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Ostend is a great city to spend some time in summer. There are loads of great restaurants, big sandy beaches and a city centre with plenty of amazing shops. But where to stay in Ostend? What are the best campsites in Ostend? In this blog post I will give you an overview of the best Campsites in and around Ostend so you can make an educated decision as to what Ostend campsite to book! 

best campings near Ostend Duinzicht

Campsite 17 Duinzicht is located in Bredene, West Flanders, just by the sea. It provides pitches with shades, without shades and even rentable mobile homes. The rates vary between low season to high season. This campsite is ideal for anyone travelling with pets as it allows dogs to be kept on the lead and sports enthusiasts. You will find several cycling tracks in the surrounding area as well as being able to swim in the sea and enjoying some windsurfing organized by the campsite itself. For anyone hoping to get some work done, the campsite is equipped with wifi, and for anyone looking to relax an evening and not spend time cooking, the campsite restaurant and snack bar offer some great alternatives.

Campsite Astrid Ostend

You can be assured of an easy going holiday at Campsite Astrid. It is spacious, well organized and with plenty of parking room, for both caravans and your personal vehicles. Located right on the sea means that you can engage in any water sports or go for a swim with ease whenever it would please you. The campsite offers pitches without shade as well as rentable mobile homes which are perfect for a family or group of friends. Children even have a playground to spend their time in and adults needing to engage in sports can do so at the sports ground. For anyone travelling with pets, dogs are allowed on a lead throughout the year. The campsite offers windsurfing and cycling enthusiasts can find several paths around.

Campsite Warande

If you want to enjoy the Belgian coast without the hustle and bustle of the outside, Campsite Warande is located on the sea and is perfect for families. It is equipped with a playground and play equipment for children, which are the main attractions here. The pitches are located on manicured green lawns, with some being able to enjoy the shade of trees and being demarcated by hedges. The campsite is maintained neatly throughout the year and even offers space for caravans, motorhomes and tents, rental accommodation (mobile homes) on a separate side of the site.

Campsite Duinezwin Ostend

This campsite is interestingly located behind a narrow belt of dunes found on this Belgian coast. If you’re looking for a campsite which is well maintained, with plenty of space and also plenty of play areas for children, Campsite Duinezwin can cater to your holiday needs. The bathrooms are large and well maintained and the children’s game area is large and well equipped, with different games able to cater to different age groups. The showers are also newly renovated. The campsite is also equipped to cater to the needs of young families with babies or members needing special needs, which is a rare find. If you drive a motorhome, you can find special spaces allocated for this or separate ones for pitches, which will be allocated by the management. The beach is located on the opposite side of the main road, reachable via a short walk, but if you need wifi connection to get some work done, that too can be found on the campsite.

Ostend Campsite Veld en Duin

Campsite Veld en Duin is a campsite located on the beach and provides pitches without shade, as well as the possibility of renting out apartments and bungalows. It is perfect for families or groups of friends with children or pets as it allows dogs on a lead throughout the year and has plenty of play areas and games for children. Those looking for some sporty action can find cycling routes all around the campsite, along with walking paths. Those looking for a more relaxed holiday can indulge in some time at the sauna, specially after a good day by the sea or embrace some windsurfing provided by the camp itself. Wifi is also available for those with the need to always be connected.

Camping Zeester in Ostend

best campings near Ostend Zeester

Zeester campsite is located in Middelkerke, along the Belgian Coast. It provides marked out spaces, pitches with shade and without shade and the possibility to rent out mobile motor homes. It is an ideal holiday spot for families and groups of friends, also allowing for dogs to be kept on the lead throughout the year. The areas nearby offer cycling paths, and restaurants for anyone not wanting to cook and fresh bread. The sea is nearby for a swim and the snack bar is open for snacks throughout the day. Internet access is provided for those needing to stay connected.

Ostend Campsite Strooiendorp

For a campsite which is a little bit woodland and a little bit seaside, Campsite Strooiendorp fits the bill perfectly. It is located in De Haan and offers pitches with shade and without shade. It even provides a play area for the kids, as well as allowing dogs to be brought throughout the year. The sporty can find good cycling tracks around the campsite, go windsurfing and try out wild water sailing/kayaking/rafting.

Campsite Poldervallei Ostend

Campsite Poldervallei is also located close to the beach, in Westende, West Flanders. You can find pitches without shade and even rent out mobile homes and bungalows. The campsite is equipped to cater to adults and children alike, offering playgrounds, sports grounds, as well as cycling paths in the vicinity for the sports enthusiasts. Dogs are allowed to be kept on a lead throughout the year and the sea nearby is perfect for a nice swim. Those not too keen on cooking can find the snack bar at the campsite which is always in stock and also provides fresh bread. Anyone in need to stay connected will find wifi through the wifi points that can be used to connect.

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