers, brewers and food producers come together to showcase the best food Weymouth has to offer. 

If you are looking for good, local places to eat in Weymouth, Al Molo Restaurant Weymouth is a great pick. This is one of the best restaurants in Weymouth if you love fine dining. 

Al Molo Restaurant Weymouth offers amazing dishes with locally sourced produce that go hand in hand with the finest Italian ingredients that are imported and hand-picked straight from the Emilia Romagna region in Italy. 

Al Molo is a local favourite Weymouth restaurant and is one of the best places to eat in Weymouth if you would like to sit on a gorgeous Patio overlooking the sea and Weymouth Bay. If you would like to sit outside in this Weymouth restaurant, please do make a reservation as the outdoor seating in this Weymouth restaurant is very popular due to the views. 

When heading inside this Weymouth restaurant we see timeless decorations and large black and white pictures of Weymouth harbour and the Weymouth band stand plastered against the wall. 

Every dish served in Al Molo restaurant Weymouth is very sophisticated yet simple, allowing every component, every ingredient, to play the star. From the gorgeous linguine to the fresh sardines and home-made sundried tomatoes – if you love Italian food as much as I do, this is one of the best places to eat in Weymouth. 

Address: Pier Bandstand, The Esplanade, Weymouth DT4 7RN, United Kingdom

Great for: Couples on a romantic date, people who love fine dining, people who like to sit outside by the beach or sea. 

Cuisine: Italian 

Price Range: $$

Outside seating: Yes, with a view on the beach and sea 

Dog-friendly: Yes and no – depends on the breed and size of the dog. Check with the restaurant before you book. 

2. The Ship Inn Restaurant Weymouth

Are you looking for some good pub food? Then you need to head to The Ship Inn restaurant in Weymouth as this is considered to be one of the best pubs in Weymouth. This Weymouth bar and pub serves great pub food and even has vegan options on the menu. 

Located on the Weymouth Harbour Quay, this gorgeous pub is a great and welcoming place to relax after a day of shopping or tanning on Weymouth beach. 

This local Weymouth pub is a well-known place to eat for people who love fish. The Ship Inn Restaurant Weymouth orders the catch of the day early in the morning and comes up with amazing dishes on their daily changing special’s menu. 

If you are not a fan of fish, you can also order a nice burger or even a classic baked camembert or prawn cocktail in this Weymouth restaurant. Although I love their normal menu, it is the specials boards you need to have a look at. The chef of this Weymouth restaurant creates amazing dishes with day-fresh fish. This is one of the most amazing places to eat in Weymouth if you love fish! 

Address: Custom House Quay, Weymouth DT4 8BE, United Kingdom

Great for: Families, people who love fish, friends going for a bite and a pint. 

Cuisine: British pub food + Seafood. 

Price Range: $

Outside seating: Yes, there is outdoor seating out at the front of this Weymouth pub with beautiful views of the river and fishing boats.

Dog-friendly: Yes. They even have doggy ice cream and are happy to bring a bowl of water for your dog.

3. Gurkha Bars and Restaurant

I live in Nepal and absolutely LOVE the food here, which is why I would like to share this experience with you by recommending Gurkha Bars and Restaurant as a great place to eat in Weymouth. This Pan-Asian restaurant offers a mix of Indian curries and true Nepali cuisine. 

You can opt for an Asian beer – I would recommend Gurkha beer! or even a Lassi which is a yoghurty, sweet milk drink loved throughout South-Asia. I have to admit that I myself make large detours here in Kathmandu to go to my favourite Lassi shops. 

I would recommend heading to The Gurkha for its Nepali food. This means you should order steamed or fried MoMo. MoMos are a kind of dumpling that can be steamed, fried, eaten with a nice spicy tomato sauce or even served in a soup. 

The Gurkha Weymouth restaurant offers a comprehensive buffet, but I would recommend keeping to the curries, the rice, and the Nepali dishes rather than the Chinese. 

The Gurkha Bars and Restaurant is a floating restaurant that has been made to look like a boat. This means that it is not a boat and that the chances of you getting an ounce of sea sickness are very slim to non-existent. 

When looking at the food available in this Weymouth restaurant we see that this restaurant is vegetarian friendly and there are vegan options available. 

Address: Commercial Rd, Melcombe Regis Car Park, Weymouth DT4 7TY, United Kingdom

Great for: Families, people with a big appetite, those who like Asian food or crave a curry. 

Cuisine: Nepali, Indian, Chinese, Thai… 

Price Range: $

Outside seating: Yes, there are picnic benches available outside with a view of the river. 

Dog-friendly: Dogs are welcome in the outside area. 

