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Every year, Aspen attracts thousands of Ski loving tourists to its Ski resort and slopes. In order to help you make your stay in Aspen even more memorable, we have put together a list of the best Aspen restaurants. Whether you are looking for a restaurant with outdoor dining or a beautiful view on Aspen mountain, we got you covered! We have not only looked at the ratings of these Aspen restaurants, but also at the menu they offer and the setting. These are the best restaurants in Aspen Colorado. 

best restaurants aspen colorado white house

Premium sandwiches, as well as unique wines, beers, and drinks, are available at the White House Tavern. In a warm, wood paneled area, guests can enjoy a lively and sociable atmosphere with an exhibition kitchen and unique artworks.

Set in a historic house right in the centre of Aspen, you will have beautiful views over the slopes and mountains and access to a gorgeous little outdoor seating area, perfect for people watching. In winter there will be heating elements to keep you warm. As the Rocky Mountain s often experience amazing and sunny weather throughout the day in winter, outdoor dining is recommended. Do book a spot at The White House Tavern beforehand as outdoor spots might be filled which would draw a cross through your outdoor dining dreams. On dreary days, this Aspen Restaurant obviously also offers indoor dining! 

General managers Avery Colgan and Christopher Thomas will make sure you have a great time at the White House Tavern restaurant in Aspen. This Aspen Restaurant in Colorado offers food, wine, cocktails, beer and pizza to go. When looking at the food menu, we see a variety of delicious burgers such as the Honor Burger which comes with white cheddar, tomato, and spicy slaw, or the Gulf Coast Style Fish Sandwich which has red onion and thousand island slaw or their crispy chicken sandwich. 

Pyramid Bistro Restaurant in Aspen Colorado

Pyramid Bistro is an Aspen Restaurant that was named the very first Nutrition Restaurant by Joel Fuhrman MD. The restaurant prides itself in offering a large number of micronutrients per calorie, making your food more nutritious and even more healthy. 

Pyramid Bistro has long be a Mecca for health freaks in Aspen, but also people who like nice and delicious food can often be seen dining at Pyramid Bistro. This Aspen restaurant has both a lunch menu and a dinner menu. The lunch menu is available from 11:30 AM to 5PM and the dinner menu from 5PM to 8PM. 

On the menu we see appetisers such as Kale Crunchies or Mango Spring Rolls, Soups and Salads or even House Specials like the Curry Bowl or the Chicken Stir Fry. This Aspen Restaurant is a great place to book a table at if you are into healthy living and healthy food. A great dining experience for those who are looking for something new in Pitkin County! Definitely one of the most healthy dining establishments in Aspen! 

Meat and Cheese Restaurant Aspen

best restaurants aspen colorado meat and cheese

Meat & Cheese is a celebration of food made in everyday kitchens around the world, a style we call World Farmhouse. We start with locally sourced, sustainably farmed foods and draw on Asian, European, and American culinary traditions to produce a cuisine suited for sharing that is eclectic yet identifiable for its traditional skills.

The chefs at this Aspen Restaurant observe the seasons in the same way as farm families all across the world do, and they make almost everything from scratch. Meat & Cheese is a great place to head with friends for a reunion or even discussing your day on the slopes or if you are looking for a casual dining experience. 

At Meat & Cheese, no area of the world cuisine is off limits. The quality of the ingredients we have on hand dictates the direction of their menu from day to day which means it is very hard to pin down a menu at Meat and Cheese restaurant in Aspen. One thing is for sure: this Aspen Restaurant is the perfect place to graze on some amazing meats and cheeses over a glass of wine or a nice cocktail! Ask for their bar menu and depending on the time of year, Outdoor dining may be available for Lunch, Dinner & Apres Ski. 

French Alpine Bistro Restaurant Aspen

best restaurants aspen colorado french alpine bistro

The French Alpine Bistro is an Aspen Restaurant offering its visitors the best form the Alps. The owners are French and Austrian, marrying good wine with amazing cheeses. This candle-lit hideaway in the centre of Aspen is the epitome of cosiness with its welcoming table and charming decor. 

When looking at the menu of French Alpine Bistro, we see that this restaurant serves Lunch and Dinner with great wine and cocktails. They also have a to-go menu in case you would like to eat with your family in your Aspen Airbnb or Aspen Hotel. 

Looking at the Dinner Menu, we notice the French touch with the Saffron Sea Scallobs or the Ratatouille and Truffle Gnocchi-Flette. The restaurant also offers Swiss Raclette and French Onion Soup as a starter.

It is important to know that the menu differs depending on the season. This means the menu in winter will be different from the menu in summer. Best to check the restaurant’s website beforehand. You will also be able to go for a nice cocktail such as an Espresso Martini or even a Bangkok Mule! 

This Aspen restaurant has lots of dining options and might offer outdoor dining when the weather permits. 

