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Mayfair in London is like your first class ticket around the world, in terms of food, that is. You hop on, fasten your seatbelt, and get cradled into a haven of culinary variety. It’s not shocking that it’s fame goes well beyond the Monopoly board. Mayfair in London is the host to London’s best restaurants, from newer spots which have wriggled in to rub shoulders with some veterans of London’s best. Chic and sophisticated, Mayfair has been, is and surely will keep on, seducing anyone who wants to experience cultural diversity without getting their shoes dirty. You may even spot some Hollywood stars while dining in these world-class restaurants.

Le Gavroche

best restaurants mayfair london le gavroche

Le Gravoche is one of the old timers in London, and has been around since 1967 when it first opened it’s doors.

Even though it may be one of the well seasoned restaurants around, it’s nothing short of high-tech new age class. It not only boasts it’s availability for public hire on their off day (Monday) but it also hosts a different themed pop-up restaurant every month and a Chef’s library, which is literally a collection of cook books by Michel Roux Jr and showcases photographs of celebrities to walk through it’s doors since 1967. Of course no one goes here for just the books and photos, the main attraction would be the six course menu with a live stream of how the meal is being prepared.

The classy interior may make you feel like you hopped back in time to an Italian mob club while you enjoy some of the most refined French cuisine on the block. It won’t come cheap, of course, but that is expected of one that holds two Michelin stars. I would say dining at Le Gavroche is more like visiting a culinary museum – you can even get yourself a souvenir on the way out.


Kitty Fisher's restaurant Mayfair

Kitty Fisher’s is one of the old romantics, if you will, but not so old. A new age classic serving award winning food for the times you’re feeling lavish, for both food and enjoying your company, because there is no need to be quiet here. A cosy hideout found at Shepherd Market where you will be spoilt for choice from mains to Kitty cocktails and even though you may not be inclined to be on a “sharing is caring” theme, you will most likely feel tempted to pick at your company’s plate.

Watch out for their special events, there was a Sunday Lunch in December which may have just tempted the whole family to move Christmas to Kitty Fisher’s. It might not be able to snatch a table at this place, so be prepared and book in advance.

34 Mayfair - Brunch and more

best restaurants mayfair london 34 mayfair

As a part of the Caprice Holdings, 34 Mayfair is a classic of classics, but with an open kitchen. It serves you with British heartiness from the entrance to the atmosphere. They say they have “polished oak parquet floor and colourful contemporary art collection” but these are not the only items which keep you coming back for more. They serve a seasonal menu with steaks from around the globe, from Wagyu beef to Yorkshire grown, and if the pocket allows, you’ll be in to try it all. Feeling like a waffle with that top notch steak grilled on a bespoke Argentinean grill? 34 Mayfair hosts  a weekend brunch, with, did anyone say Bloody Marys? Because they have an entire menu.

Sexy Fish - Lunch and Late Nights

Another one from Caprice Holdings. This restaurant doesn’t only have sexy in it’s name, every niche and crevice exudes sex appeal, from lamps by celebrity designers like Frank Gehry and a ceiling by Michael Roberts. Their food is inspired by Asia, mainly Japan with the bar open till 2am, hosting the largest Japanese whiskey collection in the world. Need to hear more? Ones you land your eyes on the plates you may find it hard to eat them. Their beauty can only be described as divine. Lookout for their Kuikky Express Lunch Set Menu and they even have a Late Night Menu for those who like to gallivant about and a Vegetarian and Vegan Menu for those who choose. Who knew Japanese cuisine could be so diverse? It’s not over. They even have takeaway Cheesecake. Goodbye Monday blues, I’m getting my Sexy Fish on.

Bentley’s Oyster Bar and Grill restaurant mayfair

best restaurants mayfair london bentleys oysters

Is what you get if you put your heart and soul into fresh oysters, grilled fish and steaks. Sourced from the British and Irish Isles, this Bar has been under the care of Michelin star Chef Richard Corrigan for the past 12 years and they say they have been “feeding the hungry shopping masses for over 102 years”. That’s a long time if you ask me.