4. Nautico Lounge Restaurant Weymouth

This Weymouth restaurant is located in an old Post Office Building and probably one of the best places to eat in Weymouth when looking for somewhere upbeat, casual, and cosy. Nautico Lounge restaurant in Weymouth offer comfort food including vegetarian and vegan dishes, and a special kids menu. 

When heading inside, you will be welcomed by rows of colourful chairs and bar stools, and further on in the area you will notice the many beautiful drawings and paintings adorning the walls of this Weymouth restaurant. 

Nautico Lounge in Weymouth is considered to be one of the best Weymouth bars as it offers great beers, amazing cocktails, and a nice cup of coffee. This makes this Weymouth restaurant a great fit for every occasion, whether you want a quick lunch or are meeting up with friends after work for drinks. 

When looking at the food we notice that Nautico Lounge offers great gluten free options as well as vegan dishes. In fact, their vegan menu won the award for Best Vegan Menu and the Best Vegan Desert. In other words: Nautico is a Weymouth restaurant that will try and accommodate your dietary requirements as good as possible! 

Nautico has an outside seating area on the pavement in front of the lounge where you can either sit for a drink or taste their delicious dishes. 

Address: 66 St Thomas St, Weymouth DT4 8EL, United Kingdom

Great for: Families, friends looking to meet up, everybody looking for great, reasonably priced food. 

Cuisine: British and International with vegetarian-friendly and vegan-friendly options

Price Range: $

Outside seating: Yes, just in front of the lounge. 

Dog-friendly: Yes! Nautico lounge loves your dog! 

5. Shalims Balti House Indian restaurant Weymouth

best restaurants weymouth Shalims Balti House

If you are looking for a great place to go for a curry in Weymouth, Shalims Balti House is a fabulous Indian restaurant in Weymouth. This Weymouth restaurant is one of the best places to eat a curry in the city, and has been featured in many Weymouth guides and guides on the best places to eat in Dorset. 

At Shalims Balti House you can expect a mix of Britishised curries as well as original and authentic baltis. They have a nice a la carte menu with both vegetarian and meat options. The head chef of this Weymouth restaurant will choose the best and most tender pieces of meat and fish to add to your curry, making sure every single meal that exits the kitchen is top notch. 

When looking for amazing places to eat in Weymouth, this Indian restaurant should be on your list. 

The staff at Shalims Balti House Restaurant Weymouth is incredibly friendly and is eager to please. They will help you choose the perfect curry or Indian dish such including steaming biryanis. At Shalims Balti House you can choose to eat in or take out. 

Address: 24 Commercial Rd, Weymouth DT4 7DW, United Kingdom

Great for: Couples and people who like Indian food. 

Cuisine: Indian and Bengali 

Price Range: $

Outside seating: No

Dog-friendly: Not sure but probably not. Best to contact the restaurant. 

6. Restaurant Les Enfants Terribles Weymouth

best restaurants weymouth Restaurant Les Enfants Terribles​

This charming little restaurant in Weymouth is a haven for those who love seafood. Order some oysters or a large plate of ice-chilled crustaceans at this Weymouth restaurant! 

As Weymouth is a seaside town with a fishing harbour, it is no surprise you will find some of the best seafood restaurants of Dorset right here in Weymouth. And Les Enfants Terribles is surely one of those amazing places to eat! 

Enfant Terrible is a French term that is often used as a term of endearment for someone who is a bit of a rebel, someone who breaks the rules, someone who does things their own way – but is still very much loved and even admired by those around them. And that is very much true for Les Enfants Terribles in Weymouth. This gorgeous Weymouth restaurant comes up with the most amazing, rule breaking dishes and concepts using the best ingredients possible. 

This seafood restaurant is known for serving the best fresh oysters in the area and the most tasty fish you will every have tried. Have a look at the menu of this Weymouth restaurant for their signature dishes, or try the suggestions penned down on the chalk boards to try the catch of the day. 

This unpretentious cosy bistro in the heart of Weymouth is ran by French Chef Eric Tavernier, who also runs some of the region’s best cooking classes. 

Are you a meat-eater? No worries, apart from the beautiful selection of fish-based dishes, this Weymouth restaurant also has some meat-dishes on the menu. 

Address: 19 Custom House Quay, Weymouth DT4 8BG, United Kingdom

Great for: Couples and people who love seafood and fish! 

Cuisine: French 

Price Range: $

Outside seating: Yes. Just outside the restaurant with a view of the river and harbour. 

Dog-friendly: Yes

7. The Dorset Burger Company

Looking for local places to eat in Weymouth that serve amazing burgers? The Dorset Burger Company is a great choice for those looking for juicy burgers and crispy fries! 

