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How to get from Chichester to London

Chichester is a beautiful, historic city. Thus it would not surprise me if you would prefer to spend a weekend in Chichester, taking in all the sites and visiting the beautiful gardens and museums. But how do you get from Chichester to London? In this article, we will explain how to get from London to Chichester and vice versa by train, bus, taxi, and car. 

Chichester to London by bus

In just under 2 hours the bus would take you across 87km from Chichester to London. Not only is this fast but you can also be assured a comfortable journey, with all the necessary amenities to ensure you arrive at your destination fresh and ready. The busses are equipped with cosy seats with plenty of legroom, allowing you to take it easy and relax on your journey. You will have access to Wifi and electrical sockets, making it easy for you to stay in touch, study, catch up on your reading, work, or simply kill some time while you travel. 

This economical mode of transport is also rated highly as an eco-friendly way of getting from one place to another. According to government approved calculations, taking the coach produces the least emissions per passenger. 

The numerous apps, websites and coach services allow you to choose the best time and rate for you, as well as pre-book your ticket or travel in a more spontaneous manner, whichever suits your schedule. 

Chichester to London will take you through places like Arundel, Amberly, Pulborough, Codmore Hill, Horsham, Crawley, Earlswood, Holmethorpe and Croydon. 

For larger groups, business excursions or student trips, you can simply reserve your seats in advance.

London to Chichester by train

London to chichester

The train from London to Chichester will take approximately between 1.5 hrs to 2.5 hrs, depending on the train and time you choose. Trains are most people’s preferred mode of transport. Simply book your ticket and arrive at your platform on time to hop on, and you’re done. You don’t have to worry about travelling with luggage, storing will not be a problem, you don’t need to worry about getting car sick, at most, the train would lull you into a sweet nap. You will be ensured a comfortable journey, planned to your own convenience. You will find 24 trains operating daily, and 170 per week, all operated by the South Western Railway. Not finding a train that suits your schedule will not be a problem. 

The train will allow you to sit back and enjoy the sights as you pass them by, or get some work done or catch up on your reading. The train will most probably depart from one of the following stations: London Victoria, London Euston and London Kings Cross and arrive at Chichester, or Basin Road and Chichester. While Chichester, Basin Road is the most common station, this is about 1km away from the city, but with plenty of transport to and fro, this will not be a hindrance to your journey. 

Booking your ticket in advance will give you the opportunity to make use of discounts and promotions, and also allow you to check and compare between different amenities offered on different trains.

Chichester to London by car

The cost of travelling from Chichester to London shouldn’t exceed $30, inclusive of fuel cost and the tax disk and the journey will not take you longer than 2.5 hours. 

You have 3 routes to choose from:

  1. Via A3 
  2. Via A29 A217
  3. Via M23 A23


On the first route, after leaving Chichester you will pass Midhurst, Camelsdale, Haslemere, Milford, Kingston upon Thames, Wandsworth, Hammersmith and Kensington.

The second route will take you through: Pulborough, Holmwood, Dorking, Banstead, Sutton, Merton and Lambeth. 

The third route takes you through: Storrington, Croydon and Lambeth. 


The convenience of having your own car means you can stop over, even stay at a different location en route. 

For example, you could choose to visit Brighton, which is en route to London. You can also stop at interesting places such as Worthing, Shoreham-by-Sea or Portslade, charming coastal towns, or take to the inlands, you may be able to drop in through South Downs National Park, visit Horsham, Crawley or Surrey Hills, known as an area of outstanding natural beauty. A small detour would take you through Royal Tunbridge Wells, the Groombridge Place Estates or Eridge Rocks Nature Reserve. Whoever said England was not brimming with natural beauty never tried to explore it with a map. 

The options are basically endless if you’re travelling by car, and we definitely suggest you travel around the countryside and take in all the beautiful sights and landscapes.

Chichester to London by transfer

chichester to London is as easy as it gets to take you from point A to point B. Just go to and select your route. will give you options from a comfortable, economical vehicle to SUVs, Mini bus and even Helicopter and airplane. You will then be able to request additional services for your travels such as a child seat, pickup with a name sign, Wifi, a driver who speaks a specific language and you can even choose to share your ride. If finds another person travelling in the same direction who would like to share a ride as well, you will be put in touch, with all safety precautions taken into consideration. Gettransfer also offers benefits such as being able to claim a refund of the difference in price, if you find a similar offer at a lower price on another site. 

Gettransfer also does not discriminate against large groups, you can choose how many adults will be travelling and get a suitable vehicle accordingly. 

The payment is also simple. You can pay via your Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover, ApplePay, and Wechat Pay.

You can also choose an hourly rate or a fixed rate for your whole journey. The hourly rate allows you to make unlimited use of the rented car with driver, which means you can take a detour or stop over. Due to the thorough monitoring and checks the drivers are put through, you will be assured a safe journey.

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