The 9 Most Beautiful Underwater Hotel Rooms

Have you ever imagined waking up in an underwater hotel room? It must be so cool to wake up to a beautiful window looking out over the marine life. Did you know there are beautiful underwater hotel rooms all over the world?

Underwater hotels are fast gaining popularity. Stay at one of these hotels and experience the beauty of the world that lies below the water surface. If scuba diving or snorkeling is your idea of a good time, then underwater hotel rooms are for you.

Here are some of the best underwater hotels that will give you a memorable stay. Don’t forget to bring your travel camera!

Read on, draw some inspiration, and start planning your dream trip to the bottom of the sea.

Underwater Hotel rooms in Dubai Atlantis The Palm

top underwater hotel rooms atlantis dubai the palm

Atlantis, The Palm in Dubai, has the most beautiful Underwater Suites. This iconic hotel can be found on the palm-shaped island in Dubai.

The suites are a haven of luxury and they carry the apt names Poseidon and Neptune (after the gods of the sea).

Atlantis The Palm offers the most intimate and romantic lodging you could ever dream of. Large floor-to-ceiling windows give the perfect view of marine life.

Imagine watching the fish swim by from your bed. It is heavenly, right?

Although their suites are underwater and offer an amazing view, they look out onto the 65 000 marine animals of the Ambassador Lagoon aquarium. The water in the gulf is very unclear and there are not many interesting fishes swimming around in the Arabian Gulf. That is why in Atlantis the Palm you look out over an aquarium rather than the real sea. 

When booking a room in Atlantis The Palm you will also get free entry to the aquarium and the water park affiliated with the hotel. 

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Underwater Hotel Resorts World Sentosa in singapore

top underwater hotel rooms Resorts World Sentosa in singapore

The Hotel Resorts World Sentosa underwater hotel is located on the island of Sentosa in Singapore. Key attractions here include one of Singapore’s two casinos and an adventure Cove Water Park.

There is something for everyone. The S.E.A. Aquarium is home to more than 100,000 marine animals of over 800 species. 

This underwater hotel offers the best of both worlds. It has 11 suites built as townhouses on two levels. The upper living area is on land, and the bedrooms are located are underwater. Your personal butler will always be available to ensure you have the perfect services. 

Every house comes with its own Jacuzzi and although the rooms are quite expensive, sleeping in an underwater hotel room in Singapore is a memorable experience! 

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Hilton’s Conrad Rangali Island Resort in the Maldives

Hilton’s Conrad Rangali Island Resort is home to villas and suites. The first underwater villa opened in 2018.

Muraka defines comfort at its best. Find bliss in your island sanctuary and discover private gardens and plunge pools. You will be surprised to find stairs leading into the Indian Ocean.

This underwater Hotel has a two-level structure with its lower level sunk 16 feet below the sea level.

The lower level has a master suite, bathroom, and lounge. The upper level has the gym, security quarters, kitchen, bar, living room, and a deck. It is simply beautiful.

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Underwater Hotel in Zanzibar Manta Resort

top underwater hotel rooms Zanzibar Manta Resort

The Manta underwater hotel is located off Pemba Island on the Zanzibar archipelago.

You will need to board a wooden boat to access the underwater room. The Manta Resort gives a serene view of the Indian Ocean.

The African coastline is breathtaking from above. Manta Resort has a top deck perfect for sunbathing.

The resort is famous for its three-level underwater rooms. Each room is placed 13 feet below sea level. The Manta Resort rooms are not cheap but during the night, sea creatures such as the Octopus and the Spanish slug come out to play. 

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Lovers Deep Submarine in the Caribbean

top underwater hotel rooms Lovers Deep Submarine In The Caribbean

Are you looking for a bit of romance in the Caribbean? This Caribbean underwater submarine is what you are looking for.

What more could you want than a private submarine that will take you anywhere you want to go? This submarine has the entire living quarters submerged. If you love luxury and exclusivity, then you are in luck.

Oliver’s Travels is a specialized U.K. rental agency that offers unique and unforgettable experiences. The agency will ensure that you have the best stays in this submarine. 

