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10 Best things to do in Yeovil

Yeovil is a delightful town tucked into the rolling hills of Somerset. It is a great place for a little weekend break with many amazing walks in the area, national trust sites such as Montacute House and cultural activities such as the Octagon Theatre. When heading out to Yeovil, you will probably want to get an idea of what to do in Yeovil. That is why I have come up with the 10 best things to do in Yeovil for every member of your family! These are the 10 best things to do in Yeovil.

Go Bowling in Yeovil

yeovil bowling things to do

Who doesn’t love a little game of Bowling? When you are out and about with the family in Yeovil and looking for something to do, why not head to Yeovil Bowling? Head to Yeovil Hollywood bowling for an evening of fun for the whole family. You might ask: why include bowling? We can literally do this anytime we like! Well, sure. But when is the last time you actually did go bowling? A little family trip to Yeovil is the absolute perfect time to take your family out for a little competitive game of Bowling!

Go to the Yeovil Fleet Air Arm Museum

When heading to Yeovil with small boys (and girls!), you will want to head to the Yeovil Fleet Air Arm Museum. This great Air Museum in Yeovil is located just outside the city and includes a complete Concorde, several fighter jets and even a double-decker plane suspended from the hangar. The Yeovil Fleet Air Arm Museum even allows you to take the wheel of a fighter plane and teaches you everything there is to know about fighter planes, helicopters and other aircrafts used in battle. The Yeovil Fleet Air Arm Museum is the perfect day out for little (and big) girls and boys with an interest in history and the military! I mean – who doesn’t want a pic of them behind the stick of a fighter jet?

Book Tee-Time at the Yeovil Golf Club

yeovil golf club things to do

If you are travelling to Yeovil with your partner, why not go for a game of golf at the Yeovil Golf club? The Yeovil Golf Club is located just on the edge of town which makes for panoramic views over the Yeovil town centre from the rolling hills of the club. Take beautiful walks over the grounds to the next hole, looking at the amazing trees on the course and the beautiful sights. Booking tee time at the Yeovil Golf Club is the perfect way to spend half a day in nature, talking, walking and playing golf. You can easily book Teetime online at the Yeovil Golf Club website.

Go to the Yeovil Cinema

yeovil cinema things to do

If your trip to Yeovil ends up in the middle of a rainy patch of weather, you should try and head to the cinema in Yeovil. The local Yeovil Cinema is the Yeovil Cineworld which can be found in the East of the city near the Golf Club at the end of the high street. In this Yeovil cinema you will be able to enjoy the latest movies together with special screenings – and even secret screenings for Cineworld card members!

Learn all about trains at the Yeovil Railway Centre

yeovil railway centre things to do

Love trains? Then the Yeovil Railway Centre is a great place to visit when spending some time in Yeovil. The Yeovil Railway centre can be found in the south of the city near Barwick and Stoford. At the Yeovil Railway Centre, you can learn about trains and railway stations. The Yeovil Railway Centre is completely run by volunteers that maintain the steam trains, the tracks and the visitors’ centre. They completely rely on donations for maintaining and updating the premises and the collection. If you are in Yeovil, it is more than worth it to pop in at the Yeovil Railway Centre for a little visit. The volunteers are incredibly helpful and always want to share their knowledge of the collection and the history of the (Yeovil) railway system with visitors. Please donate when visiting so we can keep amazing places of living history like these from dying out!

Visit Montacute House Yeovil

montacute house things to do yeovil

Montacute House is not to miss when looking for things to do in Yeovil! This amazing Elizabethan house is a perfect example of the Elizabethan Renaissance with amazing gardens and beautiful halls. This amazing house was saved by the National Trust in 1931 after it was offered up for scrap. The National trust then completely renovated Montacute House and the gardens, opening them up for the public. Now Montacute House is a pearl in the crown of the National Trust somerset collection. Montacute House was used as a filming location for the 1995 movie Sense and Sensibility staring High Grant, Kate Winslet, Emma Thompson and Alan Rickman. You can also go for beautiful walks in the gardens of Montacute House Yeovil or go for a little cream tea in the café.

Go to the Octagon Theatre Yeovil

octagon theatre yeovil

The Octagon Theatre in Yeovil is one of Somerset’s best and most famous theatres. It is known for its amazing pantos, musical concerts and theatre pieces. When heading to Yeovil, you will want to check whether or not there is anything up at the Octagon Theatre as most big theatre tours in the UK will have a stop at the Octagon Theatre.
If you are travelling as a group, you can also opt in for a tour of the Octagon Theatre where you can learn about how the theatre works and how actors and actresses can get ready in the backstage, how sound-and light guys to their work and discover the secrets of the Octagon Theatre.

Walk an alpaca at Cary Alpacas

alpaca walking yeovil things to do

Why not head to Cary Alpacas to learn all about these amazing South-American animals and give them a nice little walk? Walking alpacas is the perfect little outing for both kids and adults. Walking Alpacas is a very calming experience as alpacas are overall incredibly nice animals. Every alpaca of this small Somerset herd has their own name and their own personality. The alpacas at Cary alpacas are bred for their wool (incredibly nice and soft!) and manure which is a rich soil conditioner. You can walk the alpacas, feed the alpacas and even adopt your own alpaca!

Have a walk in Ninesprings Yeovil

ninesprings yeovil things to do

Ninesprings is a country park in Yeovil of about 20 acres and has several springs running through the park. The park is known for its amazing waterfowl, and even the rare Water Vole was seen to live in Ninesprings Yeovil which makes it an interesting place to visit for amateur ornithologists and twitchers!
There are several paths and walking routes you can take through Ninesprings Yeovil, and in 2007 they received a 10.000-pound grant to enhance the park. This fund was used to commission Selwyn Price to make beautiful statues of Maori Gods that are now placed between the Ninsprings car park and footpath.

Smell the roses at Tintinhull Gardens

tintinhull garden things to do yeovil

Don’t miss out on Tintinhull Garden when heading to Yeovil. This National Trust garden is a beautiful and tranquil garden which can be visited by the whole family. Tickets can be booked online on the National Trust website. You can meander around the beautiful garden in the shadow of a typical Somerset house and have a little cream tea at the on-site café.

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