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Best things to do in Bognor Regis

Bognor Regis is known for its amazing beach and great caravan parks in the area. However, did you know Bognor Regis has a lot more to offer than just nice beach holidays? There are a number of attractions in Bognor Regis you will want to have a look at when staying in Bognor Regis. In order to help you plan a Bognor Regis trip, we have put together a list of the best Bognor Regis attractions and things to do in Bognor Regis. 

Bognor Regis Museum

best things to do in bognor regis museum

This intimate museum showcases the area’s history. It displays ornaments, photos, posters, old radios, and even fossils. Basically anything that would hint at how life was throughout the ages in Bognor Regis. You will learn of how the first seaside resort of Bognor Regis came to be, the Esplanade Theatre which once stood proudly where the skate park now stands and a famous bus station. Bognor Regis also had many iconic members of the community, such as Mary Wheatland the famous Bathing Lady, you can learn why and how she became to this (and what exactly that title entails), Ron Simpson and his collection, a radio aficionado who has managed to collect several radios throughout the ages and Sir Richard Hotham. Researchers and enthusiasts will also be thrilled to find a digital record of photos and documents at the Research Room, which is also now rented out to host small meetings and temporary exhibitions.

Bognor Regis Beach

best things to do in bognor regis Bognor Regis Beach

Bognor Regis, being a seaside town and resort, is meant to have interesting beaches. Bognor Regis attracts thousands of tourists, and one of the places they head to are its beaches. Some of the beaches to visit are the Aldwick Beach, a quiet beach, with the Marine Park gardens, and West Park around the corner. The Bognor Regis East Beach is one of the most popular, with a little more animation, shops, cafes and other stalls around. The promenade and pier are easily reachable through the West Beach, which also offer fantastic views, calm winds and a great environment to spend the day. Further away you will find Elmer Sands beach, Felpham Beach, also similar to the West Beach with groins, shingle and large sandy beach. The Middleton-On-Sea Beach is ideal for your pets, and is now mainly used of the four legged members of the family. The Pagham Beach, also further west, houses the Pagham harbour nature reserve.

Bognor Regis Pier

bognor regis pier

The Victorian pier has been around since 1865, and was initially 1000ft long. Time and the currents have taken an obvious toll and it currently sits at 350ft. The pier is what divides Bognor’s East and West beaches and is located at the centre of the town. It has been awarded theGrade II listing status by English Heritage since 1989, ensuring its safety and well preservation. It is now used for the annual competition for human-powered ‘flying’ machines, which is held in Bognor Regis each year. It is also a beautiful place to catch the sunset and enjoy the stunning views.

Hotham Park House

best things to do in bognor regis hotham park house

Hotham Park house is the residence of the founder of Bognor. It was originally called Chapel House when it was built in 1792. This 18th century house is a grade II listed house, built of stuccoed brick and is two storeys high. Its park currently makes up for the largest and most central green space in Bognor Regis. The house contains a clocktower which houses the oldest clock (circa 1794) in this entire part of Sussex. Sir Richard Hotham, a London hatter, founded the first seaside resort in Bognor, envisioning the area to become like Brighton, where Royalty and the rich would visit. He was successful and the area soon flourished. Over the years many benefactors of the town resided in this house, and was also leased to the Ministry of Pensions during war. After being proposed to be used as a Museum, restaurant or meeting area for the town, it was eventually decided to be converted to a public park for people to use. The park itself has many attractions, such as the Mad Hatter’s Table and Alice in Wonderland sculpture trail, a glorious Sundial, Flora and Fauna, some trees 100 years old and many other features that have been added on. Also watch out for the special events held here.

