10 best day trips from london

10 best day trips from London

London is a wonderful city. But trust me when I say it can be very busy! Having lived in London for 2 years, I don’t blame you for heading out of the city into the countryside for some well-deserved peace and calm. A short distance from London you will find beautiful castles, towns, villages and nature parks that are definitely worth visiting. I have compiled a list of the best day trips from London for both Londoners and tourists.

Bath is located in the English county of Somerset in the south-west of England, around an hour and a half by train from London. Among tourists, the small town is the most popular city in England after London. This is partly thanks to the famous Roman bath houses and the spas that houses there.

The old UNESCO World Heritage town is nice and compact, making it easy to explore the old city center on foot. Just outside the center there is plenty to see and if you find it too far to do it all on foot, you can use the Sightseeing bus. Anyway; After a day exploring the city you can relax in one of the many spas.

Visit the beautiful historic town of Windsor and Windsor Castle and discover the place where Prince Harry and Meghan Markle held their fairytale wedding on May 19, 2018.

The Royal Palace of Windsor is located just west of central London, on about 1 hour away. The castle has been Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite place for years to spend the weekend. For lovers of the royal family, history and art, Windsor Castle certainly should not be missing on their to-do list during a city trip to London.

Windsor Castle is the oldest inhabited castle in England and also the largest inhabited castle in the world. Unlike many other palaces, Windsor Castle is open to the public.

For a fee you can discover the official residence of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and, among other things, view the luxury state apartments that are still in use. These state-of-the-art apartments contain, among other things, special and priceless historical art works.

You can also visit the St. George’s Chapel and the cemetery where more than 10 monarchs are buried, such as Henry VIII and his third wife Jane Seymour. Or admire the perfectly recreated miniature replicas of the interior of the castle in the Queen Mary’s Dolls House.

Just under a two-hour drive from London close to Amesbury lies Stonehenge, one of England’s most mysterious and magical locations. A visit to Stonehenge is therefore something that you will not soon forget!

The collection of bricks of more than 40 tons is located in the middle of a grassland and is perhaps the most famous prehistoric monument in the world. This place has been the source of many legends, myths and wonders for many centuries and historians and archaeologists have still not uncovered why Stonehenge was built. 

The structure and the surrounding area have been part of the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1986 and it is also an antique structure protected by law by the British government. 

Oxford is a beautiful university city with many special historic buildings and a very rich history and culture. Although England has several university towns, Oxford is the oldest and, together with Cambridge, is known as one of the best places to study in the world.

Lectures have been given here since the 12th century and only the very smartest have (and get) the chance to study at Oxford University.

Putting all these intelligent people together in one particularly beautiful city creates a particularly refined atmosphere that you can taste throughout Oxford.

The city is full of libraries with age-old books and museums that exhibit unique pieces. The vast parks where you see students hanging around complete the picture.

Oxford University is not an easy university to come in and the graduates are therefore not the least.

For years, future ministers, top officials and diplomats have graduated here, as well as world-famous actors and writers.


Rowan Atkinson, David Cameron, Hugh Grant and Tolkien are just a few examples. When their first work has been preserved, you can usually only view it here in one of the museums.

The Cotswolds is one of the most beautiful areas of England. Those who love beautiful villages can indulge themselves here. You almost stumble over the idyllic villages, picturesque hamlets and beautiful villages.

The Cotswolds is located between Birmingham and London in the southeast of England. All over the region, prehistoric sites have been excavated. The area was already inhabited in prehistoric times. The Romans also left their mark on it. Most villages, however, mainly have buildings from the late Middle Ages. In this time, the Cotswolds was a flourishing center for the wool trade. The many beautiful churches in the small villages are still a remnant of this. The Cotswolds are a wonderful area for a long walk, a beautiful bike ride or a beautiful tour by car. 

Among the many beautiful “country houses” in the UK, one of my favorites is the Blenheim Palace in Woodstock, Oxfordshire.

The palace is not only a wonderful place for a relaxing day trip from Oxford, but it also has a historical significance. Sir Winston Churchill was born here on November 30, 1874, and spent much of his childhood. It is no surprise that the Blenheim Palace became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987.

On the occasion of the victory over the French in the Spanish War of Succession (1701 – 1714), the palace of Blenheim was built as a gift to John Churchill, the first duke of Marlborough.

John Churchill was the commander in the battle of Blenheim in 1704.

That is why the palace was named Blenheim. Despite its title as a palace, Blenheim’s palace is a non-colonial mansion.

The baroque architecture of the place emphasizes the extravagance and status of the palace. Today the palace still belongs to the Duke and Duchess of Marlborough.

To complete your Harry Potter experience in London a visit to the Warner Bros Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter should not be missed. In this studio, the magical world of Harry Potter was created and you get the chance to take a look behind the scenes at the film set and admire large parts of the set during the studio tour.

During your visit to the studio you can not only fly in the blue Ford Angelia of the Weasley’s, walk on the cobblestones of Diagon Alley or step inside the office of Albus Dumbledore and discover its hidden treasures, you also get a good idea of ​​how the various characters and creations from the film have been brought to life thanks to special effects.

But there is much more, how about a visit to the Gryffindor ‘s common room, taking part in Snape’s Potions Lesson, Hagrid’ s hut, the boys ‘dormitory and Dorothea Umbridge’s office in the Department of Magic. You will also visit the amazing special effects department and discover the real magic behind the spectacular special effects of the films.

Cambridge is a surprisingly fun city in England! Cambridge is a university city and this shows in everything; nice, affordable lunch places, many young people on the street and impressive architecture. In addition, there is a cozy atmosphere in the city.

The city owes its name to the conjugations of two words; Cam and Bridge. Cam is the river on which the city was founded and the bridge refers to the only bridge across the River Cam at the time.

The lecture halls in Cambridge are certainly as impressive as in Oxford, for example, but in Cambridge you can go punting (ride a boat) through the beautiful canals. 

Cambridge is easy to reach by car. If you are staying in London, you can also choose to take a day trip to Cambridge.

Highclere Castle is world famous thanks to the Downton Abbey TV series. It is still a private residence, only a few months a year open for visitors.

During a walk on the estate you can catch a glimpse of the imposing structure with its Gothic towers all year round.

The imposing Victorian Highclere Castle is burned to the minds of the many millions of fans of the Downton Abbey TV series.

The salons and bedrooms in the building, where Lord Grantham (Hugh Bonneville) and his dog step up so tightly in the intro, are in reality furnished as in the series. Yet Highclere Castle is still “inhabited” by the 8th count of Carnarvon and his family.

Who doesn’t like a day or a weekend at the beach?

You probably won’t think of beautiful sandy beaches and palm trees when thinking of the United Kingdom…

Yet Brighton is one of the nicest beach resorts I know. Especially since the English city is so colorful and vibrant and has much more to offer than just the sea and the beach.

At the end of the 18th century, Brighton was the favorite seaside destination of the English Prince Regent and he left his mark on the city, with typical “regent architecture”, parks with grandeur and beautiful churches.

He was also quite a free spirit and this has also left its mark, as Brighton is perhaps the most free, relaxed and open-minded city in England. In other words: reason enough to visit Brighton.

top 10 best day trips from london
10 amazing day trips from London

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