Best Restaurants in Bognor Regis

best restaurants bognor regis

After a nice and relaxing day at the beach, you will want to head over to a restaurant for some nice fish and chips, indian or pasta. In Bognor Regis you will find a number of amazing restaurants close to the beach. In this article we have put together a list of the best restaurants in Bognor Regis.

best restaurants bognor regis chez moi

If you’re looking for a fancy dinner out with excellent food and service, Chez Moi is your call. Their meals consist of hearty refined French dishes made to satisfy your every need. Their menu varies from delicate and sophisticated starters such as truffled arancini with mixed mushrooms and truffled hollandaise, Devonshire crab and leek croquetas with parmesan cream and artichoke tart with truffled hollandaise to elegant mains, herb stuffed slow roasted pork belly with Toulouse sausage, Navarin of lamb with roasted root veg to scallops wrapped in Parma. Micheal and his team will ensure that even on the busiest of days, his guests get an almost private dining experience. You will be looked after as if the restaurant were your own. This dining experience will transport to France and you will understand, from the first whiff of your plate, why the waiting list is so long and why its so worth it.

The Mezze Turkish Grill Bar and Restaurant

The chef here has 25 years experience in testing, trying, playing with and mastering Turkish cuisine. The aim here is to recreate the best Turkish delights, from the freshest ingredients, to give you an unforgettable experience. What you can experience here is authentic Turkish food and the true, traditional way of Turkish dining. You will have lots of smaller than usual plates, meze dishes, which are essentially appetizers, but can be so filling that they may be all enjoyed as mains. The meals are designed to be shared, so coming here with a large group of friends and family is always welcome, the more the merrier. Your meal will begin with breads and dips, simple, flavourful but also super healthy. You will then move on to fresh fish or meat, grilled to perfection, accompanied by delectable sides. The Mezze proudly locally sources all their ingredients, so they know exactly where everything comes from and pick the best of the lot. The whole dining experience will be like a giant hug.

Mustards Bar and Restaurant Bognor Regis

best restaurants bognor regis Mustards Bar and Restaurant Bognor Regis

A sophisticated dinery offering everything from local cuisine to famous British and European dishes. It is a great location for a celebration, or for when everyone in the family is craving different types of dishes. Your dine in experience will be made of professional and attentive staff, piping hot dishes almost served straight from stove to table, and a high class ambience. Your experience will be impeccable, from the mouth watering appetizers such as Rustic Style Country Pate, Chilled Poached Salmon & Marinated Crayfish, Smoked Duck Breast to mains like Steak Ale & Mushroom Pie, Beer Battered Fish and Chips, Confit Duck Leg and Stuffed Portobello Mushroom. You will find a variety for anyone, from meats to fish, gluten free to vegetarian. Their desserts are spectacular, try the classic Sticky Toffee Pudding or Rhubarb Cheesecake, or end your meal with a classic Cheese Board, accompanied by grapes, celery and biscuits.

Bangkok Lounge

best restaurants bognor regis Bangkok Lounge restaurant

Ever wondered what Bangkok would be like, if it were in England? That sounds ridiculous, but when you’re by the seaside, on your seaside vacation, with salt in your hair and an attitude that don’t care, you can imagine all sorts of crazy. If you’re craving a trip to another culture, dive into the heart of Thailand through some delectable Thai Cuisine. You can find vegetarian friendly options, gluten free and vegan options so no one needs to be left behind. Their dishes are not just a treat to your taste buds, but also a feast for your eyes. You really will feel like you’re being served on the shores of a Thai beach. They use the freshest ingredients, accompanied with elaborate vegetable carvings. You can organize celebrations, and they will make sure you have a stellar time and stellar service. You will find dishes ranging from assorted rice, red and green curries, pad thais and varieties of fish cooked in authentic thai styles.