This gorgeous little Weymouth restaurant offers a beautiful homey décor and the most amazing home-made burgers. When eating at The Dorset Burger Company you can expect burgers made with the best local ingredients and home made sauces and relishes. 

The Dorset Burger Company is a great, family friendly burger restaurant that caters to both young and old burger lovers. You can order comfort food burgers such as the one with brie and bacon, or a porker with apple sauce, pork, and premium bacon in this Weymouth restaurant. 

This Weymouth restaurant also offers a kid’s menu which includes a vegetarian burger, a cheese burger and a plain beef burger. 

If you love burgers, the Dorset Burger Company is one of the best places to eat in Dorset when it comes to burgers. Be sure to check this restaurant out on your trip to Weymouth! 

Address: 6 King St, Weymouth DT4 7BH, United Kingdom

Great for: Families and burger lovers! 

Cuisine: British burgers

Price Range: $

Outside seating: No

Dog-friendly: Yes. Dogs are very welcome here! 

8. Seabeats Restaurant Weymouth

best restaurants in weymouth seabeats

Seabeats is a family-run seafood restaurant in Weymouth. As the name Seabeats might suggest, the menu comprises mostly of fresh catches and beautiful seafood dishes. Apart from seafood, this Weymouth restaurant also offers vegetarian and meat options. 

The menu at Seabeats changes quite a lot in order to reflect the seasonality of the fish and the seafood available. Head to this Weymouth restaurant for a great fish and chips, amazing mussles or a beuatifully cooked plaice. You can also go for some surf and turf where you will receive a large rib-eye steak with chicken and a prawn skewer. 

Seabeats offers authentic dishes and knows how to wow guests with food – whether you order a chicken or Japanese salmon. This Weymouth restaurant even won the Food Awards England for the best seafood establishment in 2019! When heading to this beautiful town, do make a stop at Seabeats Restaurant in Weymouth. 

Address: 86 The Esplanade, Weymouth DT4 7AT, United Kingdom

Great for: Families and seafood lovers 

Cuisine: Seafood 

Price Range: $$

Outside seating: Yes! 

Dog-friendly: Yes! 

9. Crustacean Restaurant Weymouth

best restaurants weymouth crustacean

Crustacean is – you guessed it, a seafood restaurant in Weymouth specialising in all the best fish and seafood this gorgeous seaside town in Dorset has to offer. I was not lying when I said Weymouth houses some of the best seafood restaurants in Dorset! 

This Weymouth restaurant works towards offering its clients the best crustaceans and the freshest fish possible, and to pair these dishes with a beautiful, handpicked bottle of wine. 

Located in a pedestrianised street in the centre of Weymouth, Crustacean offers outdoor seating in front of their restaurant. This is the perfect place to do some people watching with a glass of good wine in hand, or to enjoy the sunshine and a nice fresh fish on your plate. 

Every single plate that exits the kitchens of this Weymouth restaurant is a little masterpiece, and you can choose from the a la carte menu, or go with the daily set menu which comes at a reasonable price. 

Address: 59 St Mary St, Weymouth DT4 8PP, United Kingdom

Great for: Couples and people who like seafood 

Cuisine: Seafood 

Price Range: $$

Outside seating: Yes. On a pedestrianised street in the centre of Weymouth. 

Dog-friendly: Yes. Dogs are more than welcome in the outdoor seating area. 

10. Crab House Cafe Weymouth

best restaurants weymouth crab house cafe

If you are looking for a no-bs great place to eat crab, drink bubbly and enjoy the silty air of the beach, the Crab House Cafe restaurant in Weymouth is your place to be. This Weymouth restaurant near the beach with ample outside seating offers some of the best crab and crustacean in the area. 

Located just off Chesil beach, you will be dining at one of the best restaurants in Weymouth. This little Weymouth restaurant has won many food awards throughout the years and servers super fresh fish and crab at a reasonable price. 

Sit outside on one of the picnic benches of this Weymouth restaurant with one of the most beautiful beaches in the area as your backdrop. Order the freshest fish possible and toast on great food and good friends as Crab House Cafe is known to serve great bubbly and amazing wine. 

Offering simple and rustic dishes, the Crab House Cafe is an unpretentious little Weymouth restaurant that works to make the flavours speak for themselves. A great place to go if you love seafood, for a drink after a long walk on the beach, or just to hang out with friends. 

Address: Ferrymans Way, Portland Rd, Weymouth DT4 9YU, United Kingdom

Great for: Couples and people who like seafood 

Cuisine: Seafood 

Price Range: $$$

Outside seating: Yes. Picnic benches next to the beach.  

Dog-friendly: Yes. Dogs are very welcome outside and staff will happily bring your pooch a bowl of water. 

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