They have one for anyone. If you’d prefer a more poised setting, you can choose the upstairs, where you will be served by the grill restaurant. If you’re feeling like taking your time and gobbling up some oysters, you can work your way downstairs and feast at the oyster bar. They even have daily specials too, for those who just love their seafood, but fear not, meat is also on the menu. This place will make you feel like you jumped into a British novel , giving you an authentic London experience, from the food to the setting.

The Betterment

best restaurants mayfair london the betterment

Wouldn’t it be great to be get your taste buds theatrically spoilt while also supporting local artisans and farmers? This is the Betterment’s motto, and they seem to have gotten it right. This is the chef’s 18th restaurant and letting the numbers speak for themselves, you’ll be assured to get a star class dining experience. The Betterment consists of a Restaurant and Terrace, The Pine Bar, The Tea Lounge and Private Dining. It goes without saying that it would be a fancy spot to drop into for some afternoon tea. Their tea nibbles speak and cocktails tease with colours of romance which will surely make the experience one to remember.

Sabor - Spain in Mayfair London

best restaurants mayfair london sabor

If you’d like a taste of Spain, this is the place to go. Just two years old, it has already managed to establish itself as a crowd favourite. This is Nieves Barragán Mohacho’s first restaurant. She won a Michelin star for another renowned restaurant in London, Barrafina and has now transferred her skills to her solo project. The best part about Sabor may be it’s three sections: the counter and bar on the ground floor serving up a delectable variety of Spanish tapas, bringing tastes from all over Spain, to the restaurant upstairs: El Asador – with a more communal style dining experience. All their plates are colourful and well curated, and with a background of blue hued tiles from Andalucia, it will be a spectacle to watch your meals being prepared. They even have their own fishmonger, ensuring fresh daily curated menus. El Asador will give you a truly authentic Spanish culinary experience, with pots and pans brought in straight from Galicia and the wood fired oven “asador” sourced from Castile. This restaurant even though one of the best in Mayfair, definitely stands out from the rest, boasting a homely and casual atmosphere without skimming on the quality of food.

Titu Japanese restaurant Mayfair

This place is the personification of “quaint”. Only able to seat 15, Titu will give you #gyozadreams (as they have self declared). Not only are they the dream of any gyoza lover, delivering some authentic gyoza, but they are also understanding of modern times, allowing their customers to take away from anything on their menu, which ranges from wonderful salads inspired by Asian flavours to a variety of snacks. Their focus is apparently on high quality ingredients and quick service.

What they lack in space they more than make up for in attentive service and charming atmosphere.

Lookout for  a bright blue corner at Mayfair’s historic Shepherd Market, it is where the door to gyoza heaven is supposed to be (open for lunch and dinner, but you’d better book a table in advance)


Let me firstly introduce you to Angela Hartnett. Her passion for food, one could say, is second nature to her, considering she has been inspired by her mother and grandmother from a very young age. Their approach, in true Italian style, is to give their customers a wholesome experience. In fact,

four months after opening, Murano was presented with a Michelin star, allowing for the imagination of the standard of dreamy Italian dishes presented at Murano to run wild.

The ambience is kept simple and classy, with light earthy tones, reflecting the simplicity of Angela, allowing for her creations to take the centre stage in every aspect. They also boast a wine cellar with an extensive collection of Italian wines to be perfectly paired to each and every dish.

Gymkhana - One of the best Indian Restaurants in Mayfair London

Feeling like flying off to the Raj era in India? Head to Gymkhana. Their Kebabs and Tikkas, Biriyanis and Curries are so good they have been holding a Michelin star since 2014. They say their inspiration comes from “elite clubs of India”, hinting at the quality of service they would provide. They even have a personally brewed larger, which would go hand in hand with the hot dishes available. Sporting two bars serving up and array of cocktails, including a Gymkhana original twist on the classic gin and tonic, this may be one of Mayfair’s best Indian restaurants.


Story goes that it apparently first opened as a small oyster warehouse in 1851 by a young fishmonger named John Scott. In time it turned into one of the best fish restaurants in London and now sits amongst the five oldest restaurants in London. It is also another member of the Caprice Holdings family after being bough over by Richard Caring, who indeed, cared for it as it needed to be.

Scott’s switches between two seasonal menus and is known as one of London’s best fish restaurants. If you want to spoil yourself or treat some clients to an extravagant meal, this is the place to go. They apparently have impeccable service to go along with their wide variety of fish and the best caviar in town. Being the big brother amongst all the fish eateries, their experience must be second to none.