Tangmere Military and Aviation Museum Trust

best things to do in bognor regis Tangmere Military and Aviation Museum Trust

In 1982 a group of aviation enthusiasts realised that attention needed to be brought to the United Kingdom’s military aviation heritage, to educate, publicise and show off, to present and future generations what advancements this nation had achieved. It also serves as a memorial to airmen and airwomen who gave their lives as a service of this country. You will find an extensive collection of historic aircrafts and learn their story, aviation memorabilia dating from WWI all the way to the Cold War, displays, aircraft cockpits and simulators that guests can experience. The interactive displays are popular even amongst the younger visitors. You will also find a wonderful tea room where you can enjoy some refreshments. There are even films to watch and stories to hear, and with some of the exhibits displayed outdoors, it also makes for a good day to spend outdoors. 

Bognor Regis Crazy Golf

Bognor Regis has made itself so tourist and people friendly. It offers a multitude of different ways for people to entertain themselves, and amongst these is mini golf. It is located next to the pier, so you can expect soft breezes keeping you fresh during your 19 hole game. You’ll find a well maintained course, with greenery and flower beds. The course is not too competitive or tough, so you don’t have to be a mini golf lord to be able to enjoy the game. It is great for both families and groups of friends to spend some time outdoors and take a break from the sightseeing and walking around. The price is also very reasonable and they even offer a free game after the first.

Hotham Park Miniature Railway

This is a famous little railway runs in the middle of Bognor Regis’s historic part and its newly transformed Hotham Park. It is located just a few steps from the centre of the town and the seafront. It caters mainly to children, but older children accompanying the actual children are welcome, as long as they behave. 

This railway has been opened since 1969, with a 900yd circuit that runs through woodland. The entire ride consists of two circuits. Kids will have great fun and can let their imagination run wild as they ride amidst the grand trees, old and scruffy, almost chilly and haunting, before reaching the more recently maintained and manicured parts of the park. Kids also love the opportunity to take their four legged friends along. Adults can enjoy the cafe next to the stop, and can relax while the young ones enjoy their ride. Its also entertaining for those days when there doesn’t seem to be much to do or if its too hot to go to the beach, or even if it is too gloomy.

Jungle Paradise Adventure Golf

best things to do in bognor regis jungle paradise adventure golf

From old to young, the Jungle Paradise Adventure Golf course, inclusive of indoor and outdoor holes. It also comprises a nine hole FootGolf Course and a nine hole Pitch and Putt Course. The outdoor course takes you across deserted spooky islands, around lagoons, through caves and over waterfalls. You will have to play your way through the debris of a crashed plane and duck your way under low lying branches. The thick jungles hide many creatures, some friendly, and some not so much. You may find some not so friendly giants lurking around the bushes and others just waiting to spray you with some water. The most adventurous part, you think, would be the raft to be taken to complete the journey, but don’t be fooled. Glow in the dark pirate adventures await you and underwater treats as you putt your way to the hidden treasures. Adults and children all leave equally thrilled.

Aldwick Beach

A lovely beach ready and waiting to cater to your day out in the sun. it is entirely family friendly and prepped with stalls and small eateries to cater to your needs throughout the day. You can easily find parking and the beach is also equipped with public toilets. It is one of the quieter beaches, but still very well maintained. It is great for whomever wants to laze around with a book or have a quiet family outing. There are little huts which can be used, and give the whole beach a vintage look. You will also find a semi piazza leading up to the beach where you can sit under a shady tree.

Pagham Harbour Local Nature Reserve

best things to do in bognor regis Pagham Harbour Local Nature Reserve

Sussex coast has many unexpected surprises, and one of them is this gem. This fascinating, rich and abundant nature reserve is part of the more underdeveloped areas of Sussex. It is now an internationally important wetland site, home to much wildlife, flora and fauna. During the day you should try and catch a glimpse of the black-tailed godwits or little egrets, and be ready to admire several other little friendly animals. It is open all year round, and is home to migratory birds. The heart of the Pagham Harbour Local Nature Reserve is home to ducks, geese and other wading birds. You can also catch some breathtaking sunsets, glorious landscapes to wander around and also take in the historical heritage of the place. At the reception area you will find many informative posters about the species that could possibly be seen and also find a guided map so you can plan out your visit. Its a grand place to connect with nature.

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