Lovers Deep submarine travels the waters of the Caribbean. This includes the islands of Martinique, St. Lucia, and Barbados. If you want to visit the beautiful coral reefs, the agency will ensure you have the best tour. The vessel is equipped with leather sofas and armchairs. 

The bedrooms have a stunning view of the underwater habitat. 5-star service will ensure you enjoy the aromatic oysters, caviar, and chocolate fondant. 

The underwater Utter Inn Vasteras, Sweden

top underwater hotel rooms Utter Inn Vasteras

The Utter Inn Hotel found in Sweden floats on Lake Malaren, near Stockholm.

Utter Inn opened in June 2000 on the coldest, rainiest day in the whole summer. It is the perfect place to spend a memorable night at a reasonable price.

The 25 sqm Utter Inn is only accessible by boat.

Visitors enjoy sunbathing on the wooden deck above the surface and watching the undersea view down in the rooms.

You can swim in the clear waters or pad your canoe to a nearby inhabited island for privacy. Carry your own drinks to make the quiet moment perfect. The lake itself is incredibly quiet and serene.

The Utter Inn appears to be a typical Swedish house floating on water. A small bedroom with twin beds is sunk about 10 feet below the surface.

The bedroom has panoramic windows facing all directions. It is an overwhelming feeling to go to bed while the fish are watching you.

If you want to experience an underwater hotel or underwater bedroom at a reasonable price, Utter Inn is the place for you.

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InterContinental Shimao Wonderland in Shanghai, China

The Intercontinental Shimao Wonderland is an incredible underwater hotel built inside an abandoned quarry. It spans 18 storeys, of which two are underwater. 

InterContinental Shimao Wonderland is 30 miles from Shanghai. It is a recently opened hotel that took ten years to construct (opened in late 2018). Most of the energy used in the hotel is renewable.

The ceiling is covered in greenery to help it blend into the surrounding.

The InterContinental Shimao Wonderland underwater hotel includes two levels under water which contain a restaurant and guest rooms.

If you like watersports you will want to check out this hotel. The InterContinental Shimao Wonderland is a watersports haven and even has a waterfall where guests can relax or take part in extreme water sports. 

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Jules’ Undersea Lodge underwater hotel in Key Largo, Florida

top underwater hotel rooms Jules' Undersea Lodge

Jules’ Undersea Lodge opened in 1986 is named after Jules Verne. It is the world’s oldest underwater Hotel.

Jules’ Undersea Lodge is located off the Florida coast near Puerto Rico.

It is the only Hotel among the ones mentioned here that is completely submerged in water. Jules’ Undersea Lodge lies 30 feet deep on the ocean floor. The Hotel can be found at the bottom of the Emerald Lagoon. A scuba certification is required for entrance since the main door is underwater.

So if you are a fearless traveler, here’s your chance to scuba dive 21 feet down into the main foyer. The rooms are cozy, making them a perfect choice for couples. There is a full kitchen, hot showers, and entertainment like music and movies.

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Bambu Indah Hotel in Bali, Indonesia

top underwater hotel rooms Bambu Indah Hotel in Bali

The Bambu Indah is a self-described eco-lifestyle hotel comprising of intricately-carved antique buildings.

You will love its amazing architectural designs. Bambu Indah hotel is not underwater. It has a spectacular view from its Udang House. That’s the reason it had to be on the list.

The Hotel is built upon a shrimp pond. It has a tempered glass floor that gives the most beautiful views into the shrimp pond.

Visitors have a glimpse of a tranquil rock-lined natural pool from the Hotel’s airy lobby. There is a low-key spa set behind an organic garden, a movie room, and a riverside deck dotted with pillows.

To top it off, there are hanging swing chairs that give the whole place a dream-like atmosphere.

The Bambu Indah Kitchen is the main culinary attraction. It serves locally sourced organic foods. Gardeners here ensure that the hotel blends in perfectly with the natural surroundings.

You can gaze at the marine activities from the comfort of your bed. It’s breathtaking.

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