How to get from Brussels to Bruges

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Tucked away in a corner, towards northwest Belgium, sits Bruges. Little, but holding great significance, historically, in terms of being unique, in terms of giving its visitors a range of activities to choose from. But first you need to get there! And how do you get from Brussels to Bruges? 

how to get from Brussels to Bruges

Travelling to Bruges from Brussels by train is the fastest of all the ways to get to Bruges. The journey is 88km and will take you about an hour, and you can also find around 73 trains a day travelling to and from Brussels to Bruges. It may take a little longer on holidays and weekends, but whether you’re visiting this medieval city for its infamous market, climb the Belfort tower or just indulge in beers and chocolates, travelling by train gives you time to relax and really enjoy the journey. The price for a ticket starts around $20, and you can find direct as well as connecting trains which means you can hop on a train going to Bruges mid journey.

Brussels airport to Bruges

how to get from brussels to bruges

You can get to Bruges from the Brussels (BRU) airport by train or taxi. Brussels is the closest airport to Bruges, located about 110km away. A taxi is the more costly option, coming to around€150, but you’ll ofcourse be able to travel like you would in the comfort of your own vehicle, with the option of making an occasional pitstop at a renowned restaurant or pub. The train will cost you around €20 one way. However the travelling time between the two doesn’t vary very much, the taxi takes around 10 minutes less than travelling by train, which leads to question if the convenience is worth the extra money spent.

Bruges from Brussels by bus

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You can find a bus to and from Brussels to Bruges everyday of the week and the journey would take you around 1 hr and 35mins. The bus service is provided by Flixbus, the largest bus network in Europe. Some may be put off by busses initially, however, these busses are designed for long journeys, with comfortable reclining seats and plenty of leg space. They’re also an environmentally friendly way of travelling as their efficient coaches seem to have been proven to have an excellent carbon footprint per driven passenger. The busses are also equipped with a toilet, Wi-Fi and power outlets, so you won’t have to worry about much while onboard. The bus ticket may cost you as low as €5, which is a big jump from the other modes of travel. They’re also convenient and easy to find, and definitely the best if you’re travelling on a budget. Best part would be that with comforts like this, you wouldn’t feel it.

Bruges from Brussels by transfer

If you’re looking for a cheap and comfortable mode of travel which also allows for the social butterfly in you to shine, a transfer is the best way to go. It’ll cost you around $8 and take about 1hr30mins of your time, inclusive of the possibility of making a great friend and sharing insightful stories of past and future travels. The basic idea of a transfer is that you carpool and travel in the same direction or exact location. By doing so with some flexibility, you’ll get to your destination often faster and cheaper than imagined or cheaper than by travelling through other means. Right now there’re over 70 million users over 22 countries (mostly European). You basically have to share your travel itinerary, your arrival and departure times and wait for someone with a similar itinerary or anyone going in the same direction to contact you.

Bruges from Brussels by rental car

The drive between Brussels and Bruges is 96km and will take you about an hour. This may not be the fastest route to take, but the difference between driving, taking the bus or train is not enormous, compared to the benefits you might gain. By renting a car you’ll of course have the benefit of having freedom to stop along the way. There are loads of little historical villages around Bruges such as Damme, and an abundance of ancient castles such as the Castle of Van Male you can only get to by car. Sure renting a car is not as cheap as taking the train, but it allows you to discover castles, villages and breweries in the area!

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