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Sunken Garden Shisha Lounge Dubai Review

Sunken Garden is a hookah or shisha lounge in the Dubai DIFC district. It is located in the Ritz Carlton and is known for its great, calm atmosphere and great shisha.

My friends and I decided to drive up to Sunken Garden one evening after work. My friends were craving some shisha and drinks and decided to try out Sunken Garden at the Ritz Carlton.
We had read the shisha and the drinks were great which pulled us over the line.
We drove up to the Ritz Carlton in our beaten up, small Renault and handed the keys (a little bit ashamed) over to the free valet.
When the car was parked, we walked through the imposing hall of the Ritz Carlton and made our way past Cafe Belge into the Sunken Garden. 
The way eskişehir eskort olgun to Sunken Garden might seem a bit weird as you feel like you are walking away from the hustle and bustle of the hotel. But trust me: it will open up in an oasis of peace and quiet.
Have the hostess find you a seat and order drinks and shisha.
What to order at Sunken Garden? Definitely order shisha as they are known for their great hookahs. I would recommend Mango Tango as it is one of the favourite flavours of my friends.
Their Moroccan mint tea is also to die for. You can get a large pot at a reasonably good price. In the past, I have also ordered the Leffe Bruin which was a welcome taste of home.
I would stay away from their mocktails and juices, however. They all tasted a bit “off”, too sweet or just plain weird. I would have thought that a more or less upscale place would at least be able to serve great mocktails and juices.

How is the Shisha in Sunken Garden

The shisha in Sunken Garden is amazing. It has a full and rich flavour while the staff is very attentive and changes out the coals quite frequently.
If you are unsure of what shisha flavour to order at Sunken Garden, please ask a member of staff as they are experienced and will be able to advise you on what flavours to take.
We did the same when we visited Sunken Garden for the first time, and we were recommended Mango Tango. We have stuck to this flavour ever since.

What is the menu of Sunken Garden Dubai

Sunken Garden is NOT cheap. Let me get that out of the way first. The menu is actually pretty pricey. At AED 35 for a soft drink, I might even call some of the prices extortionate. But that is why you need to go over the menu and pick items that are worth the money.
The cheapest main course is 3 tiger prawns at 100 AED. A Fattoush salad will set you back 55 AED and a pot of humous will cost you 50 AED.
As for drinks, I would recommend sharing a Moroccan Mint Tea with friends (35 AED per pot). You can also order large beer as those prices are more or less what you would pay in other venues. 
I had no idea Kriek was on their menu now and would recommend it for people who like fruit ciders.

Is there a ladies night at Sunken Garden

There is no ladies’ night at Sunken Garden as far as I know. I did some research online but was unable to find any indication that there is a ladies night at Sunken Garden.

How to get to Sunken Garden Dubai

Sunken Garden Dubai is located between Financial Centre and Emirates Towers metro stations. It is part of The Ritz Carlton Hotel. You can use their valet for free as long as you get your ticket stamped by Sunken Garden on your way out.
Drive through to the entrance of the hotel. A valet will take your car from here. When inside, turn right towards Cafe Belge. Keep walking until you see a sign saying Sunken Garden. The lounge will be on your right.

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