best restaurants in Reims Le Parc Restaurant Les Crayeres

10 best restaurants in Reims

Do you also love Champagne? Then you should definitely book a trip to Reims. Reims is the capital of the champagne region, and is often seen as the starting point for many champagne tours and tours through the region. If you book a nice hotel in Reims, you naturally also want to know where you can eat well in Reims. That is why we have listed the 10 best restaurants in Reims here in this article.

Best restaurants in Reims - Le Foch

best restaurants in Reims Le Foch

Restaurant Le Foch is often regarded as the best restaurant in Reims. This haute cuisine restaurant has been awarded a Michelin star and is known for its classic French cuisine with a modern twist. The restaurant is located in the old part of Reims and has been attracting loyal customers for over 20 years with a varied menu. Restaurant Le Foch is known for its blue lobster with mozzarella ice cream and tuna tartare. However, don’t let Le Foch’s Michelin star put you off. During the afternoon on weekdays you can order a three-course menu for about 35 euros – a great price for such a good restaurant!


best restaurants in reims racine

If 1 Michelin star is not good enough, you can always opt for the restaurant Racine. This restaurant has managed to cash in 2 Michelin stars. At Racine you can find a mix between French cuisine and Japanese cuisine. So you can expect very interesting and exotic dishes with local products. Racine is a very small restaurant with room for about 20 people. So you can expect a very personal service. The sommelier has put together a wine list where the wines merge completely with the identity and philosophy of this restaurant. Book well in advance as it fills up quickly and does not have very many seats.

Best restaurants in Reims - L Alambic

best restaurants in Reims L Alambic

With a score of 4.5 / 5 and more than 1000 fantastic reviews, L’Alambic could of course not be missing from a list of the best restaurants in Reims. At L’Alambic you have dinner or lunch in a historic French cellar where you can enjoy delicious French cuisine. Here too there is not much space, which means that you should book in advance. The staff speak very good English which is an advantage for those who do not speak French. L’Alambic is especially praised for its good menu, fantastic wine list and also the good and affordable price at which they offer their menus.

Le Parc Restaurant Les Crayeres

best restaurants in Reims Le Parc Restaurant Les Crayeres

Looking for a romantic restaurant for a classic French getaway? Then Le Parc Restaurant Les Crayeres is the right place for you. This beautiful restaurant is located just outside the city and has no less than 2 Michelin stars. Located in a beautiful country house, you can not only enjoy good food, but also a beautiful setting and beautiful walks in the garden of the restaurant. Every plate that comes out of the kitchen at Le Parc Restaurant Les Crayeres is a true gem. In addition, at Le Parc Restaurant Les Crayers you can also sit outside on the beautiful terrace from where you have a beautiful view of the perfectly manicured lawns and gardens.

Again, it’s a good idea to book in advance as this popular restaurant draws visitors from all over France and Belgium.

Spanish restaurant in Reims - Le petit Basque

best restaurants in reims Le petit Basque

If you are looking for a more down to earth experience in Reims, you can always go to Le Petit Basque. This restaurant in Reims is known for its folk atmosphere, its friendly staff, and of course the good food. At Le Petit Basque you can – as the name suggests – enjoy delicious Spanish tapas, especially tapas and dishes from the Basque Country. Think, for example, of fried oysters, but also tasty Spanish stews and calamari.

Anna-S - La Table Amoureuse restaurant in reims

best restaurants in Reims Anna-S - La Table Amoureuse

If you are looking for excellent French cuisine in a romantic setting without having to spend hundreds of euros, then you are in the right place with Anna-S-la table amoureuse. This small and cozy French restaurant in the center of Reims has been in almost every travel guide about the city for many years. Why? Because the food is very tasty and the prices are very reasonable. At Anna-S-la table amoureuse you can go for typical French food such as snails and Foie Gras. You can already order a full menu from 42 euros.

Reims Family Friendly Restaurant Chez Nous

best restaurants in reims chez nous

Chez Nous (translated Bij Ons) is a typical name for a French restaurant. Still, it is a good idea to take a closer look at this restaurant because this restaurant in Reims is anything but typical. At Chez Nous you can not only enjoy very tasty wines, the menu is also tailored to both French and international guests. You can enjoy many different dishes such as a fish stew, but also a lava cake or steak with fried potatoes. This restaurant in Reims is also child-friendly. Chez Nous not only has a large outdoor terrace but also a play corner for the little ones. If you are traveling in Reims with your family but would still like to eat something tasty, then I can only recommend restaurant Chez Nous.

Le Millenaire

best restaurants in Reims Le Millenaire

There is no shortage of Michelin stars in Reims. In the capital of the Champagne region, you can also visit the restaurant Le Millenaire. This restaurant in Reims has 1 Michelin star and is praised for its fine wines and chocolate desserts. Located in the center of this historic city a stone’s throw from Le Palais Royale, Le Millenaire is a popular restaurant for many local foodies and wine lovers. If you have plenty of time and cannot choose, you can also go to Le Millenaire for a tasting menu where you will be presented with an overview of all the best and most popular dishes of this star restaurant.

L'Epicerie Au Bon Manger

best restaurants in reims L'Epicerie Au Bon Manger

Are you a fan of wine and French charcuterie? Then you should definitely visit L’Epicerie Au Bon Manger. This epicerie / caterer has only a few tables and serves local specialties to lick your hands and fingers. Each plate can be accompanied by a bottle of good wine because L’Epicerie Au Bon Manger is also one of the best wine merchants in this French city. L’Epicerie Au Bon Manger is the place to be if you want a down to earth French meal without having to dig deep into your pockets.

Family Friendly Italian Restaurant in Reims - Casa d'Urso

best restaurants in Reims casa l'urso

Casa d’Urso is one of the best Italian and Mediterranean restaurants in Reims. This little gem serves beautiful dishes made with the best Italian and local ingredients. In addition, Casa d’Urso is also a good restaurant for those looking for a well-priced Italian in Reims. Be sure to taste the delicious ham in Casa d’Urso and don’t miss out on the homemade lasagna. In addition, Casa d’Urso also has tasty menus. The menu of the day costs barely 15.50 euros, which is very reasonable for an expensive city like Reims. Finally, Casa d’Urso is also child-friendly and they offer special children’s dishes for the little ones.

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