Steakhouse No 316 Aspen Restaurant

best restaurants aspen colorado steakhouse no 316

Steakhouse No. 316 in Aspen is an upscale steakhouse with a modern cuisine that focuses on premium cuts of meat. When heading to Steakhouse N0. 316 in Aspen you will be able to enjoy prime cuts and stakes such as the Cowboy Ribeye or the porterhouse. For sides you can expect twice baked potatoes or even lobster mac n cheese. If you want to be extravagant you can also add grilled crab legs, lobster or blue cheese to your steak! Definitely order the chilled seafood plateau or the tuna tartar. The tableside Caesar Salad is also a winner on the menu! This steak house in Aspen serves American cuisine and can be described as a chic boutique restaurant in Aspen. 

Classic varietals are included on the wide wine list, while the rear bar has an extensive spirit selection and craft cocktail program. They even have a wine director! 

When heading to this Aspen restaurant, it will be as if you stepped into a 1920’s or 1930’s boudoir, with its red toned velvet seats and Carrara marble floor. 

Whether you’re looking for an elaborate evening or a simple snack and specialty cocktail at the bar, Steakhouse No. 316 Aspen is the ultimate exquisite location. Steakhouse No 316 in Aspen has a sister restaurant in Boulder. 

L'Hostaria Ristorante Aspen italian restaurant

best restaurants aspen colorado l'historia

L’Hostaria is a place where traditional Italian cuisine is made and served with care. Owner Tiziano has a passion for fine Italian cuisine as well as the patience to master the old-fashioned cooking techniques required to perfect it. This restaurant has a lovely patio and their bar is well-stocked and reasonably priced, on certain nights this Aspen restaurant also has live music, and they serve good and honest good at L’Historia Ristorante. This Italian restaurant serves large wine glasses, craft beers and even private dining. If you would rather enjoy some nice pasta from the comfort of your own Apartment rental, L’Hostaria Ristorante also offers a takeout service. 

Start with the carpaccio of cured-in-house meat, fish, or prosciutto. Fresh spaghetti, Colorado lamb chops, and veal scaloppine are among the main courses. The homemade gelati is the ideal way to end any meal. Enjoy the Colorado weather on the patio in the summer and fall. The decor creates a welcoming atmosphere, ideal for a date or a get-together with friends and family.

Element 47 Restaurant Aspen

best restaurants aspen colorado element 47

Element 47 is a great Aspen restaurant for drinks or relaxing with good food. Element 47, tucked away inside The Little Nell, delivers Colorado Contemporary cuisine with a focus on local wagyu beef, house-made pastas, and seasonal ingredients. This restaurant’s staff is often described as very friendly and incredibly welcoming. Silver, the valuable metal that initially put Aspen on the map, is honored by the moniker Element 47.

This Aspen restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and an all-day bar menu. One of the many reasons this hotel and restaurants have maintained their unique Five-Star, Five-Diamond status for so long is the team of culinary and wine professionals. Diners with food allergies, intolerances, or dietary restrictions are welcome at this Aspen restaurant.

Many Aspen regulars head to Element 47 as this Aspen restaurant is known for its great atmosphere and beautiful decor. You will be able to enjoy the rarest wines in a restaurant with famous artworks against the walls! 

Ajax Tavern Restaurant in Aspen

best restaurants aspen colorado ajax

When you say “apres-ski,” most people think of Ajax Tavern, which is both stylish and laid-back. Ajax Tavern is located halfway up the mountain and boasts a sun-drenched hillside patio. This patio is the perfect spot to enjoy a few beers or cocktails over lunch or dinner. 

Come in and start people-watching; there’s no better spot in town. Ajax Tavern can be found next to the Silver Queen Gondola and is a favourite when it comes to après ski. Make sure to come early to secure some patio seating as it can get very busy during the day. 

It can be very busy during lunch time and this can continue until late into the evening during peak periods. The truffle fries and Ajax Wagyu double cheeseburger come highly recommended.  

Clark's Oyster Bar Aspen restaurant

best restaurants aspen colorado oyster bar

McGuire Moorman’s renowned neighborhood oyster bar Clark’s Aspen is located in the historic and cherished former Little Annie’s premises. The Clark’s crew worked hard to keep much of the prior tenant’s charm, including totally refinishing the mahogany bar. A bustling open kitchen and an alpine variation of Clark’s dockside style can also be seen at this American restaurant.

Clark’s Aspen serves the best oysters and caviar in the country from its marble raw bar, as well as freshly baked sourdough, overflowing lobster rolls, delectable burgers, steaming bowls of chowder and cioppino, and more. Every day for Lunch, Dinner, and Happy Hour!

Mezzaluna Restaurant Aspen Colorado

Mezzaluna is a neighbourhood favourite known for its wonderful wood-fired pizzas and serious Italian fare. While you’re eating at the marble bar, take a look at the more than 100 works of art that line the walls.

This is a great family friendly restaurant in the centre of Aspen near the Aspen Art Museum, serving great pasta’s and amazing Italian Food. 

When looking at the Mezzaluna menu we see that they have a large menu with delicious starters and entrees including NY Strip Carpaccio, Eggplant Rollatini and Burrata. On their pasta menu you can find the regulars, but also Linguini with Wild Mushrooms and Penne with Rock Shrimp. 

As for deserts you can expect American Apple Pie, Tiramisu and even Affogato Coffee which is home-made vanilla ice cream with espresso. 

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