How to save money for a city trip?

Ugh. Let’s be honest: everyone deserves a few city trips a year. I remember when I was living in London – it was a bloody rat race! Wake up, get ready, tube on, tube off, work, eat an overpriced yet not amazing sandwich from the shop on the corner, work, tube on, tube off, sofa time, nighty night…

I remember going absolutely crazy every few weeks, yearning for a city trip, a little escape out of the ‘Big L’. And so we did! My husband and I saved to take little trips abroad or even within the country so we could have a bit of downtime – a bit of ‘us’ time.

I have to be honest: saving money when living in London is hard! Between rent, public transport costs, food and a sporadic pint or gin and tonic in the local, there is not a lot of money to go around. So how do you save money to travel? How do you actually put away enough to secure plane tickets, hotel rooms and trips abroad?

Below I have listed 5 tips that will help you to boost your travel budget.

I am not even joking here people! Buy an actual piggy bank! Seeing that piggy bank on your table or on a shelve will remind you to save and to put money into the piggy bank. Because opening up a piggy bank or – if you bought one of the old-school ones, actually going through the act of breaking it, is such a big thing, we are less inclined to do so and thus we save more.

It also helps to put a sticky note onto the piggy bank to help remind you what you are saving for. Try and empty your pockets into the piggy bank every evening when you get home. All those 50p coins will ultimately make up quite a nice sum of money that will help you put money towards a nice city trip!

Have a look at these beautiful trip-inspired piggy banks that will help you save up for your travels in no-time! 

Use city trip (saving) services such as Be Right Back

brb travel how to save for city trip

If you know you are bad at saving and actually planning a trip, why not let other people do the hard parts for you?

With Be Right Back you can travel to cool and exciting destinations within Europe three times a year for £49.99 including flights and a 3-star hotel!
Trust me – that is not bad! That is £200 per trip with flights and an amazing hotel included.

When signing up to Be Right Back you will be able to select what types of breaks you usually enjoy – whether they are cultural, romantic, adventurous etc. During the sign-up process you tell Be Right Back what cities across Europe you prefer and have enjoyed in the past and what UK Airports you are willing to fly from. This way Be Right Back knows exactly where to send you and what kind of little holiday you will enjoy.

Next you enter travel dates (If you already know them) and preferred flight times (if any). Be Right Back will literally do all the rest! From selecting and curating a destination to choosing a great hotel and a comfortable flight for your upcoming trip. You will get all the information 1 month before you are due to travel together with a guide containing loads of useful trips such as Uber alternatives, things you can do and how to make the most of your city trip.

That’s awesome isn’t it?

You can choose for a Go Solo package where you travel alone ( £49.99 a month) or a Go Together Package (£89.99 a month) if you want to travel with a partner or a friend. What if you want to bring a friend along as a solo traveller? No biggy! Your friend can pay a one-off fee to join you through the “Trip-Sync” option or even become a subscriber themselves.

Be Right Back is a great alternative for people who love to travel but cannot cough up hundreds of pounds for flight tickets and hotels at once. Thanks to be Right Back your whole trip is arranged for you, meaning that all you need to do is sit back in the airplane and relax. You will be sipping Sangria’s in Spain of discovering old ruins in Crete soon enough.

You can cancel Be Right Back anytime and the money for any trips that are unused will just be refunded, as long as you had not reserved or ‘locked’ the trip. It basically is one big travel piggy bank that does all the hard work for you!

Oh and when you refer your friends you get £20 towards your next trip! So when you refer 10 friends you get a FREE TRIP!

You can use the following DISCOUNT CODES for BRB Travel 

SeptAFFSOLO5Save 5% each month and £29.99 over 12 months on Go Solo
SeptAFFGOTO25Save 25% on your first month of Go Together
SeptAFFSOLO50MSave 50% on your first month of Go Solo
SeptNo CodeSave 10% each month on Go Together, discount automatically applied 

Set aside a fixed amount every month

If you are not living in the United Kingdom, you might want to set aside a fixed amount every month anyway.

It sounds very easy, but actually doing it is a very different story. Trust me, I told myself to do this many many times before, but it took me about half a year to actually make that step. Nowadays you can tell your bank (even via your telephone) that you want to transfer a fixed amount on a certain date.

Yes, this is a direct debit. However, direct debits are not only made to other people’s or businesses accounts, you can also do this to your own accounts. For example, at the end of every month, just after pay day, a fixed amount is transferred from our account to our savings account. We do not touch this money. We do not even look at this money UNTILL we book a trip. In fact: we see this as money we don’t have. This way we always have enough money to book hotels, flights and enough spending money!

Money instead of gifts

Everyone knows the dilemma: What should you ask for when it’s your birthday or during the holidays? The easy answer when you want to save as much money as possible is… Money! The money you receive during the holidays or on your birthday can go directly into the nice piggy bank you already purchased! 

I know giving money instead of a gift is not everyone’s cup of tea… but when you explain that you want to use the money for trips and for nice holidays they might be more inclined to do so. 

Make a detailed list with tick boxes of what you want to save for

This is a tip that has helped me a lot in the past: make a very detailed list with tick boxes of what you want to save for.

Let’s say you want to go to Rome. Write down how much your flights to Rome would be, how much you pay for a hotel on average, a meal, the entrance to a certain museum and maybe even a nice gelato. Make a very detailed list of all these experiences, items, tickets and costs and write down how much they cost.

Then, whenever you set aside a certain amount, write down the amount and tick off what you will have paid for with that amount. Let’s say you put aside £100 this month. This might be your flight tickets! So you tick off your flight tickets.

Keep the list somewhere you can see it multiple times a day, preferable next to your piggy bank so you can cross off small costs and amounts (like a nice gelato for €3) when putting in small change and coins into the piggy bank.

This will help you to save as you know what the money is for, where it is going to and you will have a more or less detailed overview of what you can do with the money you have saved (so far).

how to save for your next citytrip
the best way ever to save money for your citytrip

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