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10 free tourist attractions in Dublin

Dublin is one of the most beautiful destinations in Europe, but it is also incredibly expensive. For this reason, I have made a special list about the best free tourist attractions, free museums, free events and free walking tours in Dublin.

There are tons of things that you can do in Dublin that are entirely free. There are so many that we decided to list only ten ideas for you so that you won’t get too confused, and you can go directly to your planning.

So if you are on a budget but still eager to explore the beautiful city and culture of Dublin, here is a list of ten things that you can do in Dublin for free.

1. Free museum tour in the National Musem of Ireland

Best free things to do in Dublin national museum of ireland

Take a free museum tour in The National Museum of Ireland. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit this magnificent museum because it is the most famous museum in the country; no Ireland visit is complete without visiting the National Museum of Ireland.

This museum was established in 1877 to be the place where cultural and archaeological treasures of the country are stored. You can find strikingly beautiful Celtic metalwork, famous crafted artifacts, and even mummies that were preserved perfectly from the Iron Age.

There are also a lot of other things to see in this beautiful museum, such as essential pieces of jewelry and decors. Don’t miss out on the opportunity and make sure you include this museum in your itinerary. 

There is a lot to see and learn from this remarkable museum, and you can access that for free!

Visit their website for schedules and details:

2. Explore the Chester Beatty Library with a free tour

Another free museum tour you can take advantage of is the one at Chester Beatty Library. Yes, it is a library, but it is more of a museum than a library because of the value and influence of the books that are stored and displayed here.

This famous library/museum houses the collection of mining engineer Sir Alfred Chester Beatty, and he bestowed these valuables onto the Irish State after his death.

The Chester Beatty Library is filled with more than 20,000 rare books, manuscripts, paintings, and other objects with historical value. There is a free museum tour scheduled weekly. You can check their website for more details.

3. Free Access to the Irish Museum of Modern Art

Best free things to do in Dublin irish museum of modern art

The Irish Museum of Modern Art, or IMMA, is situated in a building that used to be the Royal Hospital Kilmainham and was built between 1684 and 1687 as a retirement home for soldiers. It was abandoned in 1928 and was in a terrible state until it was restored in the 1980s to be a magnificent home of Modern Art.

Here you will find paintings of Pablo Picasso and other notable Modern Artists. There are free guided museum tours throughout the year, check their website for the schedule

Cities like Dublin have a lot of great tourist attractions, and some of them can be visited for free. Here are some Free Tourist attractions in the beautiful city of Dublin.

4. Visit one of the world's largest city parks for free, Phoenix Park

Phoenix Park is a free tourist attraction. At 709 hectares, Phoenix Park is one of the world’s largest city park and the largest fenced public Park in any capital city in Europe. 

There are a lot of people and activities you will see in this place. You’ll see locals walking their pet dogs, joggers sweating it off, grannies enjoying the scene, lakes, gardens, and deers.  It is an excellent way to experience life in Dublin while also seeing beautiful sights.

Not only is Phoenix park, a busy city park but also a free tourist attraction with historical significance.  The place belonged to the Knights of Jerusalem and turned to become a Royal Hunting Ground. It was during this time that Lord Ormond discovered the deer in 1662. It was in 1745 that Lord Ormond opened the Park to the public.

There are a lot of historical events that happened in this Park. Better visit it in person and see it for yourselves.

You’ll learn more about the Phoenix Park’s opening time through their website

5. Free Tourist access to Dublin's most famous bridge, the Ha'Penny Bridge

Best free things to do in Dublin ha penny bridge

Ha’Penny bridge is not just a regular bridge. It’s a bridge with a story that has great significance to Dublin.

He’ penny bridge was built in 1816, which made it one of the world’s oldest cast-iron bridges. There used to be seven ferries that cross over the Liffey river when William Walsh decided to build a bridge over the river to replace the seven boats.

This bridge’s original name is Liffey Bridge then its name became Ha’penny because of the half penny toll that was collected from people who pass over the bridge. Luckily, they no longer charge a halfpenny for anybody who wants to visit this historical tourist spot.

Ha’Penny bridge is now a free tourist attraction and has been this way since 1919.

Not only are the free tourist spots in Dublin, but there are free events as well.

6. Join a free Yoga session in the Park

Best free things to do in Dublin free yoga park

There are always fitness enthusiasts in every city. In Dublin, locals run a regular yoga session in the parks of the city. Not only will you experience the beauty of the Park, but you also immerse in the culture of the people while getting to know them.

The group Happening’s Yoga holds regular sessions in 3 parks in the city, namely Dartmouth Square, Pearse Square, and St. Anne’s Park. Join this free event to keep yourself healthy while travelling.   Check out their Facebook page for schedule, free events, and announcements.

7. Nightly free event at O'Donoghue's

O’Donoghue’s is not just a regular pub but a historically significant place in Dublin. Every night there is a free event wherein local Irish music is performed. People gather here every night for pints and amazing ambiance filled with music and laughter. But did you know they also do free events?

The pub is where The Dubliners, a famous Irish folk group, first performed in the 1960s. The beauty of O’Donoghue’s is the reason why this pub is not just any pub but a tourist attraction. By holding a free event every night to promote local Irish music to everyone, O’Donoghue’s is contributing to the rich and beautiful culture in Dublin.

Walking tours are a brilliant way to explore a city because you get to visit a lot of tourist attractions in less than a day. What is great is that there are a lot of free walking tours in Dublin.

8. Free Walk Tour With Young Local Tour Guides Through Generation Tours

Best free things to do in Dublin self guided walking tour podcast free

Generation Tours is another company that offers a free walking tour in Dublin City. They aim to present Dublin to guests as a place of modern culture and also historical relevance. Dublin as a place mixed with the old and new.

The tour guides that will accompany you on this free walking tour are young local Dublin residents.  They will not just deliver the historical facts of the city but also show you what culture and life are in Dublin today.

They also offer Pub Crawl Tours and Fables and Folklore Tour for free.

Check out their website:

9. Do You Want A More Private Experience - Try The Free Self Guided Walking Tours In Dublin

Best free things to do in Dublin self guided walking tour

For a more private walking tour experience, you can check out the self-guided free walking tour that is offered by Free Tours by foot on their website. It has a map that will guide you around the city beginning at St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

From St. Patrick’s Cathedral, the map will lead you to St. Stephen’s Greens, Grafton Street, Trinity College, Molly Malone Statue, Temple Bar, City Hall, Dublin Castle, Christ Church Cathedral, Jameson’s Distillery, then finally, Guinness Storehouse.

Their website also has facts about the places. Check out this free tour here

10. Free Walking Tour through Dublin Walking Tour Podcast

Best free things to do in Dublin self guided walking tour city

If you want to listen to a tour guide while walking around the city but don’t want an actual physical tour guide, you can use the Dublin Walking Tour Podcast. This free podcast was created by Fitzwilliam Hotel, voiced by Donal Fallon, a local Dublin historian.

The starting point of the tour is at the Fitzwilliam Hotel. You don’t need to be a guest to listen to the podcast. You just need to listen to an advert then you can proceed with using the podcast for free as your walking tour guide.

You can download the podcast here

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best free things to do in Dublin
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