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Kana Cafe Dubai Review

Kana Cafe Dubai at Business Bay has long been one of my friend’s favourite places to hang out. They have great pasta, nice juices, and great sheesha.

Kana cafe Dubai is a sheesha lounge and restaurant located in Business Bay. There is also a Kana Cafe in Mirdiff . For some reason we prefer the one in Business Bay, probably because their pasta is better than the one in Mirdiff.
Kana Cafe is a great place to hang out with friends and family, eat and smoke sheesha. We often go to Kana Cafe after work and it has been our go-to spot for a couple of months now.
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What are the drinks like in Kana Cafe

Kana Cafe in Business Bay serves a large selection of soft drinks, juices and mocktails, as well as hot drinks such as tea and coffee. I would not say the drinks in Kana Cafe are particularly cheap. In fact, I would say that DHS 15 is rather expensive for a can of coke.
Kana Cafe does serve good juices but you will have to be willing to pay at least DHS 40 for a juice – which is quite steep.
The juices are very nice and the mocktails are well mixes and beautifully served in novelty glasses.

What is the food like in Kana Cafe

Whenever I am in Kana Cafe I order the pasta. I would always go for chicken fussili with pink sauce, tomatoes, onions and chili’s. However, they now changed their menu around that their pasta standard comes with everything rather than that you have to choose what you take or leave.
Is that better? I don’t know. I did not like the pasta that much and realised too late that I should have asked for only certain ingredients.
But overall the food at Kana Cafe is very nice and I would recommend going to Kana Cafe for the great pasta.

Iftar in Kana Cafe Dubai

I would not recommend taking iftar at Kana Cafe at all – stay away! My friends and I have always loved the food at Kana Cafe. For Iftar, however, the food was rather simple and plain. They had set out the cheapest and easiest Iftar food they could find (Samosa, spring roll, humous etc) but did not take the effort to serve any of their signature dishes. In fact – it was all food that you would not find on their menu. At DHS 100 for an Iftar this was very disappointing. It was the worst Iftar I went to in 2019. Thankfully the owner took the iftar of our bill after we complained even though the restaurant manager was reluctant to even say sorry.

Would I recommend Kane Cafe

Yes, I would recommend Kana Cafe in Business Bay, especially since it is a nice place to sit outside in winter. I would also recommend it for the food which is not too pricey and the great sheesha.

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