Carlyle's Cafe

best restaurants bognor regis Carlyle's Cafe

This refined cafe is family run and has been around since 2010, so you know standards are kept high. They serve up a range of hearty breakfasts, lunches or lighter snacks to be enjoyed in between, in a classy atmosphere. Find classics such as Full English Breakfast, Vegetarian Breakfast, Mini Breakfast or Gluten Free Breakfast, where you’ll find stars such as butchers pork sausage, free range organic eggs, baked beans, vegan sausages and gluten free sausages. Their famous lunches consist of dishes such as Award Winning Pie of the Day, Chicken Tikka Masala & Basmati rice, Breaded Wholetail Scampi and Beef Bourguignon. They even have lamb dishes and vegan burgers. All their dishes are made to share, with plenty of fries and fresh teas, coffees, cold beers and wines to be had alongside.

Aldwick Cafe and Restaurant

best restaurants bognor regis Aldwick Cafe and Restaurant

The Aldwick Cafe specialises in everything that is breakfast. It is a casual and clean location to have a relaxed, spontaneous meal. They have tasty burgers, all day roasts and excellent coffee. You can expect the usual English Breakfasts, full and freshly made, as well as a selection of sandwiches, burgers, and other brunch items. They will make sure to cater to your needs in any way possible, so give them a shout if you will be going there to celebrate and occasion or a special someone, they will make it special and worth your time.

Ye Olde Fish and Chippe Shoppe

Ye Olde Fish & Chippe Shoppe specialises in serving the best quality fish and chips for over 80 years. They only use fish certified by the Marine Stewardship Council and potatoes get handpicked to sit alongside this exquisite version of batter fried fish. They use traditional methods of cooking, the taste perfected throughout the years. While being traditional, they have also upgraded to state of the art cooking technologies, so your dish will be cooked to digital perfection. They also offer gluten free options for frying and are proud to serve award winning fish and chips. You can choose between different varieties of fish from Cod to Haddock, but also find meat savouries like sausages, beef burgers and chicken and freshly made special pies. Children can choose from their own playful menu and you will find plenty of sides to choose from. Definitely a place for the whole family.

Small fry

best restaurants bognor regis Small fry

Another eatery that specialises in all things fried, but also offers other usuals. They offer freshly made takeaway fish and chips only cooked to order. Their burgers are also legendary and definitely an option to explore. They are exclusively takeaway, so it is ideal for a picnic or for the city explorers looking to eat while they walk. They also offer online hassle free ordering. Their fish is cooked to perfection and have delicious sauces such as homemade tartare sauce to go alongside.

Angelina's Bar and Eatery

best things to do in bognor regis Angelina's Bar and Eatery

This restaurant is delightful, with cosy interiors and dainty setups. Their food is rustic, almost contrasting to the environment. They offer delicious wood fired pizzas, sophisticated looking cheesy entrees, Aussie style salads with avo and classic scones and strawberries. It is a mix that will satisfy the whole party you are travelling with. They have a selection of homemade sandwiches with fresh tomatoes and cheeses, fresh breads and even a selection of gourmet looking cocktails. This place is indeed a mix of the best of all worlds, and a must visit for a homey, welcoming, gorgeous meal.

Deligo Eatery

best restaurants bognor regis Deligo Eatery

They say they are all about “freshly made food served with love”. You should go here if you don’t know what you want in life (to eat) and if you have plenty of time to lounge around while you decide. Deligo Eatery will not only serve excellent food but also offer a great place where you can relax and take it easy. They have specialized breakfast items, homemade meals that include lasagna, rice and burgers with mash, Ciabatta paninis, a range of jacket potatoes, sandwiches, burgers and hotdogs. Keep in mind that all of these are titles, and you have a range of items to choose from these, so it is definitely a place you will want to visit more than ones. Who wouldn’t want to try all their hot dog options? They also offer you a selection of fries, that is, several types of fries to choose from. Is that even real? Sweet potato chips to loaded chips with bacon and cheese. They are modern and tasteful, easy going and very homey. It is the kind of food that makes you feel good and loved like what your grandma would make you.

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