I finally bought a bikini as a plus size girl! Hunkemoller Sunset Dreams Review

I am not one of the thinnest girls. In fact: I am very chubby. I have been working on reducing my chubbiness for the past 8 months through swimming, working out and walking. It has been a very hard and very long battle to lose weight in a good and healthy way.

Two years ago, my husband and I tried a keto diet which had me bedridden within two weeks of dieting. My body just can’t cope.


Loving your body is something you need to learn. It is a little switch you need to flick in your head. As a travel blogger I have a lot of competition from thin, beautiful, blonde travellers taking on the world. They pose in beautiful sundresses or on a beach in bikini with flamingo’s or amazing looking cocktails.

I feel a bit stupid posting pictures of me in bikini on the beach or by the pool. I haven’t even owned a bikini since… since Thailand 2012. 

But then this week I put on my big girl pants and actually ordered a bikini!

When I lived in Belgium it was quite hard to find big lingerie on the high street. It has only been a few years since big brands and shops started stocking anything over D cup that was remotely nice, stylish or sexy.

Except for Hunkemoller.

Not only was their underwear and lingerie quite and sexy, the price was also very reasonable. I was a busty teenager and this shop was literally my saviour when it came to underwear!

I guess it is no surprise then, that, when I decided it was time for me to buy a bikini, Hunkemoller was the very first shop that jumped to mind.

They have a large choice of great looking bikini tops for big sizes and both big and small bikini bottoms to go with them. This is actually very important as people like me – big bummed people, often like to hide their bum (and often a bit of their tummy) away with big or high waisted bottoms. Thank you Hunkemoller!

Bikini review sunset dreams hunkemoller

What bikini set did I buy at Hunkemoller

I decided to buy the Sunset Dream top in Black as this was the only one left in my size. I was looking for a bikini top with an underwire. When you have large breasts, you can really use the support an underwire provides. Otherwise your breasts might feel tender at the end of the day or you can experience back pains (like I often do).

I was also in love with the little copper detail in the front and the strips that go over your breasts. They reminded me a bit of Marlies Dekkers – a famous Belgian designer who got pretty popular 6 years ago.

I choose the high wasted bottoms that went with it as I wanted to hide away my tummy as best as possible.

Hunkemoller review sunset dreams bikini

My thoughts about the Sunset Dreams bikini by Hunkemoller

The bikini was shipped the next day and arrived a few days later as is common in the UK. I was so happy when I got the box that I almost forgot to appreciate the meticulous packaging. Talking about great eye for detail!

Opening up the box, the bikini was packed in delicate rice paper and I was sold on the beautiful colouring and quote on the inside of the package.

The bikini itself fits like a glove. My husband insists that it looks great on me but I do not think I am ready to wear it anywhere than my bedroom – for obvious self esteem reasons! The fabric feels luscious and I absolutely love the quality of both the bikini top and the bottom.

In fact: I would say that the bikini is more beautiful in real life than it is online!

Very happy with my purchase and I cannot wait to gather the self-esteem to actually wear it by the pool or on the beach this summer!

You can have a look at Hunkemoller’s amazing collection of simwear here. 

3 thoughts on “I finally bought a bikini as a plus size girl! Hunkemoller Sunset Dreams Review”

  1. I am so happy for you! Naver heard of this brand but will look it up as I will (hopefully) go to Thailand this summer and need a bikini myself!

    1. yeah the bikini is very good! I used to shop at Hunkemoller when I was still living in Belgium. Great brand!
      I LOVE Thailand!!! Haven’t put up any content yet but I’m sure this lockdown will help me in doing so!

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