Sketch restaurant Mayfair

It has five restaurants to choose from, so technically, you could visit it for lunch, teatime and dinner, with maybe some drinks to spare. All restaurants sport exquisitely refined aesthetics, both in the food and the deco. Chef Pierre Gagnaire has been awarded two Michelin stars at Sketch’s Lecture Room and Library. This is not shocking considering the sophistication that goes along with the playful creativity in his creations. He even lets you play with your food, and doesn’t mind if you drop it, on the website that is. Even the website is designed to keep everyone guessing, taking the guests between different worlds as the five different restaurants would, each teasing a different sense, from suggesting eating music to drawings carpets, Sketch keeps you guessing on the journey you might embark on.

Feel like having a spunky afternoon tea? We think Sketch might satisfy your whim.


best restaurants mayfair london hide

You can, very cleverly, choose to HIDE, above, on the ground, or below. Beautiful is not the word, to describe these breathtaking spaces. They each host a different service. Let’s start from the Ground, which serves breakfast to dinner with even a four course tasting menu at lunch and a nine course tasting menu for dinner. You can then choose to visit below or above. Above really taking you above any expectations you had of dining experience which includes being ensured that you would not be making any eye contact with your neighbour. You asked for privacy and HIDE delivered. They also delivered to you expertly selected wines from Hedonism Wines, which is a wines and spirits boutique- a “mecca for wine and spirit lovers”. We could say that HIDE also delivers poetry, as they say “There is no compromise, there is no rush. True hedonists linger Above”.

They describe the Ground as “Attentive but informal, simple but sophisticated”. Delivering homemade breads to jams to pickles, hearty and comforting.

They also offer five surprise smaller private rooms in the subterranean vaults, which can cater up to six people each. The private room located on the mezzanine called “Hide and Seek” room, caters up to 20 people, served by HIDE Above. One could say that if the dishes they served were as interesting as the names of each room, there is no room for disappointment.

Galvin at the Athenaeum in Mayfair

Athenaeum is a swanky five star boutique hotel, also hosting a one of Mayfair’s best restaurants – Galvin where you can also make a reservation for afternoon tea. Spoiling everyone for choice, Galvin offers everything from the Bar to Vegan dining options. Also, watch out for their events which range from vegan afternoon teas, whiskey tasting master classes, theatre menus, bottomless afternoon teas, tour of Galvin tasting menu and cocktail master classes.


Another best of Indian at Mayfair. Jamavar will also not disappoint the lovers of spicy cuisine. Jamavar was conceived in India in order to satisfy the palates of customers in North India who could not get proper South Indian cuisine and for those in the South who could not get proper North Indian Cuisine. The journey began by first opening several restaurants within the continent and later expanding with it’s sixth in London in 2017, which won a Michelin star within a year of opening.

Jamavar not only holds secret recipes from the co-chairman’s mother, but the Executive chef has also been part of the group for 18 years.

Pollen Street Social

best restaurants mayfair london pollen street social

Jason Atherton’s flagship Pollen Street Social is hidden away in a small Mayfair alleyway. This Michelin starred eatery is a gift that keeps giving in terms of delectable tastes and spectacular presentation. It is the winner of the Square Meal Restaurant of the Year 2017. Sitting in a refined yet simple setting, this may be one of Mayfair’s hidden gems in terms of fine dining, bringing you class in every dish while ditching the obnoxious uppish vibes of usual fine dining locales. Jason Atherton was executive chef at Gordon Ramsey’s Michelin starred Maze before opening Pollen Street Social which was awarded a Michelin Star within a year of opening.

Coya Peruvian Restaurant Mayfair

best restaurants mayfair london coya

Mayfair is taken to Peru by the works of restaurateur Arjun Waney, maximising even the simplest ingredient to gift every dish. Coya is a place that will not only satisfy your palate through refined dishes and alluring drinks, but revive your love for arts, music and culture, taking your mind body and soul on a journey allowing you to explore the Peruvian culture while staying within the walls of Coya. Innovation is the name of the game here as they play with traditional Peruvian dishes alongside techniques from other parts of the world.  

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